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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1784: Hopes To Destroy It?

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Chapter 1784: Hopes To Destroy It?

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

In the high skies, Su Mo maintained his confident and calm expression against the 5 other top talents.


With a loud yell, greyish-white rays of light shot out from the longsword in his hands. Dazzling light accompanied by thick, chaotic Sword Qi flooded the sky with Sword Force.


Su Mo swung his sword out and the vast, chaotic Sword Qi swept through the skies like waves. Massive Sword Force directly collided against the blood-colored long spear.

Seven Calamities Swordplay, Sea Attack!

Su Mo was determined to kill Wu Qiong first because he was the top talent of the Sorcerer Tribe. Murdering him would be sure to etch a knife in the Sorcerer Tribe.

At the same time, Sword Radiance flashed out everywhere around Su Mo as 720 Natal Spiritual Swords immediately appeared. The blinding Sword Radaince shifted slightly in the sky like tiny specs of dust, deceiving others of the torrential downpour of Sword Qi that was about to fall. Without any delay, Su Mo unleashed the Sword Force attack on the 4 others around him.


With an explosion, massive, chaotic Sword Qi struck against the blood-colored long spear.

The explosion shook the firmament as the blood-colored spear instantly tore apart. The Sword Qi had split the spear right down its middle, separating the tip of the spear and its handle.

A downpour of blood streaks rained down from the sky and Blood Qi filled the air. Although the strength of the chaotic Sword Qi fell slightly, it maintained its force to close down on the large Blood Cloud.

Boom, boom, kaboom!

Sword Qi directly pierced the Blood Cloud, causing it to shake like an earthquake momentarily before it finally stabilized itself.

At the same time, Ju Shen, Jiang Shenye and the other two attacks struck against Su Mo’s sky full of Natal Spiritual Swords.

Boom boom boom boom!

Explosions sounded unstoppably as a sky full of shock waves swept out in all directions.

A large amount of Natal Spiritual Swords were thrown backward from the force of the collisions with their respective targets. The 4 attacks from Su Mo’s opponents were strong. Even if they hadn’t used their maximum strength, the attacks had far exceeded the might of a Rank 8 Martial Honorable.

Su Mo was also instantly flooded with the shockwaves of the attacks.

“Hm?” All the top talents were surprised. They had expected Su Mo to dodge their attacks and voluntarily back out of the contest in the face of all the attacks, yet Su Mo had actually decided to face them head on.

The four people shook their heads silently, Su Mo could not have survived all of their attacks.

No one in the same cultivation rank as them would be able to survive the 4 combined attacks, not to mention Su Mo, who was a Rank 6 Martial Honorable.

However, the four people thought too highly of themselves.

In the next instant, bright rays of light shot out of a single point and directly pushed apart the shockwaves around them to fly at lightning speed towards the Blood Cloud.

“What?” Xue Juntian and the others exclaimed in shock as their mouths hung open.

It was Su Mo. He was completely unharmed!

At that point, not only were the top talents in the small world shocked, the numerous spectators above Lake Guang were taken aback.

It was a shocking sight to see a mere Rank 6 Martial Honorable emerge unharmed against 4 top talents’ combined attack.


Su Mo’s body zipped through the air and closed down on the Blood Cloud.


Wu Qiong’s mad roar of rage echoed from within the Blood Cloud. Suddenly, the massive Blood Cloud instantly morphed into a large giant.

This large, blood-colored giant was about a few dozen meters tall and much larger than Ju Shen. Blood Radiance shone from his body, sending chills down onlookers’ spines.

At the same time, the thick Blood Qi that permeated from the giant’s body seemed to make him a blood-colored war god that shocked the nine heavens.

Eyes widened in surprise as everyone took in the sight of the blood giant. Many of them were seeing the Sorcerer Tribe’s Blood Cloud for the first time.

It had been rumored that the Blood Cloud could transform into any form possible. It possessed strength that could tear the heavens apart and hence, everyone wanted to see whether the rumors were an exaggeration.


The large, blood-colored giant raised a mountain-sized fist and heavily punched Su Mo.

Bam bam bam!

With the force of the punch, the firmament shook and the earth screamed while the empty space and ground cracked.


Su Mo did not slow down and instantly merged the five elemental Dark Forces in his body to form chaotic energy. The stone sword in his hand once again burned with greyish-white rays of light.

As Sword Force rose to the sky, an invisible sword shadow appeared on Su Mo’s body. This was the extraordinary sight when Sword Force was pushed to its maximum limits.


Empty space crumbled apart as the sword pierced through the air while natural energy amassed onto the stone sword, increasing the powers of the sword by another level.

Seven Calamities Swordplay, Empty Space Attack!


The stone sword and blood-colored fist heavily struck against each other like a meteor hitting the ground, causing the earth to shake violently.

Kaboom bam crash!

Unexpectedly, the blood-colored giant fist immediately exploded apart while the seeming invincible giant’s body shattered.

In an instant, the massive giant transformed back into the Blood Cloud again.


Su Mo’s body suffered the powerful shockwave of the attack and a sudden cracking sound came from his stone sword.

To his horror, a small crack had formed on the stone sword. The Upper Honorable Stone Sword could not withstand the forces of the attack.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!!

Right at that moment, an air-rending sound appeared through the air as Xue Juntian and the other talents chased after Su Mo.

Su Mo’s body flashed and he flew straight into the massive Blood Cloud once he saw the four others chasing after him.


All the other talents’ faces turned white with shock and they immediately stopped. Su Mo had actually dashed straight into the Blood Cloud?

The Blood Cloud was created by Wu Qiong’s Blood Spirit Body as well as the forbidden Sorcerer arts Blood Cloud. Everything within the Blood Cloud was Wu Qiong’s territory and under his control. The moment anyone entered it, they would definitely lose. But Su Mo had actually dashed straight into it.

The four others shook their heads helplessly. Was Su Mo dumb or too confident? Or did he not know anything about the Blood Cloud.

In the outside world, everyone was similarly surprised. Su Mo’s powers were really unimaginably strong!

Not only did he manage to block the four godly talent’s combined blow, he also managed to block the blow of the blood-colored giant’s fist. This power and dominance was really inspiring and shocking.

However, why did Su Mo dash straight into the Blood Cloud?

Did he not know how much risk he was in by entering his enemy’s territory? He was virtually handing his life over to Wu Qiong with his two hands!


The dark faced Elder Jia Shen immediately laughed heartily as he nodded his head in satisfaction.

Numerous Sorcerer Tribesmen also exchanged confused looks with each other before they smirked in victory.

Su Mo would definitely lose now. The Blood Cloud was under Wu Qiong’s absolute control. Su Mo being inside made him a helpless soul.

Anyone who entered the Blood Cloud would feel suffocated. Even if Su Mo was a godly talent, death was the only way out for him.

The 100,000 Sorcerer Tribesmen lives could finally be avenged!

Xu Wushen sighed in exasperation. Su Mo had surprised him with his strength as the powers that he had displayed just now could rival Wu Qiong and he had hopes of attaining victory.

However, Su Mo’s judgement was too lousy. He had made a bad decision by entering the Blood Cloud.

“That’s it!” Jiang Shenye’s face darkened completely. Not only would Su Mo not be able to complete the Myriad World Mountain’s mission, he would die.

Jiang Shenye could only laugh bitterly in his heart. He had informed Su Mo previously about Wu Qiong’s Blood Cloud Rebellion, but it appeared that Su Mo had not listened to him before.

“Palace master!”

Qing Ya and Cai Yun immediately turned nervous as their faces were etched with worry and their hearts palpitated quickly in fear for Su Mo.

Even Cai Yun, who typically held a cold exterior, started shivering with nervousness.

If Su Mo died, that would be the greatest catastrophe for the Firmament Palace.

“Ahh!” The king sighed as the hope he held in his heart was instantly wiped out.

Originally, he had thought that Su Mo was exceptional with him being able to stand the 4 godly talents’ attacks and go against the blood-colored giant.

The desire and eagerness in his heart had burned ferociously. If Su Mo won the contest, the Ancient Dragon Vein would be the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction’s to take. That would be a huge blessing for the faction.

After all, even if the Sorcerer Tribe refused to let Su Mo off, the rules of the Sky Dragon Contest were indisputable. Regardless of whether Su Mo would be killed by Elder Jia Shen in the end, the Ancient Dragon Vein would be the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction’s.

However, an icy cold breeze swept the king’s heart the moment Su Mo entered the Blood Cloud. It was as though the heavens had fallen to the ground and wiped out everything.

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