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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1782: I Will Be First

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Chapter 1782: I Will Be First

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A dead silence covered Lake Guang as no one among the 100,000 people watching the contest made any sound. There was only a slight howl of wind as geniuses were teleported out of the space pavement.

Everyone widened their eyes and stared intently at the scene shown on the water screen. The final outcome of the battle would be known very soon.

Who will be the winner of the Sky Dragon Contest?

Who will overpower the group?

Who will represent the younger generation of Ancientspirit Galaxy?

Who is the real champion of the younger generation?

All these questions would be answered very soon.

Excitement and adrenaline pumped through the veins of many people. This was a scene that they could not miss. Right now, all 5 godly talents were Rank 8 Martial Honorables and it was hard to tell who would emerge first.

However, there was still the exceptionally talented Su Mo, and no one could tell what would happen next.

Su Mo really had terrifying strength, to be able to block Xue Juntian’s blow although he was 2 ranks lower than his opponent.

Nonetheless, Su Mo’s cultivation rank was still too low. At the Rank 6 Martial Honorable Realm, he probably wouldn’t be able to defeat the other 5 godly talents.

With Su Mo’s frightening talents, he might actually have a chance of winning if he was a Rank 7 Martial Honorable.

The situation now was complicated as everyone wondered how the 5 godly talents would eliminate Su Mo. Would the 6 engage in a battle all at once? Or would they team up into 2 camps?

Either way, it was hard to tell what the eventual outcome of the battle would be. The final winner would also have a hard time winning!

The Sorcerer Tribesmen stared at the water screen as they raised their chests. A wave of fire burned in their hearts as their rage turned their cheeks hot. Su Mo killed another talent of the Sorcerer Tribe, and he was also the young clan leader of the Heavenly Underworld Star Sorcerer Tribe branch, Wu Fengtian.

Many were enraged and the bloodshot eyes that they had were dark and thick.

However, they believed that Wu Qiong would definitely kill Su Mo later and avenge all of them.

The king’s eyes glowed brightly. It was the final stages of the battle. Could Su Mo construct another miracle?

Now that there was a total of 6 candidates left, the situation was complicated and unpredictable.

A dark look crossed the First Prince’s face as he glanced at the Second Princess not far away from him, rage burning in his heart.

“Second sister, Second sister! Helping him is also useless because he will definitely die by Wu Qiong’s hands!” The First Prince sighed. No matter how exceptionally talented Su Mo was, he could not be a match for Wu Qiong as they were 2 cultivation ranks apart.

Cai Yun stood among the Sacred Devil hall camp as Mo Wuqing stood beside her in a black robe.

“Junior sister, why did you help Su Mo?” Mo Wuqing asked.

“I don’t need your approval for whoever I want to help!” Cai Yun coldy said.

Mo Wuqing raised his eyebrows in surprise and he was at a loss for words. He didn’t probe her further as he wasn’t on familiar terms with her.

Cai Yun’s cold eyes fell upon Su Mo on the water screen as she sighed deeply. She had trained for many years in a small world of the Sacred Devil Hall. Yet, she had not expected that the palace master would have improved so much once she finished her training.

Her cultivation rank reached the Rank 4 Martial Honorable Realm after many years of bitter training and she had attended the Sky Dragon Contest to see the top talents in Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Xu Wushen remained expressionless as he stared at the 6 remaining contestants through the water screen. Then, he asked in a loud voice, “Everyone, the Sky Dragon Contest has entered its final stages, should we release the secret rule?”

“Release it!”

“Now is the right time!”

“I agree!”

The moment Xu Wushen’s words fell, Elder Jia Shen of the Sorcerer Tribe, Feng Shen of the Giant Beings Clan and the empty god leaders of the Black Scale Clan, Flying Spirit Clan agreed.

The crowd was taken aback. What did he mean by a secret rule?

Xu Wushen nodded his head before he drew a seal with his hand. The invisible seal materialized to become a complicated scripture of words as big as one’s head.

With another wave of his hand, Xu Wushen pressed the seal onto the entrance of Kunyun Small World. The seal immediately merged with the empty space and disappeared without a trace.

“You may use any of your treasures and weapons freely from now on!”

Xu Wushen spoke out and his voice became layers upon layers of soundwaves that weaved through the seal, into the entrance of Kunyun Small World.

Everyone was shocked as they realized that the secret rule that the Empty Gods referred to was to abolish the ban on the use of treasures. That was a good thing and it seemed that the major superpowers had planned to enforce this rule in the final stage of the contest.

The 6 godly talents could only display their top strengths when they used their own treasures, this would be a good spectacle to watch.

After all, the restriction on using their own weapons was too much and it was unfair to the candidates.

For instance, Wu Qiong used the Sorcerer Tribe’s greatest secret art.

Yet the secret art of the Sorcerer Tribe required the use of the Honorable Soul Banner. But if he wasn’t able to use the Honorable Soul Banner, how could he use the Sorcerer Tribe’s secret arts?

Even if he did somehow managed to squeeze it out and use it, it would be weak and a far cry from the true powers of the secret arts.

Another example was the Flying Spirit Clans members who had such incredible speed that they looked like they were teleporting from place to place. However, if they had the help of items, their speed would really match up to real teleportation.

Overall, the final battle was to allow the top talents to display their full strengths as they wished.

Of course, their cultivation ranks would remain where they were. That was one of the basic, most important rules.

In the high skies of Kunyun Small World, Ju Shen, Wu Qiong, Xue Juntian, Fei Tianyu and Hei Yaohuang stared at Su Mo.

Everyone else had been eliminated and only Su Mo was left.

“You may use any of your treasures and weapons freely from now on!”

Right at that moment, Xu Wushen’s voice suddenly erupted from the skies. Like a god’s call, the geniuses were shocked.

Eyes immediately brightened as soon as the geniuses heard the rule change. Could they use their own weapons? That would be the best and they could finally fight as they pleased.

Su Mo’s eyes also flashed as he had not expected such a rule change. However, this was a good and bad scenario for him.

For instance, he could use the Minor Heavens Star Sword Array, the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda and the Winged Insect Sword.

“Everyone, my tribe has a deep grudge against this man, how about you all let me deal with him?” Wu Qiong glared at Su Mo and announced. He had not acted immediately as he had wanted to hear the other’s opinions. After all, they could stop him whenever they wanted.

“Wu Qiong, do you think we are dumb? If you defeat Su Mo, your cultivation rank will reach the Rank 9 Martial Honorable Realm!” Hei Yaohuang accused with a blackened face and a cold, murderous aura seeped from his body.

“That’s right, we are all Rank 8 Martial Honorables, if you reach the Rank 9 Martial Honorable Realm, wont you have victory right in your hands?” Ju Shen’s hoarse voice rang out. He would never agree to let Wu Qiong confront Su Mo alone.

Wu Qiong frowned, he had expected that he would be stopped but he had to kill Su Mo personally.

“Su Mo, you don’t have the qualifications to remain here, eliminate yourself voluntarily!” Xue Juntian gazed at Su Mo and said in a low tone.

The best option for him was to allow Su Mo to leave by himself. Otherwise, everyone would race to be the first to eliminate Su Mo and regain their cultivation rank.

Once Su Mo was eliminated, the 5 remaining geniuses would be at the rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm and they could have a fair fight at the same rank.

In Xue Juntian’s opinion, he was making a good suggestion for Su Mo. After all, if Su Mo did not oust himself voluntarily, he would definitely die at Wu Qiong’s hands.

A flash of light crossed Wu Qiong’s eyes and he coldly laughed. Su Mo could not oust himself by will already, why else would he not have acted until now?

“I agree, brat. You don’t have the ability to fight to be the champion already. Eliminate yourself quickly!” Ju Shen’s voice boomed out like thunder as he stared at Su Mo.

“What is wrong with all of you?”

Su Mo sneered at the 5 others and laughed. He had been quietly observing the 5 talents and all of them had acted very highly. Did they really think he couldn’t win the contest?

With that, Su Mo raised the longsword in his hand and brandished it continuously. Streaks upon streaks of sharp Sword Qi shot out and clashed against a 10,000 foot tall mountain a few kilometers away from him.

Tsk tsk tsk ~~

Little by little, the Sword Qi carved the mountain, causing bits and pieces of large rocks to roll down the steep slope of it. Finally, once the Sword Qi dispersed, 4 large words were carved onto the mountain - I will be first!

“The 5 of you have 2 choices. Either oust yourselves voluntarily, or suffer a crushing defeat under me!”

Su Mo’s loud and confident voice rang through all four corners and the clouds in the sky.

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