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«War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1727 - Yun Kun’s Elder Brother

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Chapter 1727: Yun Kun’s Elder Brother

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Wow, what a great answer!” It was obvious Wang Fei Xuan was satisfied with Wang Pi’s reply.

Naturally, she also knew it was not up to Wang Pi to decide who got to enter the Spirit Pool.

“Hurmph! After that fellow enters the Spirit Pool, his strength will definitely rise again… Based on the cultivation base that he had displayed before this, it won’t be as simple as breaking through to the Mastery Refined Saint Stage. However, with the help of the Spirit Pool, he might just break through to the peak of the Refined Saint Stage directly!”

The peak of the Refined Saint Stage!

The moment she thought of this, her heartbeat sped up immediately.

Li Feng was also at the peak of the Refined Saint Stage too.

‘If that fellow makes a breakthrough to the peak of the Refined Saint Stage, I wonder how arrogant he’ll be? Looks like I’ll have to treat him better when he comes out. If I can form an alliance with him in the Saint Martial Secret Zone, will there be anyone who’ll be able to defeat us?’ Wang Fei Xuan became slightly excited when she thought about this.

Naturally, Duan Ling Tian was unaware that Wang Fei Xuan had created a plan that involved him. At this moment, he was completely immersed in cultivating.

Although he was cultivating in the outside world, and the time flow here was not as good as the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda, the speed of his cultivation was ten times faster than in the third level of the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda due to the liquified Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy.

Moreover, due to the fact that he had 99 Saint Veins in his body, his speed of absorbing the liquified Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy was even faster. It was so fast that it was ridiculous!

The one-armed old man guarding outside seemed to be able to sense the fast absorption of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy as well.

“This lad is indeed not simple.” A rare smile appeared on the old man’s wrinkled face. “He’s not even forty years old, but his cultivation base is at the Mastery Refined Saint Stage… If he can rely on the Spirit Pool to raise his cultivation base to the peak of the Refined Saint Stage, then it would undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise for our Mystical Sky Mansion. At that time, he would be in no way inferior to that Li Feng!”

Although the old man usually remained in here, he had also heard the rumor about Li Feng and how he was an outstanding genius below the age of forty in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land who had broken through to the peak of the Refined Saint Stage.

At the same time, a trivial matter had also taken place in the Azure Cloud Mansion that was located far away.

The word trivial was used because it was only a small-scale incident that happened among the lower rank officials and did not involve the high-ranking officials of the Azure Cloud Mansion, let alone Duan Ru Feng, the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion.

Yun Dong was the person-in-charge for the external operation point of Azure Cloud Mansion. He was an old man over the age of a hundred. He could be considered as an old-timer in the Azure Cloud Mansion.

In the eyes of many people with a lower rank in the Azure Cloud Mansion, Yun Dong could be considered as a high-ranking official, and many of these low-ranking officials had to flatter and fawn over him.

Usually, there would be two people rotating every six months to be in charge of the operation point. Currently, it was Yun Dong’s turn to rest.

After handing the work over, Yun Dong told the other person who was going to replace him, “Elder Zhang, I’ll leave this place to you then. I’ll return first.”

“Go then! I’m certain you must be eager to see Yun Kun… However, when I left Azure Cloud Mansion’s estate, I heard that he has gone on a long trip. I’m not sure if he has already returned. You might not be able to meet him when you return.” The old man who was known as Elder Zhang chuckled.

“Gone on a long trip?” Upon hearing Elder Zhang’s words, Yun Dong could not help but feel stunned. He frowned. “To think he didn’t even inform me that he was going on a trip. Looks like he’s starting to become rebellious.”

Yun Kun was his only biological brother. They had lost their family members since young and were dependent on each other. Due to the reason he was much older, he had to play the role of both father and mother to raise his younger brother. In the end, both of them had entered the Azure Cloud Mansion. Apart from having a place to live, they had even climbed to the top and had their own achievements.

Yun Dong, in particular, had climbed up and become the person-in-charge for one of the operation points of Azure Cloud Mansion. Although it was only a small operation point, it was enough for him to feel proud.

After all, the Azure Cloud Mansion was a force that stood at the summit of the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land, and it was a quasi third-rate force!

In the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land, only the Mountainshade Black Market was a match for their Azure Cloud Mansion.

“Haha… Come on! How old is your younger brother? You’re still treating him like a kid! I think he didn’t inform you about his trip this time because he’s worried you won’t let him go on his own!” Elder Zhang chuckled.

“Fine, fine, let’s end this topic now. I’ll return and see if he has returned or not.” Somehow, after learning his brother, Yun Kun, had left the Azure Cloud Mansion on a long trip, Yun Dong felt a sense of unease and was eager to return to the Azure Cloud Mansion.

“Go then.” Naturally, Elder Zhang understood Yun Dong’s feelings. Moreover, he had witnessed how Yun Dong and Yun Kun had carved a place for themselves here.

Although Yun Kun was Yun Dong’s younger brother, Yun Kun was more like Yun Dong’s son in many ways. For Yun Kun, Yun Dong was both his brother and father.

Yun Dong left and returned to the Azure Cloud Mansion. Due to the unreasonable sense of unease in his heart, he did not stop to rest during his journey back.

When he arrived at the Azure Cloud Mansion, he discovered he felt even more uneasy and anxious. He went to look for his brother only to discover he was not back yet.

When he returned to his own residence in the Azure Cloud Mansion, he discovered his brother, Yun Kun’s Soul Pearl had already shattered.

“WHO?!” The moment he saw Yun Kun’s shattered Soul Pearl, his eyes turned a shade of blood red immediately. He snarled loudly as intense killing intent emitted out of his body.

He had lived for more than 100 years after all so Yun Dong quickly forced himself to calm down again.

This was because he knew it would be useless no matter how sad he was. The most important thing was to calm down first and find out where his younger brother went after he had left the Azure Cloud Mansion.

Yun Dong spent an hour or so to look for his younger brother’s friends to enquire for information. Finally, he obtained the answer he was looking for. “He went to the Windfall Nation? The place where the Devilseal Tablet is rumored to be?”

Naturally, Yun Dong had heard the news about the Devilseal Tablet showing up in the Windfall Nation as well. Moreover, when he first heard this news, he was tempted as well to make a trip there to try his luck to see if he could get his hands on the Devilseal Tablet.

However, the more he pondered over it, he dismissed the idea. The chances were just too small. Coupled with how busy he was, he completely dismissed the idea.

Although that might be the case, it did not cross his mind that his brother would go to Windfall Nation and not return. Currently, he had even discovered his brother’s Soul Pearl had shattered.

“The Windfall Nation is a sixth-rate Saint Nation, and the most powerful person there is only an ordinary Refined Saint Stage Martial or Dao Cultivator… Little Kun was a Martial Cultivator who was at the peak of the Refined Saint Stage so the person who killed him shouldn’t be somebody from Windfall Nation!” Yun Dong took a deep breath as flames of wrath burned in his eyes.

“No matter who you are, I want your life in return for killing my brother!” Yun Dong growled.

Naturally, Yun Dong did not immediately leave for Windfall Nation. Instead, he first reported the information about his brother’s death to the higher-ups. After all, somebody from the Azure Cloud Mansion being killed was undoubtedly a provocation.

As long as he reported this information to the higher-ups, the Azure Cloud Mansion would send him help.

After Yun Dong had reported the information of Yun Kun’s death, the higher-ups of Azure Cloud Mansion quickly sent him a man. It was an aloof-looking middle-aged man who wore a fiery red long robe that was inlaid with gold.

“Revered Elder Huo!” Even Yun Dong could not help but gasp when he saw the middle-aged man.

Although he knew the Azure Cloud Mansion would pay attention to his relative’s death since he was the person-in-charge of one of the Azure Cloud Mansion’s operations point and they would send a powerhouse to help him, it did not cross his mind that the Azure Cloud Mansion would actually send this person out to help him.

Jin Huo was the Revered Elder of Azure Cloud Mansion. He was also a powerhouse who was ranked in the top ten in the Azure Cloud Mansion.

“I’ve already heard about your matter. In the next period of time, I’ll follow you to investigate Yun Kun’s death. As long as we find the killer, I’ll make a move if you’re unable to defeat him,” Jin Huo said as he looked at Yun Dong nonchalantly before shifting his gaze elsewhere. His demeanor was extremely haughty.

However, instead of being unhappy, Yun Dong was delighted. “Thank you, Revered Elder Huo!”

With Jin Huo’s help, he was not worried he would encounter someone he was unable to defeat.

After Yun Dong and Jin Huo left the Azure Cloud Mansion, they immediately went to the Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion. The Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion was a fifth-rate force and the Windfall Nation was a sixth-rate Saint Nation in the Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion.

When they reached the capital of Windfall Nation, Yun Dong found out that his younger brother had been an honored guest of the Windfall Nation’s Imperial Family. Due to this reason, he immediately rushed to the Windfall Nation’s Imperial Palace.

“Y-You’re Master Yun’s elder brother?” Faced with Yun Dong, Zhu Yuan, the emperor of Windfall Nation, did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Previously, when Yun Kun was still in the Windfall Nation’s Imperial Palace, he had mentioned his elder brother more than once. Apart from being the person-in-charge of one of the Azure Cloud Mansion’s operation points, he was also an Eminent Saint Stage powerhouse.

It was not that Zhu Yuan had never seen an Eminent Saint Stage powerhouse before, but he had only seen one from afar.

This was undoubtedly his first time being in such close proximity to an Eminent Saint Stage powerhouse in his entire life.

Yun Dong did not bother beating around the bush with Zhu Yuan, he asked, “Who killed my younger brother?”

Upon hearing that, Zhu Yuan did not dare to evade the topic as well. He immediately recounted what had happened in detail. As soon as he finished recounting the story, he said, “The powerhouse didn’t reveal anything about himself… Perhaps, he’s afraid of the Azure Cloud Mansion’s revenge.”

“There’s no information about him?” When Yun Dong heard Zhu Yuan’s words, he frowned. “Then do you still remember his appearance? Are you certain he didn’t disguise himself?”

“Although I didn’t dare to probe him unreservedly, I’m very certain he did not disguise himself,” Zhu Yuan said with certainty.

If he had disguised himself, Zhu Yuan’s Divine Consciousness would have been able to detect it even if he did not deliberately probe him.

“In that case, each of you who’ve seen him before, draw a portrait of that man for me,” Yun Dong said directly.

Among the people who were still alive, apart from Zhu Yuan and Zhu Lie, Bai Li Hong was also among those who had seen the person who had killed Yun Kun.

Due to this reason, after obtaining the two portraits, Yun Dong left the palace and went to the Situ Clan to look for Bai Li Hong.

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