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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 968 - I Want Half of It!

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Chapter 968: I Want Half of It!

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

One could possibly refer to the Demon Element as the most useless Element. Even after awakening its Nebula, or Galaxy, it did not provide Mo Fan with any useful spells. The only benefit it had was strengthening Mo Fan’s flesh to a certain level, granting him tenacity and boosting his vitality.

After rising to his feet, Mo Fan’s eyes were firmly fixed on Casso.

The Rose Flame and Calamity Fire were ignited on his body once again, combining into rings of flames spreading out in circles!

“You’re seriously the most resilient young man I have ever seen. However, you will need to train another ten years to stand a chance against me!” Casso stepped forward. His legs, still covered in meat armor bent forward slightly, like a bow on the verge of firing an arrow!


The ground cracked as Casso beat his wings rapidly and charged forward.

Mo Fan leapt backward to increase the distance between him and his enemy.

However, Mo Fan’s speed was simply too slow compared to Casso’s. The man had already caught up before Mo Fan landed on the ground.

Casso’s hands swelled as the sand spun down and attached to them. His fists and arms were suddenly huge and filled with power.

The giant fists went right at Mo Fan fiercely. Mo Fan happened to land in the shadow of the boat. He quickly vanished into the shadow before splitting into four and moving in different directions!

Casso’s giant rock fists swung through the air and hit nothing. His eyes followed the four shadows, trying to identify the real Mo Fan. However, sharp spikes suddenly appeared from the darkness and stabbed Casso in the legs.

“How many Elements does this kid even have!?” Casso’s legs were paralyzed by the spikes, immobilizing him temporarily. He had no choice but to give up on the chase and focus on breaking free from the Giant Shadow Spikes. Otherwise, his movement would not be the only thing sealed off!

Casso gathered his focus. He had just broken free from the Shadow Element when a bolt of lightning flashed under his feet.

Casso backed away, but another bolt of lightning appeared.

Over ten lightning bolts appeared in a row. Casso had just broken free from the Shadow Spell, and his mobility was still recovering. In the end, he was struck by the seventh bolt of lightning.

Mo Fan knew Casso was being protected by the Sky Veil at all times, and the lightning was unable to penetrate through his defense. Instead of trying to break through the defense with the Lightning Strike, he was using it to knock Casso back instead!

“A mere little trick! I thought you were going to give me a surprise after you managed to climb back up!” Casso burst out laughing.

“It’s true that I’ve run out of moves. How about this? I’ll fix Oni’s head back, and it’s clear between us. You can continue to live your life as a pirate, and I’ll mind my own business. Sound good?” Mo Fan said.

Casso studied Mo Fan. The young man was fully covered in wounds and bruises. Without a surprise, the man might have broken thirty of his bones from the fall. He was really curious where the kid was getting his courage from, provoking him under the circumstances!

“What do you think?” Casso slowly displayed the blades from his elbows. This time, he swore he would put an end to the kid’s life. His men were not able to hold on for much longer. Casso was worried that too many of them had sacrificed their lives!

“May I ask, how did you apply the Poison Element to your own body and turn yourself into a monster? I bet the process must be somewhat painful?” Mo Fan added.

Jiang Shaoxu was speechless when she realized that Mo Fan was still talking to Casso.

-Is this guy seriously unaware of the situation? Why isn’t he running away when he’s almost dead? Is he waiting to be slaughtered by Casso?-

Just run toward Ai Jiangtu and the others; with Ai Jiangtu’s strength, he should be able to hold Casso off for some time. If Mo Fan continued to force himself, he was seriously going to die!

Jiang Shaoxu was unable to lend Mo Fan a hand. Her opponent was extremely cunning, and managed to nullify her Psychic Spell perfectly. She was in a pinch herself, so she could not afford to help Mo Fan either!

Casso did not respond. His expression turned cold.

For some reason, he felt like the kid was ridiculing him. However, Casso was being hesitant, too. This kid who could set himself on fire was truly abnormal. It was better not to let his guard down.

“Are those your final words?” Casso said.

“I can’t trick him any longer. How long are you two going to wait!?” Mo Fan suddenly yelled.

The two Sacred Hall Mages hiding in the dark were startled by his shout. How did he know?

Casso was stunned, too. He immediately focused to observe his surroundings and sensed a dangerous aura coming from several weird light dots spreading quickly in the distance.

The light dots scattered around Casso, forming a Light Binding Formation. The experienced Casso immediately realized something was not right!

“Damn it!” Casso was both furious and panicking,

He had focused too much on the fight. After all, the injuries he had suffered were not light. He could not tell if his enemy still had a trump card up in his sleeves.

As such, Casso was totally unaware that he was being trapped within a Light Formation!

Casso was pretty quick with his reaction. The wings on his back beat fiercely, thrusting him towards the sky.

Black and gold rays descended from the sky in lines and formed a cage looming over him. The man almost rammed into the light bars of the cage.

Casso immediately fell to the ground after discovering the area above him was sealed off. His legs exerted incredible strength as he fled toward the sea.

Another wall of light appeared in the direction that Casso was trying to escape to.

Casso did not give up. He tried to escape in other directions, but the walls continued to appear above him, below him, and in all four directions. The walls formed a perfect cage, entrapping Casso inside it!


“Boss is trapped!”

Casso’s men immediately rushed toward the cage upon seeing this. They desperately tried to free Casso from the cage.

Casso was in a frenzy himself, ramming into the walls with his mutated flesh fiercely.

However, Mo Fan had actually broken most of his meat armor in the fight previously. He suffered great pain from the scorching light when he rammed into the walls.

The light was able to burn his body right through his broken meat armor. It was not something that an ordinary person could endure.

“Stop them!” the two Sacred Hall Mages yelled at the students.

Mo Fan had not lost his ability to fight yet. He saw the fatty that was fighting Jiang Shaoxu. He quickly sliced off the prow of the boat with his will, lifted it, and hurled it at the fatty.

The fatty dodged the incoming prow in a panic, suddenly covered in cold sweat. However, as soon as he lost focus, Jiang Shaoxu took hold of the opportunity to infiltrate his mind with Mind Control.

The fatty struggled for a moment, but failed to escape from Jiang Shaoxu’s power. He promptly became the greatest hindrance to the members of the Red Ornaments Guild trying to get close to Casso.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” Casso roared frantically inside the cage. His eyes were covered in bloody streaks as he glared at Mo Fan.

Casso had not had any idea there were two Sacred Hall Mages hiding in the dark. He was so regretful that he was unable to take care of a young Mage in his twenties despite putting in such strenuous efforts. He was even more regretful that he had fallen into the trap set up by the Sacred Hall Mages after being too careless!

The light cage would only become sturdier as time passed, unless his men were able to kill the two that had constructed it. However, the Mages that had shown up at the harbor were incredibly strong, each person surprisingly an Advanced Mage. Some of them even managed to crush his men one-sidedly. Casso was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness.

Normally, he could easily force his way out of the light cage with his poisoned flesh. However, he had been fighting for too long, and was injured, too. The light would simply burn him to ashes before he could break free from it.

“Shameless!” yelled Casso furiously.

Wasn’t it supposed to be a one-on-one duel? How could he ask the two Sacred Hall Mages for help!? He had been so close to killing him!

“Likewise, remember to clean your ass and be prepared to stay in prison for the rest of your life,” Mo Fan smirked. Even though his face was covered in blood, his smile was exceedingly charming.

The truth was, Mo Fan only realized someone was laying out the Light Formation when he was looking down from the sky after Casso tossed him into the air. It was not hard to notice the light dots, but since Casso was standing on top of the rock pressing down on him, the rock had actually prevented him from seeing them!

When Mo Fan saw the points of light, he immediately linked them to the Sacred Hall Mages. The advisors did mention that a few Sacred Hall Mages would be assisting them from behind the scenes. They would be there to guarantee their safety while waiting for the perfect time to take down the president of the Red Ornaments Guild.

The truth was, Mo Fan was already at his limit when he crawled out from the debris. The injuries he suffered were simply too serious. He would have died if it wasn’t for the Demon Element.

He was simply trying to buy the Sacred Hall Mages as much time as he could!

“Well done!” the Sacred Hall Mage could not help but call out.

Casso was unable to run away this time. The two Sacred Hall Mages were overjoyed, as they could finally go back and report that their mission was completed. They had been wandering between different countries to take down the Red Ornaments Guild, and were criticized by their superiors many times for their poor performance.

Oleena looked at Mo Fan. Her faint-blue eyes were glittering. It was all thanks to this Chinese student!

She was immediately curious about and interested in Mo Fan. Not many Advanced Mages were able to take on Casso like he did. Once, an inexperienced Sacred Hall Mage even died a horrible death at Casso’s hands.

It was very impressive that a student was able to accomplish such a remarkable achievement!

However, before Oleena could compliment him, her expression sank immediately after hearing a single sentence from Mo Fan.

“Hey, I want at least half the reward!”

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