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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 810 - On The Precipice of Death

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Chapter 810: On The Precipice of Death

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Ai Jiangtu climbed to his feet with his face covered in dust. His body was covered with bruises, and even his clothes were torn and tattered.

At the back of his waist was a large contusion. It seemed like the impact had caught him in the back as he was blinking away. It was impressive that he could still stand in his condition.

“Don’t move, your hip is fractured,” said Nan Rongni when she learned Ai Jiangtu’s condition from the Healing Spirit.

Ai Jiangtu let out a deep breath. It was full of dust. “Are the others alright?” he asked.

He was the only person that could take on a Commander-level creature on the team. Without him, the others would be in great danger.

“Don’t worry, they all have their own specialties, since they were handpicked to represent the national team. They can’t defeat the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts, but they shouldn’t have any problem protecting themselves,” Nan Rongni assured him.

Ai Jiangtu did not force himself after hearing the words. He patiently waited as his wounds were being treated.

The densely-packed buildings and streets in the East Maritime Fortress indeed provided Magicians with lots of cover. The Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts were huge, and so were constantly blocked by the sturdy buildings. Once their targets escaped into the buildings, it was difficult for them to chase any further.

It was like two ferocious lions chasing after a nest of mice. The buildings were like tall mounds in their eyes. They could easily raze them to the ground, but the Magicians were able to move nimbly between them. They would show up in front of or behind the creatures as they wished, or vanish completely. It was troublesome to hunt them down!

The efficient layout of the buildings and the streets in the East Maritime Fortress was being put on full display!

On top of that, the reason why the streets and buildings looked relatively new… was because they were destroyed regularly…

The destroyed buildings were rebuilt fairly quickly. The professional builders were Magicians with the Earth Element. They could rebuild the modular, square-shaped buildings in no time!

The Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts vented their frustration at not being able to kill Ai Jiangtu and losing track of him on the buildings nearby. The thirty-meter structures were smashed into debris across the place, and their remains tossed around wildly. The pillar that took the team by surprise was obviously their doing.

“Where is everyone?” Nanyu asked the members that were split over their communication device.

“We’ve reached the shelter,” replied Zhao Manyan promptly.

“Asshole!” cursed Jiang Yu.

“Was anyone left alone?” asked Nanyu.

“I am,” Jiang Shaoxu’s voice came in.

“Hey hey, aren’t I right beside you!?” said Zu Jiming.

“A useless man like you doesn’t count!” said Jiang Shaoxu.

“What do you mean? Fine, take the left, and I’ll head right. Do you think I have the time to look after a short-legged woman like you?” Zu Jiming started arguing with Jiang Shaoxu.

Thud thud thud!

“What’s that sound?”

“Crap, they are heading toward us!”

The range of the microphone was quite limited, with noise cancellation implemented to improve the sound quality. However, everyone could hear a loud rumble coming from the communication device, as if something was happening right beside someone’s microphone.

“Who’s close to the creatures!? Start running, quick!” Nanyu yelled into the communication device when she realized that something was not right.

“They are here…Zu Jiming, Zu Jiming, you asshole!” Jiang Shaoxu started screaming, yet the scream was soon covered by the loud rumble.

“Zu Jiming, go back there and save her!” Nanyu’s voice sank as she spoke in a commanding manner.

Zu Jiming did not respond. The display indicated that the guy had switched off his device.

“Jiang Shaoxu, hide in the alleyways and send us your location, we’ll provide backup as soon as we can,” said Nanyu.

“Save me, please help me, I’m stuck between them. My armor can’t last any longer, hurry up!” Jiang Shaoxu’s voice was filled with a hint of terror. It was obvious that her situation was even more dangerous than the one she was in before.

Jiang Yu was trapped in an alleyway, but luckily, he was relatively close captain Ai Jiangtu and Mu Ningxue, who both had extraordinary fighting capacity. Meanwhile, Jiang Shaoxu was with Zu Jiming, whose primary Element was Poison, and secondary Element was Earth. He was a full support-class Magician, and immediately fled for his life!

Jiang Shaoxu was bitterly disappointed when she saw Zu Jiming taking off without the slightest hesitation.

Jiang Shaoxu was only a Psychic Magician. Against two Commander-level creatures that were immune to her Pacify, there was simply nothing she could do. On top of that, she did not have any movement spells either, and her Magic Boots were still on cooldown. She was in a life-threatening situation!


“She’s on our twelve…” Nanyu quickly found Jiang Shaoxu’s location through her SOS signal.

Mu Ningxue quickly summoned a gust of wind and propelled herself up to the roof. She sprinted along the roof with Wind Track in the direction that Nanyu mentioned.

Frost was condensing around her and quickly turning into ice chains. Soon, eight ice chains like silver ribbons spread out across the roof within thirty meters of her. The chains were alive, and would preemptively build a bridge for her whenever the gap between two buildings was too wide for her to cross!


Mu Ningxue finally saw the Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts. Half of their bodies were concealed by three connected buildings. Jiang Shaoxu must be hiding inside the buildings. However, the buildings could at most provide some cover. There was no way they could defend her from the creatures, especially Commander-level ones. They could easily destroy the thirty-meter buildings with a few swings of their arms!

One of the Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts raised its sharp leg and thrust it down at the buildings continuously, as if it was desperately trying to kill Jiang Shaoxu as quickly as possible. Huge holes were left in the three buildings…

Mu Ningxue frowned, not knowing how to approach the situation at first.

If there was only a Commander-level creature, she could easily lure it away and retreat to a safe spot to buy Jiang Shaoxu some time.

However, the two Commander-level creatures were determined to kill Jiang Shaoxu. Mu Ningxue could at most attract the attention of one creature, but the other would soon force her out of the buildings.

“Phew~!” Mu Ningxue took a deep breath. “Jiang Shaoxu, you better put on your armor,” she said to Jiang Shaoxu, who was screaming for help through the communication device.

Jiang Shaoxu was annoyed since she was already on the precipice of death. She immediately snapped, “That goes without saying!”


A chilly breeze started blowing. Mu Ningxue’s silver hair drifted in the wind as a circular aura spread rapidly around her. The buildings nearby were covered in frost within a second!

Her eyes like silver snow under the azure blue sky, Mu Ningxue turned sideways and held her hands up. She held her left arm forward as if grasping something, while curling the index finger on her right hand as if she was pulling a string back!

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