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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1639 - Silver Ornament Master Bartholomew

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Chapter 1639 - Silver Ornament Master Bartholomew

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If Mo Fan had not gone through the things in Egypt, he would have scoffed at Asha’ruiya’s remark.

Evil was evil; a person that did evil had to be annihilated. They had no reason to live in this world!

However, was that the case?

Gangma had kidnapped many teenaged girls for the government and military officials. From that perspective, those officials were unforgivable too!

However, from another perspective, these officials might have no idea that Gangma had kidnapped those girls. They were simply trying to fulfill their own desires. Some of the officials even took care of the girls and provided for their needs. If Mo Fan proceeded to track down the officials, what should he do about them? Kill them all?

Therefore, Mo Fan had not pursued the matter any further. He had already killed Gangma with his own hands, and General Ethan was being constantly tortured by Medusa’s Curse. It might not fully serve justice for the others, but it was the most that he could do!

The Guild of the Wicked was a similar situation!

They were different from the Black Vatican. The Black Vatican was trying to destroy the whole of mankind. They were no longer people, but a bunch of cultists that treated bringing harm to other people as their religion.

The members of the Guild of the Wicked were after personal gains, and would do anything to achieve their goals.

“They are no different from the Black Vatican if they were responsible for the outrageous acts in Feiniao City,” Mu Ningxue declared coldly.

“Indeed, these people are unforgivable. I know you will want to get to the heart of the matter, but I must warn you so you won’t fall into a deep abyss. The stakes are higher than you can imagine!” Asha’ruiya said.

“Just spill the beans, Asha’ruiya,” Mo Fan said solemnly.

It seemed like they were up to something serious once again. Somehow, they constantly found themselves in great trouble whenever they tried to do a good deed…

“The Guild of the Wicked is collecting the hearts of young children on behalf of someone,” Asha’ruiya said.

“Who is it?” Mo Fan asked.

“You don’t have to know who the person is for now. Let me ask another question: you happened to stumble into the Silver Moon Tyrant Titan when it attacked the city. Were you investigating the young Tyrant Titan’s heart?” Asha’ruiya said.

“Yes,” Mo Fan nodded.

“You will never find the truth. The young Tyrant Titan’s heart that Rosie was looking for was just an accident…” Asha’ruiya said confidently.

“What do you mean by that?” Brianca asked.

“Rosie needs a young Tyrant Titan’s heart, and she knew the Luba Clan had it. Since the young Tyrant Titan’s heart did not meet the Luba Clan’s requirements, they decided to auction it off so Rosie could buy it,” Asha’ruiya said.

Apas, who had remained silent until now, leaned closer and said softly, “The Silver Moon Tyrant Titan only went berserk because so many young Tyrant Titans were killed.”

“Many young Tyrant Titans were killed?” Mo Fan repeated in surprise.

“Ah? So the Silver Moon Tyrant Titan wasn’t just trying to avenge his kin?” Zhao Manyan exclaimed.

“Getting revenge is one thing, being overwhelmed by despair is another. The Tyrant Titan was a Ruler-level creature. It knew it was going to die if it attacked the city, yet it still charged in. It only behaved so recklessly due to the hatred and despair that had long accumulated in its heart…” Apas said.

Mo Fan recalled the Tyrant Titan’s behavior during the attack. It did seem to have gone mad. It did not look like an intelligent Ruler-level creature. It was simply venting its hatred on the city!

“The hearts of young Tyrant Titans, the hearts of young children…” Mu Ningxue murmured the keywords.

“Yes, that’s right, their hearts are missing. Are they somehow related?” Zhao Manyan finally realized the connection between the two incidents.

“The hearts of the young children you are looking for are substitutes for the hearts of the young Tyrant Titans,” Asha’ruiya said.

Everyone in the room gasped at the same time!

Substitutes for the hearts of the young Tyrant Titans?

The kids whose hearts were stolen and bodies tossed into the ocean, before the Sea Monkey Monsters offered them to other sea monsters…

“Tyrant Titans are born with innate strength; even a young Tyrant Titan is a hundred times stronger than a normal human child in every aspect. Therefore, they need at least hundred children’s hearts to make up for a young Tyrant Titan’s heart,” Asha’ruiya stated firmly.

“Why…why would they do that?” Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

The young Tyrant Titan’s hearts and the hearts of the missing children were two different things. How were they even related?

“To conduct a ritual! The hearts of young Tyrant Titans are the key to it. However, there aren’t many Tyrant Titans left in Europe. Since they couldn’t find enough young Tyrant Titan’s hearts, they could only use the hearts of children…” Asha’ruiya went on.

The shocking news sent chills down everyone’s spines. To think that someone would really use the hearts of children as a substitute ingredient!

“Who is he!?” Mo Fan’s voice turned icy.

“It’s a little complicated…” Asha’ruiya said.

“Just tell me who he is!!” Mo Fan snarled.

“The people collecting the young Tyrant Titan’s hearts are from the Luba Clan. I bet you already know who’s really in charge of the Luba Clan,” Asha’ruiya said.

“The Zu Clan!” Mo Fan said.

“As for the person collecting the young children’s hearts, it’s a Silver Ornament Master of the Guild of the Wicked called Bartholomew. I haven’t found his exact location, but I know the person he’s dealing with. I’ve already asked my people to keep a close eye on him. If you really want to kill him, I’ll notify you as soon as I know where they are!” Asha’ruiya said.

Asha’ruiya’s information was a lot more accurate than Jiang Yu’s. Jiang Yu had only found out about the Guild of the Wicked instead of the mastermind, but Asha’ruiya had given them the name of the mastermind right away, saving them a lot of work!

That being said, they would need someone reliable to verify the information. They could not blindly trust Asha’ruiya’s words…

Asha’ruiya left the room after giving them the information, not giving them a chance to question her.

“We now have a target, but there’s one thing I don’t understand. Why is she helping us? The information she gave us would easily cost a fortune,” Jiang Yu commented.

The information provided by the Hunter Network was very costly. It was unlikely that anyone in the circle would be willing to share their information for free. After all, information was basically money to them!

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