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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1568 - The Note from the Queen of the Netherworld

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Chapter 1568 - The Note from the Queen of the Netherworld

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Gisele had three of the biggest Pyramids: the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure.

Those Pyramids were not far from Cairo, and even if a mirage did not occur, their deathlight could still reach close to Cairo through refraction at certain times. They were the main reason the Cairo Fortress existed.

The invasion from the Pyramid of Khafre came in four stages. The first stage was the harassment from the snake demons and scorpion demons. Once their numbers were reduced to a certain level, the front line of the undead would show up. The longer the deathlight shone on the undead’s land and tombs, the more undead would be awakened and nurtured. The deathlight was like sunlight for the undead. When their sunlight shone on the land, it would give the soil energy and life… the undead that woke up were savage and aggressive, and would charge at living humans recklessly. This was the second stage of the invasion.

As the duration of the land’s exposure to the deathlight increased, more powerful undead would be awakened by the soothing light. At the same time, the undead would evolve into stronger creatures. These high-level undead and mummies would show up more frequently in the battle.

The higher-level undead were usually followed by large groups of subordinates, especially the mummies.

The mummies were the masters of slaves, and had a certain status in the past. Countless slaves were buried with them. These mummies and the undead slaves were the real threat to the city. They were not like the ghouls and zombies that would wander aimlessly into the range of humans’ spells. The troops led by mummies knew how to inflict the most damage on the human army. They were well-trained and considered elites…

The real battle began once a certain number of mummies woke up. The number of casualties would increase exponentially when that happened. The whole fortress would be under attack by the undead at that time, and even the places on the outskirts of Cairo would be swarmed by them.

The fighting would last for a long time; the land would be dyed red with blood. The situation was worse than anyone could imagine.

However, the third stage was not the scariest. The defending humans would be doomed when the fourth stage brought utter darkness upon them…

The undead mainly obtained their energy from the dead. They could be found easily in places that were brimming with the presence of death.

What kind of places had the highest numbers of the dead, and the strongest presence of death?

Wasn’t it battlefields!?

Therefore, in the fourth stage, the soldiers, Mages, and Hunters that had just fought a tough battle would notice the comrades they used to fight alongside with turning into ravening monsters and lunging at them!

The longer the battlefield was exposed to the deathlight, the more likely it would turn into a pool nurturing the undead. If the dead were not dealt with in time, and were exposed for just one night, they would join the army of undead and attack the city the following day!

If they were not prepared for the fourth stage, an entire city might fall to the undead!

Mo Fan knew killing the young Medusa would bring a great disaster upon the fortress.

Once the news of the young Medusa’s death reached the snake and scorpion demons, they would return and attack together with the undead that had been awakened in the second stage.

Mo Fan insisted on bearing the consequences of the things he did. Ethan might be scum, but he could not put the army, the Hunters, and the rest of the Mages in danger because of him. He had to force the snake and scorpion demons to retreat!

Mo Fan decided to use the Demon Element. The only way to drive an entire species back was by beating the crap out of them!

The young Medusa’s death would only lead to something along the line of a Scorpion Lord Medusa attacking them at most. If Mo Fan could eliminate the Scorpion Lord Medusa, the rest of the demon creatures would collapse like a sheet of loose sand!

That being said, Mo Fan did not expect to have to use the Demon Element so quickly. He did not have the chance to fill the Essence Orb yet.

If the Essence Orb was not filled, not only might the Demon Element go out of control, the side effects of using it would be quite serious. He might fail to open the Gate of the Underworld in the end.

However, Mo Fan did not have any other choice. He could only take this one step at a time!

“I think we should let Haken worry about the demon creatures. Seriously, he can’t just do nothing if he’s one of the Commanders, right? We are risking our lives to drive the army of undead back while they are sitting in their comfortable chairs and waiting for our results? It’s not like they are going to suffer any losses if we all die in the Pyramid, but if we do succeed, wouldn’t we be lifting all their burdens?” Zhao Manyan said.

“But I did kill the young Medusa…” Mo Fan said with a troubled look.

Mo Fan did not feel confident that he could open the Gate of the Underworld if he used the Demon Element right at the start.

“F**k, we almost took out the Great Pyramid of Giza. If we hadn’t dealt with the Great Pyramid of Giza in Beijiang, would they still be in such a comfortable situation now? Who cares if you killed the young Medusa, these assh**** couldn’t even look after the things in their country, which came to our country to stir up trouble! We are already being merciful when we don’t hold them responsible for it!” Zhao Manyan said.

“Mm, that’s exactly what I thought, but I feel a lot better when it comes out of your mouth, HAHAHA!” Mo Fan burst out laughing.

He had already killed the young Medusa. The army would worry about the snake and scorpion demons instead. Why did he bother thinking about it, and troubling himself so much?

Mu Bai came over to Mo Fan while the two were talking. He was holding a note with a weird look on his face.

“Mo Fan, a woman asked me to give this to you…” Mu Bai handed the note to him.

“I can’t read Egyptian… holy crap, why is it written in our ancient language?” Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

The note was written in ancient Chinese. Even though the characters differed a lot, it was still possible to guess what the words meant.

“I’ll help you settle the mess, but you better focus and get your ass into the Pyramid soon. If you don’t open the Gate of the Underworld, don’t blame me for warning you that my people might go and empty your cities!”

Zhao Manyan tried his best to identify the words and interpret them in modern Chinese.

Mo Fan was a little dumbfounded.

“Does she mean she’s going to deal with the snake demons?” Zhao Manyan and Mu Bai asked.

“I believe so,” Mo Fan said.

“Who is she? Is she like a top agent that our country sent here? Isn’t the young Medusa’s mother at least a Great Ruler-level creature? Can she really deal with it?” Zhao Manyan said.

“If it’s her, I believe so,” Mo Fan said.

The only person that would leave him a note in the old Chinese language was the Queen of the Netherworld!

The eight undead rulers of the Ancient Capital’s kingdom of undead were the strongest Ruler-level creatures he had ever seen. He had witnessed their terrifying strength when they fought the Sphinx in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza!

The Queen of the Netherworld had the ability to Possess someone. She was also completely untraceable. Mo Fan thought she was not going to show up, but she had stepped forward in time to clean up his mess. He was quite touched by it.

“Mo Fan, we’re talking about a Ruler-level Medusa, your friend should treat it more seriously,” Fenna said cautiously.

“Don’t worry, if she says she can deal with it, we just need to focus on our plan of sneaking into the Pyramid,” Mo Fan replied confidently.

The Queen of the Netherworld’s strength was only second to the Mountain Zombie, while the Snake Lord Medusa was just a Great Ruler-level creature. If a fight broke out between them, the Snake Lord Medusa was going to be beaten up badly…

It was such a relief knowing that there was someone… some reliable female ghost he could rely on after stirring up such a huge mess. He would have borrowed one of the eight undead rulers from Zhan Kong if he could have. He might not be able to borrow the Mountain Zombie, but it would be a splendid idea if he could borrow the Red Skeleton Ruler to be his fighter!

“Speaking of which, if the Queen of the Netherworld is busy dealing with the snake and scorpion demons, won’t that mean we’ll have to rely on ourselves inside the Pyramid?” Mo Fan soon realized.

It was clearly going to be very dangerous inside the Pyramid. Not many people had managed to come out alive after going inside!

The Underworld Monarch Frogs, Dark Pharaoh of Serpents, Dark Swordmasters, Goat-Horned Generals, Scorpion Lord Medusae, Snake Lord Medusae, Red Scorpion Gorgons, Red Snake Gorgons… a single one of them was more than enough to wipe out Mo Fan and his crew!

Luckily, Mo Fan still had the Demon Element as his trump card. If anything went wrong, he would have no trouble using the Demon Element to flee for his life.

“Your group isn’t strong, but it also gives you a great advantage. It’s easier for you to go through the magic formations that are impassable to us. Most of the Formations have greater resistance to Mages with stronger cultivation. There are many Formations inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, so we wouldn’t be able to sneak inside the Pyramid, even when the deathlight is not around,” Fenna told the four of them.

The restrictive Formations in the Pyramid were similar to the ones at the Parthenon Temple. They were mostly Formations of the Chaos Element, and were more effective against stronger Mages. The higher the cultivation of the invaders, the stronger the resistance would be. They basically prevented any Forbidden Mages from sneaking into the Pyramid. Even Super Mages would struggle to utilize their full strength in the magic Formations!

Those Formations once again proved that there were some ties between the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Greek.

It was the same reason Fenna said that they would need a person with the Chaos Element to sneak into the Pyramid!

Without a Chaos Mage, they would easily trigger traps when they tried to go through the Formations.

Most of the tombs of ancient emperors had insane traps and mechanisms to protect them. Mo Fan still remembered everything that happened when he went to the Ancient King’s tomb, especially the Nine Bridges of Death and One Bridge of Life… it seriously did not give him any chance to live. He would long have been a pile of bones if it wasn’t for the Demon Element!

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