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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1244 - An Out-And-Out Devil

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Chapter 1244: An Out-And-Out Devil

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“No way! They are all going to die!” Yu Shishi declared coldly.

“I wonder how you’re going to harm them once I kill all your moths!” Mo Fan shot back.

His flames burned even more fiercely. He began to lift a huge fireball with his hands.

The fireball continued to expand. Its light was shining down upon the town like the sun.

“Go!” Mo Fan hurled the fireball into the air. The bright fireball rose to the highest point after his yell.

The scorching light did not damage the buildings and the ground, but the moths that had filled the sky were being reduced to ashes. Even the moths trying to hide under the ground and the buildings could not escape from the heat!

Half of the cloud of moths was driven away by the scorching light. Huge clusters of moths had died. They could not last for more than five seconds in the flames. Their flammable bodies were deadly to the other moths nearby, as they allowed the flames to spread rapidly, resulting in a spectacular ocean of flames in the sky above the town…

Yu Shishi was twitching crazily when she witnessed her moths being destroyed. She did not expect such a strong Fire Mage to show up after she finally got rid of the Carnelian-Head Spider!

1It was exactly what the guy had said. He was her true nemesis, after all. The merciless flames showed no sign of stopping. Her little moths absolutely stood no chance against them. Their bodies scattered in the air when the wind blew at her. She was on the verge of losing her mind, and had completely lost her will to fight.

“Assh**e, stop it right now!” Yu Shishi screamed at him.

“I can’t afford to let these things that feed on humans live!” Mo Fan did not stop there. His hands began to lift another fireball.

He had spent more time preparing the fireball, so it was a lot bigger than the one before. Its light was going to eliminate even more moths once it rose into the sky.

Mo Fan’s face was expressionless. He was showing no mercy to the moths Yu Shishi treated so preciously. The huge fireball rose into the sky. Its brilliance lit up the entire town once again.

The moths suffered the same fate, burned into ashes once again. The blue tornado looming over the town had turned into a thin blue veil. More moths were fleeing from the town in fear and escaping back to the forest.

“I’ll take you down with me!” Yu Shishi returned to the appearance of a monster and charged at Mo Fan.

As she was flying toward Mo Fan, lots of silk burst out of her body, forming a huge cocoon around her…

Yu Shishi was diving at Mo Fan, so the giant cocoon was trapping Mo Fan within it as it closed around Yu Shishi.

Surprisingly, the flames of the Ardent Sunset were not able to burn through the cocoon as quickly as they did the moths. The cocoon had trapped the flames too!

The cocoon was the size of a house, and its extremely thick walls prevented Mo Fan’s flames from breaking out of it. However, Yu Shishi was trapped inside the cocoon, too! She was only doing it to protect the moths. The Ardent Sunset and the Calamity Fire were devouring her!

Yu Shishi was no match for a violent Mage like Mo Fan. She had basically tossed herself into a huge furnace by trapping herself in the confined space. The Soul-grade Flames were devouring her!

Bai Hongfei took the people nearby to safety and glanced at the huge cocoon hanging between two buildings. He felt a surge of emotions flowing through him.

He admitted that he naively thought Yu Shishi might still have some conscience deep within her heart.

However, his rationality was telling him that his mentor was right. Perhaps Yu Shishi did not kill brutally like the rest of the demon creatures, but she was no kind being. She was using the appearance of a beautiful woman to disguise herself so she could steal the energy from people at night! She was still a threat!

Cao Qinqin came over and asked him, “Bai Hongfei, how do you feel?”

Cao Qinqin was with a few City Hunters. They were all staring at the huge cocoon with wide eyes. They did not expect the situation to come down to this.

“Luckily we had a mentor from the Pearl Institute with us. Otherwise, we would be in huge trouble. Speaking of which, your mentor is so strong. He’s the strongest Fire Mage I’ve ever seen!” one of the City Hunters admitted.

“Of course, our mentor is the best, but I can’t tell what’s happening inside there. I’m worried that the monster is serious about taking him down with her…” Cao Qinqin murmured.

The flames were still burning inside the cocoon. Yu Shishi clenched her teeth and glared at Mo Fan. She had no intention of breaking the cocoon apart.

Mo Fan soon realized that the cocoon was slowly contracting. He would eventually suffocate if the cocoon kept shrinking and trapping him.

“I’m a Space Mage, do you really think you can trap me in here?” Mo Fan said indifferently to Yu Shishi.

“I won’t give you a chance to use it!” Yu Shishi said firmly.

“You won’t live for much longer, my flames are a lot stronger than you have imagined,” Mo Fan said.

“Try it, then!” Yu Shishi had obviously decided to sacrifice herself.

“Let’s put the fact that you will never be able to kill me aside, even if you did take me down with you, it’s only a matter of time until the moths die to other demon creatures in the woods. They will still die, even if I don’t burn them into ashes,” Mo Fan said.

“It’s all your fault!” Yu Shishi screamed at him.

“Humph, if you weren’t trying to harm the people, why would I even bother taking you out? I’m no saint, I don’t really care about serving justice or condemning the evil. Do you think I would care what you are if you didn’t cross the line?” Mo Fan harrumphed coldly.

“It’s no use telling me all that now. If I die, the kids are going to die too, and so are you!” Yu Shishi said.

“Let the kids go, and I’ll spare your life,” Mo Fan said seriously.

Mo Fan was not willing to go easy on Yu Shishi, since she did kill some of the townsfolk. However, killing her would not make any difference. It was more important to find a way to save the kids. If he kept insisting on punishing evil, everything would simply fall apart…

“I don’t trust you!” Yu Shishi said.

“I have a girl who’s from the Blood Tribe. She’s currently living in the dark in a city. She won’t harm anyone, so I will try my best to protect her too… What you are doesn’t really matter to me, it’s more about what you do. I can swear to Heaven that if those kids die, I will spend the rest of my life in the woods where I saw you and kill every single moth, including those that are just born! However, I can also promise you that if you save the kids, I will let you and the moths go. I can even ask the City Hunters to let you go! You can think of the moths that died as a punishment for the chaos that you stirred up. If you still want to avenge them, you can come find me anytime!”

Yu Shishi fell silent for a long time.

Mo Fan slowly tamped his flames after noticing that Yu Shishi was withdrawing her aura.

Mo Fan did not force Yu Shishi to make her decision right away. He had already told her everything he needed to. If she still insisted on taking him down with her, Mo Fan would destroy her with his flames, then contact Xinxia to send Healers of the Parthenon Temple here to save the kids.

Mo Fan already had a plan to save the kids, but he chose to give Yu Shishi a chance to decide whether she wanted to put the grudges aside, or vent her hatred instead!

“You’ve killed so many of my moths, but you’re asking me to surrender instead. You’re an out-and-out devil!” Yu Shishi was still holding a strong grudge, but she was obviously directing it toward Mo Fan now.

Mo Fan was ten times, or even a hundred times, scarier to Yu Shishi than the townsfolk!

“As I said, you can try to get your revenge on me, as long as you think you can kill me!” Mo Fan replied easily.

“Even killing you ten thousand times won’t be enough!”

Mo Fan did not respond. He did not want to provoke her; she was currently on edge, even after he had already convinced her.

The giant cocoon slowly fell apart. The moths did not run away. They seemed to be worried about Yu Shishi, who had sacrificed herself for them, and flew uneasily around the cocoon. The moths were startled when they saw Mo Fan. They immediately dove at Mo Fan, as if they were about to sacrifice themselves to take him out.

“Forget it, come back here!” Yu Shishi told the moths.

It was literally moths flying into flames at this rate. Yu Shishi knew the young Mage was powerful beyond reason. There was nothing she could do to him!

“Go and return the energy to the kids,” Yu Shishi murmured to the moths.


Some half-transparent moths quickly flew toward the hospital.

They stopped on the kids and emitted a soft light that sprinkled down onto the kids.

The kids slowly recovered. Their eyes began to blink.

The rest of the adults were still unconscious. The kid’s eyes widened when they saw everyone else sleeping soundly in the hospital. They were totally unaware of what had happened.

“I’m sorry, I will never catch you and break your wings again…”

“I won’t turn you into samples again,” a little girl promised softly.

“It’s all your fault, you said that you’re going to catch them and hang their wings across the walls.”

“But they are pests!” an older kid said firmly.

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