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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2470: It’s a Forbidden Mage

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Chapter 2470: It’s a Forbidden Mage

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhang Xiaohou did not feel like looking at Zheng Wu’s remains, but his face was firmly set.

He could not allow himself to be merciful in the middle of a war!

He believed Advisor Zheng Wu would understand him if he had retained a little of his will.

“That was… awesome!” Zhao Manyan was impressed by Zhang Xiaohou’s strength after he saw the ferocious Nine-Headed Wind Dragon.

No wonder Zhang Xiaohou was promoted to General at such a young age. His strength was worthy of the rank!

“Brother Zhao, how did it go?” Zhang Xiaohou asked.

“Of course I’m fine, look at the sky,” Zhao Manyan pointed.

Zhang Xiaohou looked up and saw a bright light shining in the sky. It was obviously outside the Gravitational Vortex.

Zhao Manyan had done it. The people on the outside would have no trouble seeing it.

Zhang Xiaohou let out a relieved sigh. Blood was leaking out from his lips. He looked at his chest and noticed the hole in it was bleeding again.

Luckily, his vital organs had not been damaged. He would not die once he treated the wounds.

“We’ll leave the rest to Brother Fan and Mu Bai.” Zhang Xiaohou laid down, breathing deeply.

“Damn it, it’s my first time being in a situation where I still have to wait quietly for my death after beating the enemy with everything I have,” Zhao Manyan cursed quietly.

The two were standing on sea stack and staring into the distance. The Gravitational Vortex had visibly separated the inside and the outside, like there were two different worlds.

The water suddenly became restless. It went from small splashes to huge waves.

Zhao Manyan immediately rose to his feet on alert. Something dangerous was coming out of the sea!

Some time passed, but nothing appeared from the water. The surface of the sea was moving vigorously, like creatures were dancing around in it, but Zhao Manyan could not see a thing.

“It’s the Dragon King Krill,” Zhang Xiaohou murmured.

“What are they doing?”

“They must be afraid. The Forbidden Curse is coming,” Zhang Xiaohou guessed.

The Dragon King Krill was finally going to show their true numbers across the vast sea.

They were strange creatures with the whiskers of a dragon, the body of a krill, and the tails of a fish. The small ones were as tiny as tadpoles. They gathered in groups and headed for the cliffs and the sea stacks.

The cliffs started collapsing. The scale of destruction was no weaker than an Advanced Spell.

There were bigger Dragon King Krill, too. They were crawling on the paths established by the smaller Dragon King Krill, stacking on top of one another. Several of them could eat a boulder and turn it into dust in just a few seconds.

A barren island further away suddenly sank into the sea. Zhang Xiaohou and Zhao Manyan watched it happen, and it took them a while to collect their thoughts.

The waves grew taller, like moving hills. They soon noticed a shocking figure.

Its dragon whiskers split the waves in half. Its body was like the size of a ship. Countless small Dragon King Krill were attached to it. A single wave of its tail would kill thousands of them easily.

The Dragon King Krill in the area had completely panicked as the Forbidden Curse was approaching. They no longer had the same color as the water, spots forming on their smooth bodies. They would look like giant wriggling tongues if they did not have whiskers.

“F**king disgusting!” Zhao Manyan almost vomited when he saw the enormous King of the Dragon Krill. He had goosebumps when he imagined the Dragon King Krill swimming around him when he was in the water not long ago.

“Brother Zhao, if the Forbidden Curse stops, the Dragon King Krill will live,” Zhang Xiaohou pointed out.

“That thing must be their leader. Let’s kill it!” Zhao Manyan exclaimed.


They were half-dead anyway. What was there to be scared of?

A special light was shining in the night sky. It stood out in the stars and moon.

“Mo Fan, look at the sky!” Mu Bai pointed at the display.

“What’s the point? I was going to do it even without the signal. Otherwise, what were we doing here?” Mo Fan replied.

Mu Bai was startled. He did not understand Mo Fan at first, but he soon realized what he meant.

Mo Fan would do anything for his brothers!

“The situation has changed,” Hua Yuezhu came over with a grim look, like she had just attended a funeral.

“We don’t have much time. Spill it,” Mo Fan said.

“Initially, we just had to destroy the forty Energy Points to stop the Forbidden Curse, but I just learned the Forbidden Curse has saved up enough energy. Even if we destroyed the Energy Points, the Forbidden Curse will still fall. It will only weaken it slightly,” Hua Yuezhu told them.

“Ugh… does that mean Zhang Xiaohou and Zhao Manyan are dead for sure?” Mu Bai blurted out.

There was no stopping the Forbidden Curse. Even if it was weakened, it would still kill everything!

Their only chace was if Zhao Manyan could Summon Baxia to his side instantly and use all his defense to have a slim chance of survival!

The problem was, the Gravitational Vortex was still around. Even if Baxia could make it in time, he would not be able to enter it!

There was no chance of living!

Hua Yuezhu lowered her head. Her face was twisted, and her eyes were tearing.

She was not able to stop it in the end!

“Does the Forbidden Curse not have a blind spot or a weak point?” Mo Fan asked grimly.

“There is, but only the Forbidden Mage knows where they are. However, even the weakest points and blind spots can kill Ruler-level creatures and Super Mages. A Forbidden Curse is stronger than you can imagine. It’s not the same as the difference between the Basic Level and the Intermediate Level, or the Intermediate Level and the Advanced Level. It’s a disaster!” Hua Yuezhu said.

Mu Bai opened his mouth, but he could not find any words.

It seemed like they really had no way of stopping it!

Zhang Xiaohou was already dead the moment he decided to go to the coordinates. The three of them would never stop the Forbidden Curse!

“There’s one more option,” Mo Fan declared.

“What option? We didn’t even have time to come up with a plan, nor do we have the manpower or information. Most importantly, we don’t have the necessary strength. Even if we attack the Energy Points, there’s a great chance we will be arrested!” Hua Yuezhu cried out.

“Who’s the Forbidden Mage?” Mo Fan asked with a serious face. He did not care about Hua Yuezhu’s attitude.

Mu Bai stared at Mo Fan with wide eyes. He asked, “Mo Fan, what are you thinking?”

“I’m going to beat him,” Mo Fan stated firmly.

Hua Yuezhu and Mu Bai stared at Mo Fan.

Was Mo Fan crazy? That was a Forbidden Mage!


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