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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2349: I’ll Gladly Take the Gift

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Chapter 2349: I’ll Gladly Take the Gift

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“This will teach him a lesson!” Even though Ice Tiger hated Mo Fan’s guts, he did not join the others in the attack due to his injuries.

White Leopard had Cast a Super Spell imbued with his Super Power. The other two Super Mages were also using their destructive Super Magic, not to mention more than twenty Advanced Mages were attacking Mo Fan at the same time. Even a Ruler-level Creature would sustain serious injuries from this!

Inside the crystal cubes, Mo Fan realized the Demon Judgment Sword was already falling on him. He unleashed the Dark Vein without any hesitation.

The Dark Vein spread across Mo Fan’s body in the form of a dark silvery half-liquid, like a metal that was half-melted.

After Mo Fan was fully covered in the dark silver substance, he turned into a lump of strange liquid floating in the air. The destructive spells falling on him went right through his body.

The light of the Demon Judgment Sword destroyed everything within its range. The area the tip of the Demon Judgment Sword was landing on received three times the damage, as it was covered in three layers of its light!

Mo Fan was currently in the innermost circle of the light. The overwhelming light was slicing at the darkness Mo Fan was hiding in like thousands of swords.

Mo Fan had to admit that the Light Magic was a huge threat to darkness. The realm of darkness Mo Fan had constructed was starting to crack all over. Once the realm of darkness failed to withstand the pressure, he would lose his current state of being able to ignore every attack falling on him.

Mo Fan tried to move. He had to reach the first layer of the light so the realm of darkness would not be overwhelmed. He could not care less about the magic the others were using!

Wolf Chief’s Curse Magic had no chance of touching Mo Fan’s body, let alone grabbing his soul.

The Advanced Spells were just as ineffective. The spirit form was able to ignore any damage inflicted by Elemental Magic, and Mo Fan’s current formless state was even stronger than the spirit form. He could even ignore the Light Magic for the moment!

Mo Fan tried to relocate himself to avoid the area where the Light Magic was the strongest.

However, he soon realized he was stuck inside the walls of the crystal. Unlike the spirit form, he was unable to walk through obstacles while he was in the realm of darkness.

Left with no choice, Mo Fan could only use his Dark Vein to strengthen the darkness, and ended up consuming a lot more Shadow Magic.

“Brother, why did you remove the Seal?” Ice Tiger asked with a confused look when he saw the ice crystals collapsing from the outside.

“I have to use a lot of magic to maintain it. Our goal is to win the war. Do you think I should waste all my energy on a young man who appeared out of nowhere?” White Leopard shot back.

“Oh, you’re right,” Ice Tiger nodded.

It would be insane if the one-sided ice cage could last forever. They could easily take on the formidable demon creatures deep in the Andes Mountain Range if it could!

“He will no longer be a threat to us even if he survived. We’ll leave the rest to them,” White Leopard stated. He started walking toward Wu Ku after finishing his sentence.

White Leopard was holding a few water crystals, which his superior had sent someone to collect. They were crucial for Wu Ku if he wanted to keep Summoning a heavy rain across the battlefield and maintain the Brown Rebels’ morale.

Mo Fan had intercepted the Scorching River and taken out their water source. These Fundamental Water Crystals would surely come in handy for Wu Ku.

“Master Wu Ku, thanks for your help!” White Leopard exclaimed before he reached Wu Ku.

“It’s nothing, I’m doing this for the sake of the new government. Your Ice Magic has improved a lot!” Wu Ku smiled.

He was relieved after seeing that Mo Fan had been taken care of. White Leopard’s Absolute Zero Seal had come at the perfect time. Otherwise, he had no idea how long it would take those worthless pieces of trash to defeat Mo Fan!

“These are the Fundamental Water Crystals our leader has collected from different places. Only someone with a superior Innate Talent like you is worthy enough to have them. Please use them wisely to Summon the rain. The soldiers on the front line are starting to lose their motivation after the rain stopped,” White Leopard went on.

“It won’t happen again. May I ask General White Leopard to keep an eye on the vicinity of the altar, and prevent anyone else from interrupting me again,” Wu Ku replied calmly.

“We have no idea who your church has offended, so I can’t guarantee that no one will show up again to stop you, but I can promise you they won’t be able to leave this place alive!” White Leopard declared. He did not sound as friendly as he was at first.

Wu Ku nodded. He did not want to argue with this general of the Brown Rebels.

He held up his hand, signaling White Leopard that there was no need for him to walk over. He could just throw the Fundamental Water Crystals at Wu Ku.

White Leopard stopped in his tracks. The sacrificial altar that Wu Ku had set up was brimming with an evil presence, which White Leopard was not fond of.

He casually tossed the three Fundamental Water Crystals at Wu Ku.

Wu Ku was afraid something might happen to the three valuable gems. He purposely wrapped the Fundamental Water Crystals in spheres of water so they would land accurately on the right spots on the altar.

The space rippled like a playful fish had just jumped out of a perfectly calm lake.

The ripple resolved into a human figure. He had appeared right in front of the three precious Fundamental Water Crystals, and was in range to catch them in his hand.

Wu Ku immediately strengthened the water spheres to protect the Fundamental Water Crystals!

However, Mo Fan’s hands were engulfed in powerful Heavenly Flames. The protective spheres of water evaporated instantly!

Wu Ku’s Water Element was normally dominant over others because of his Innate Soul-grade Seed. He did not panic when Mo Fan suddenly showed up out of nowhere. After all, the Fundamental Water Crystals were protected by his spheres.

He completely forgot that Mo Fan’s flames were Heaven-grade!

Wu Ku’s face twisted in agony, like he had just slammed his face into a wall of reinforced glass, after he saw Mo Fan catching the Fundamental Water Crystals.

The truth was, even if Mo Fan had not intercepted the Scorching River, the water from upstream was starting to run dry. Wu Ku desperately needed the Fundamental Water Crystals to maintain the rain!

White Leopard was dumbfounded. How did the young man survive all those attacks, without a single scratch on him?

“I’ll gladly accept this gift,” Mo Fan grinned.

His hard labor finally had some returns!

The three Fundamental Water Crystals were obviously not a valuable that one could just find during an auction!


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