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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2348: Absolute Zero Seal

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Chapter 2348: Absolute Zero Seal

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Take him down!” Damon ordered.

He had a score of Mages in brown armor with him. They were all Advanced Mages.

Their brown armor had blood stains and gray feathers on them. It seemed like they were fighting the Eagle Horse Skyriders before coming here. They had suddenly turned their attention to Mo Fan at someone’s command.

The group of Advanced Mages had a strong stench of blood about them, especially since the blood of Eagle Horses had a strong sour odor, like vinegar. They must have killed a lot of the Eagle Horse Skyriders. Mo Fan felt like he was being surrounded by pickles as they drew closer to him.

“I wonder where you got your confidence, coming so far into our territory!” an Advanced Mage around Mo Fa’s age snarled at him.

He was one of Damon’s disciples, following the Light Mage to render meritorious contributions on the front line. Every Eagle Horse Skyrider they killed would secure a higher rank for them in the future, yet they were suddenly summoned back to the camp to take on a single enemy!

“You must be blind if you can’t tell,” Mo Fan replied lightly.

“Killing a few soldiers doesn’t mean a thing. They are just higher-level cannon fodder whose job is to charge into the enemy lines for us,” the man claimed disdainfully.

Mo Fan also had no idea where the young man was getting his confidence from.

His eyes emitted a sharp silver flash as he slapped his hand at the young Mage in brown armor!

The power of the Space Element was instantaneous. Even a Basic Space Spell could inflict the same amount of damage as an Advanced Spell, depending on the Space Mage’s Will.

Mo Fan knocked the arrogant young man to the ground with a single slap. It even left a huge print of a hand on the soil.

Damon’s disciple had a bleeding nose after he climbed back to his feet. His nose was broken by the impact!

“Is that all you have? You are an arrogant one!”

Mo Fan activated the Earth Shards nearby. The Brown Rebels had been using a lot of Basic and Intermediate Spells, generating thousands of Shards for him under the surface.

Mo Fan did not consume them all at once. He waved his hand indifferently.

“Rock Crocodile Snap!”

Mo Fan could activate the Shards instantly. The other Mages in brown armor could not react in time, only able to watch as a prehistoric wako rose from the ground with its mouth wide open and chomped down on Damon’s disciple, who was standing directly between its jaws.

Damon’s disciple immediately Summoned out his Magic Armor when he realized he was in danger.

A set of golden Armor swiftly appeared and attached itself to Damon’s disciple. He had put on a full set of Armor before the Rock Crocodile could bite him!

The Magic Armor was quite special. Most Magic Armor would need some time to be Summoned, which should have taken a longer time than Mo Fan’s Earth Magic.

Unfortunately, the golden armor broke into pieces on impact. The Rock Crocodile was holding half of the young man’s body in its mouth, while the other half was left in the huge print of a hand, which soon turned into a pool of blood.

The young man’s upper body twitched fiercely. Damon’s disciple could barely crawl away in the grip of the Rock Crocodile . His face was filled with pain and disbelief!

It was utterly useless. His vaunted Magic Armor had failed to withstand a single attack from his enemy!

Killing the elite soldiers was nothing for Mo Fan to be proud of, so neither was killing an arrogant Advanced Mage.

Magic Armor made of golden rock?

The first additional effect of Mo Fan’s Heaven-inferior Earth Seed was Sturdy Strike!

The fangs of the Rock Crocodile were as tough as diamonds. The carapace and shells of most demon creatures or high-density rocks and metals were nothing but pieces of paper to it!

“Don’t underestimate him, be on your guard!” Damon lost his temper when he saw his disciple being killed in an instant.

He was planning to let his disciples distract Mo Fan long enough to buy him enough time to construct a Star Palace, but one of his disciples had died so quickly because he was careless!

The rest of the brown armored Mages were terrified. They did not dare to step into the range of Mo Fan’s Telekinesis.

Mo Fan was not dumb enough to stand there and wait for his enemies to flank him. He would struggle to fend off Advanced Spells coming from different directions too! “Absolute Zero Seal!”

Mo Fan was about to create some distance between him and the Advanced Mages when White Leopard, who had been watching the battle as a bystander, made his move.

White Leopard used a Super Ice Spell. Transparent ice mirrors began emerging from the ground.

The ice mirrors stacked up further, like a barrier of mountains. They were not as thick as mountains, but there were several layers of them, trapping Mo Fan in the middle!

Mo Fan was trapped in a ten-meter magic cube, inside another magic cube twenty meters in size, which was inside another magic cube forty meters in size.

The biggest cube had sides one hundred and sixty meters long, and was as tall as a small mountain.

White Leopard had trapped Mo Fan in a confined area. He did not want Mo Fan moving around freely.

Mo Fan was focusing too much on Damon and his disciples. He did not expect to fall into White Leopard’s trap!

He thought White Leopard would intervene at the very last moment, like the final boss in a movie, showcasing his poise as the main antagonist who had no intention to take advantage of his enemy. Instead he turned out to be a mischievous and cunning crook instead!

“You and your men can attack at will, my Absolute Zero Seal is unidirectional,” White Leopard smiled at Damon.

Mo Fan’s expression sank when he heard the words. A unidirectional barrier!

In other words, his magic would be weakened by the Ice Mirrors, but they would not weaken the magic coming in from the outside.

He would be taking a beating without any chance to fight back!

Damon’s disciples quickly attacked to avenge their fallen comrade.

Even if Mo Fan was a ferocious tiger that could easily bite one to death, he was currently trapped in a cage. The people on the outside just needed to stab the tiger with long spears without having to worry that tiger could harm them.

Mo Fan was completely surrounded by Star Constellations, including two Star Palaces constructed by Damon and Wolf Chief.

Damon was using the Super Light Spell, Demon Judgment Sword!

The standard but destructive Super Light Spell took its form of a giant sword of light, emitting a blinding radiance before plunging at Mo Fan from above. Its light spread and scorched the ground before it even landed.

Wolf Chief was also using a Super Spell. It was most likely the Curse Element, as it had summoned a ghastly devil, trying to grab at Mo Fan’s soul!


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