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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 2471: The Ice Emperor of the Mu

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Chapter 2471: The Ice Emperor of the Mu

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The Induction of a Forbidden Curse was different from the Casting of other, lesser spells.

Even though the Forbidden Curse was focusing on constructing the Star Complex, it would not prevent him from using other magic.

Becoming a Forbidden Mage also granted the Mage capabilities beyond Super Powers, Domains, and Wards. The fact that he had maxed out five of his Elements already made him unbeatable, even if he was to face a group of powerful Mages.

It was impossible! They had no chance of beating the Forbidden Mage!

Mo Fan was out of his mind!

“Mo Fan, are you planning to rely on the power you used in the Ancient Capital?” Mu Bai asked.

“Mm, there’s no other option, but I’m not sure if I can take on a Forbidden Mage in my demon form, either,” Mo Fan replied.

The Demon Element was a powerful ability, especially since Mo Fan’s cultivation had improved significantly since the last time he had used the Demon Element. He now had seven Elements, too. He had no idea how strong he would be in his demon form!

“If you use it against the people here, it might end terribly,” Mu Bai told him.

“That’s why I have to control it,” Mo Fan did not sound too confident.

Hua Yuezhu did not understand them. She did not believe they had the ability to beat a Forbidden Mage at all.

“There’s only one person who can help us,” Hua Yuezhu offered.

“You have another idea?” Mu Bai’s expression immediately shifted.

Having Mo Fan use the Demon Element was the last resort. It was better to reserve it for the Black Vatican and powerful demon creatures. If he used it against the military and human Mages, he would be sentenced for committing a serious crime.

Besides, was Mo Fan really able to take on a Forbidden Mage in his demon form? Mu Bai did not think so!

The demon form might be powerful, but a Forbidden Mage was countless times stronger than a Super Mage. Otherwise, why would they place Forbidden Mages under so many restrictions?

“We’ll look for the chief. He’s the Commander of the operation. If we can convince him to stop the Forbidden Curse, we might be able to save them!” Hua Yuezhu said.

“The chief?” Mo Fan and Mu Bai exchanged glances. They had no idea who it was.

“He’s a Forbidden Mage, too,” Hua Yuezhu told him.

Mo Fan was astounded. There were two Forbidden Mages on this mountain?!


The clock was still moving. Alarms were being sounded at an increasing frequency.

The area shrouded by a mist in the distance was where the Forbidden Curse was about to fall. It extended from the sky to the bottom of the sea, a seemingly boundless area!

Mo Fan had never seen a Forbidden Curse before, but he could already sense how terrifying it was just by looking at its Gravitational Vortex. The place no longer belonged to this world, even before the Forbidden Curse was executed.

A wooden hut stood under the clock. Half of it was leaning against the mountain, while the other half was open, as if it had been sliced in half by something.

Time gradually passed. Hua Yuezhu still could not convince the chief to meet them.

Mo Fan had long fixed his eyes on the opening at the top of the mountain. Icy white energy was forming a majestic Magic Formation, like a purgatory consisting of thousands of chains.

A Mage dressed in a snowy-white robe stood in the center. He was wearing a fluffy hat, but remained as still as a statue.

However, his eyes were observing everything around him.

The Gravitational Vortex in the distance and the scattering leaves on the mountain could not escape his sharp gaze. They were aged but brimming with wisdom!

“That guy should be the Forbidden Mage. He’s most likely the ancestor of the Mu Clan,” Mo Fan said.

“Can you stop sounding like that old man is our target? I feel like the two of us are nothing but little hamsters in front of him. He can see through us easily,” Mu Bai muttered.

“You are imagining it. Don’t overestimate the Forbidden Curse. Perhaps the Magic Association has been bluffing about it in order to protect their power. Look at that old man, he needs the help of so many people just to complete the Forbidden Curse. I too could bring massive destruction with their help,” Mo Fan said.

“You are very optimistic,” Mu Bai said with a wry smile.

“We’ll go when the minute hand strikes twelve.” Mo Fan had made up his mind.

As soon as Mo Fan finished the sentence, the old man who stood in the Magic Formation like an ancient emperor glanced in their direction.

His eyes were fixed on them.

Mo Fan could even see his pupils over the distance. They suddenly enlarged until they were covering the sun and the sky!

Mo Fan panicked. How did he know what they were up to?

Did he read their minds with the Psychic Element? Or did he have some way to predict the future?

What should they do now?

Forget it, he had already read their minds. There was no going back now!

Mo Fan was about to make his move when the eyes that were covering the sun and the sky vanished. The old Ice Emperor remained still, with a slight grin on his face.

It was like the grin of a cat which was chasing a rat, the grin of an old man who had seen through a young man’s lie. He did not expose Mo Fan, nor did he take any action. He remained standing there, with a grin that was making Mo Fan feel uncomfortable.

It was like he was saying, ‘Do whatever you want. I would like to see how petty you are.’

“The chief asked you to come inside,” a voice came from inside the hut.

Hua Yuezhu smiled. She ran into the hut without waiting for Mo Fan and Mu Bai.

Mo Fan and Mu Bai exchanged glances.

“Why don’t we try talking to the chief first? If we can’t convince him… either way, that old man already knows what we are up to,” Mu Bai suggested.

“Damn it, either that old prick is playing us, or he isn’t treating us seriously!” Mo Fan cursed helplessly.


The chief was a middle-aged man with black hair and a beard. Even his clothes were black. He had a gentle aura, like a scholar who had a great passion for art.

He had his back to the three. There was no one else in the hut.

“Uncle,” Hua Yuezhu said.

“Call me Supreme Commander,” the man said coldly.

“Supreme Commander,” Hua Yuezhu looked wronged, but she had no choice but to address the man differently.

“You are no longer worthy to be a soldier,” the man said.

“I just…”

“I’ll listen to what you have to say, but I won’t change my mind,” the man declared firmly.


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