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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1798: The Executioner, Spectre!

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Chapter 1798: The Executioner, Spectre!

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

A troop of Holy Court Mages in blue uniforms were flying above the Alps. The blizzard had stopped. The sunlight was projecting their shadows across the snowy mountain.

“Is that a person down there?” a Holy Court Mage with sharp eyes spoke up.

The troop lowered their altitude and discovered there was indeed a person lying on the ground. His body was face-down, so the troop of Holy Court Mages could not see his face yet.

“It might be the Cold Prince!”

Their leader went closer and cautiously turned the body over.

It was the face of a young man. His face was extremely pale, with no sign of blood. His body was extremely stiff from the cold, and his eyes were still open, staring blankly into the sky.

“It’s the Cold Prince!” the person who had spotted the body exclaimed.

“He’s… dead?” their leader inquired dumbly.

The Holy Court Mages stood in a circle. They checked their surroundings and inspected the body thoroughly.

The person was indeed the Cold Prince. It was not just a decoy, since it was impossible to remove the Seal the Holy Judgment Court had applied to their prisoners.

However, he was now just a corpse!

If the Holy Court Mage had not spotted the dead body, the Cold Prince would be as insignificant as a small animal who had frozen to death on the Alps. His body would soon be covered in snow when night fell, and begin to rot under the snow by the second day.

“The Black Vatican went through so much trouble to save him, so why?…”

“Let’s bring him back first.”

Lake Geneva…

A bridge used for fishing happened to be parallel to the light of the rising sun. A man was sitting on the bridge, as motionless as a living statue.

A woman in a woolen white robe went up to the bridge. She looked around before fixing her eyes on the fisherman.

“You did well,” the man said.

“It’s all thanks to Asura,” Salan replied evenly.

“Asura has been too full of himself, and was no longer following orders. He was going to bring us a lot of trouble. It’s perfect that you used him to get rid of the Cold Prince,” the fisherman said.

“I don’t understand. Why did the Cold Prince have to die if I was asked to bring him out?” Salan asked.

“A person who has spent almost a year in the Holy Judgment Court is no longer useful to us. The Cold Prince and Asura… we’ll have to choose others to replace them. Do you have any recommendations, Salan?” the fisherman said.

“I’ll leave it to you,” Salan said.

“Here is the information about the Magistrate who summoned Hayla, and the names of the people close to him,” the fisherman said.

“Got it.” Salan took the envelope and left.

The fisherman stayed put. He did not even glance at Salan. The surface was rippling, indicating that a fish had taken the bait, but he did not bother pulling the rod up.

The sunlight scattered through the shades of the trees on both sides of the street, setting off the colorful tiles on the ground. Salan was walking down the street in her white woolen robe. She blended in perfectly with the attractive and fashionable women of the city.

“Teacher.” A woman in long blue knitwear came over and grasped Salan’s arm.

Salan did not say a word in reply.

The two were walking together like a pair of close friends. They would occasionally attract the attention of some men, but who would ever think that a vicious Red Cardinal of the Black Vatican would be walking down the busy street of a bustling city? They were not hiding underground, in a sinister castle deep in a forest, or within a temple of cultists covered in strange paintings.

“There’s no need to keep an eye on the fisherman. He is just a messenger. He isn’t the Supreme Pontiff,” Salan said. She seemed to know what Blue Bat was concerned about.

“The Supreme Pontiff asked you to kill the Cold Prince, and you’ve done just that. Only you were able to rescue him from the Holy Judgment Court’s dungeon and then kill him. The Supreme Pontiff was worried that the Cold Prince might leak important information to the Holy Judgment Court, so you should have gained the Supreme Pontiff’s trust by taking out the Cold Prince. Why was he still using a messenger?” Blue Bat asked.

“No one knows his real identity after the Cold Prince is dead. We might have earned his trust, but there’s no reason for him to add more trouble to himself,” Salan answered.

“Is it true that no one knows who the Supreme Pontiff is?” Blue Bat had to ask.

Salan smiled coldly.

No one knew who the Supreme Pontiff was?

Did the Supreme Pontiff seriously think he was free of trouble, merely because the Cold Prince was dead?

The guy who thought he could control the whole world while hiding above the clouds was going to die just like the rest of the assh**** in the world one day!

“Did the Chief Extraditor leave?” Salan asked.

“Yes, everything was done according to the plan without any slip-up. The people of the Holy Judgment Court didn’t suspect the Casas. After all, including the Casas, the Alps Institute and Izisha’s men were at the Holy Judgment Court too, although there was a potential threat,” Blue Bat replied quickly.

“Say it,” Salan ordered.

“Mu Bai. The Chief Extraditor saw Mu Bai, and Mu Bai recognized her. She wasn’t necessarily exposed, but if they somehow link the Chief Extraditor with Mu He, they might realize something. After all, the Chief Extraditor is technically still Mu Bai’s sister,” Blue Bat said.

“Solution!” Salan prodded.

“Our first option is to give the Chief Extraditor a new identity, but the people of the Holy Judgment Court will be keeping a close eye on everyone that went there recently. Any disappearance, death, or significant changes to their life might attract suspicion,” Blue Bat answered.

“We can’t change her identity for the time being,” Salan stated.

Someone in the Casas was still alive, thus the Chief Extraditor had to stay with Herr Casa for now.

“Then Mu Bai has to die. He’s currently at Fanxue Mountain, and has achieved the Super Level. All of our men are having trouble infiltrating China now, let alone our Executioners. I have a suggestion. We can ask the Chief Extraditor to deal with the threat herself. Mu Bai isn’t suspicious of Yan Qiu’s identity yet. We’ll let the Chief Extraditor lure Mu Bai out and get rid of him…” Blue Bat said.

“If Mu Bai dies at the hands of the Chief Extraditor, it’s basically telling everyone around him who the Chief Extraditor is. Don’t forget how Hu Jin died,” Salan harrumphed.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t take that into consideration,” Blue Bat said.

“Send Spectre after him,” Salan said.

“Spe…Spectre!” Blue Bat shivered when she heard the name.

“Use killing Mo Fan as an excuse…” Salan continued thoughtfully.

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