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«VRMMO: The Unrivaled (Web Novel) - Chapter 788: Land of Soul Suppression

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Chapter 788: Land of Soul Suppression

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Translator: alyschu

"Over there, look!"

Chaos Moon pointed to the wing, and I saw a group of mounted players riding atop Cyan Battle Wolves and charging toward us. They were none other than the players of Flower Room, and their guild leader, Li Le, and vice leader, Spring Mud, were leading the charge.

Flower Room was going all out this time. It seemed that even Li Le realized the threat Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls posed to his plans. Although our core players died tragically during the War of Dawn City and suffered massive losses as a result, our reputation in China had also reached an unprecedented level. One might say that over half of the people in China thought of us as the king of all guilds in the China server, not Candle Dragon anymore.

If Flower Room remained as meritless as they were before, they would never be able to escape their label as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ enemy. Just like Pillar of the Nation had said before, there was no such thing as good or bad people in an era of heroes and warlords. The victor becomes the king, and the loser becomes the bandit. That was why Flower Room was giving it their all into this fight!


"Take out Li Le! Rid these worms off their head!" I ordered with a smile.

"Leave it to me!"

Du Thirteen spurred his mount forward.

Li Le had a first-rate expert, Spring Mud, by his side, and I wasn’t sure if Du Thirteen could handle both of them at once. So, I looked to my side and said, "Chaos Moon, help Du Thirteen take out Li Le and Spring Mud!"

"Got it!"

Chaos Moon slapped her mount’s butt and rushed forward at high speed. Knowing that she was followed by almost a hundred Dragonlight Cavalrymen, my mind was completely at ease.

"Here they come!"

Li Le raised his sword. When he saw that his attacker was Du Thirteen, he immediately let out a vulgar laugh and said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls thinks that a small fry like him can challenge Flower Room? The arrogance! I’ll kill him right before their eyes!"


The two guild leaders traded two blows each as they passed by each other. Du Thirteen landed both his attacks on Li Le’s neck, a weak point, and one of the attacks was Barrier Break. In contrast, Li Le landed both his attacks on Du Thirteen’s armor. As a result, Du Thirteen lost less than 15k HP, while Li Le lost half his health.

Speed, accuracy and timing were all critical factors in a duel, and the wall that stood between a normal player and an expert was the ability to land a skill within a short time frame. The fact Du Thirteen managed to land Barrier Break during the half a second he was close to Li Le when they passed by each other meant that he had finally shed the moniker of ‘noob’ he had undoubtedly been for many years. Li Le wasn’t able to turn his basic attack into a skill, so he was undoubtedly the loser of the exchange. On a related note, better experts such as Li Chengfeng and Purple Marquis could land any combo of their liking when presented with an opening like this, and do it with great ease and ferocity!


Li Le withdrew quickly because he had lost the exchange. Du Thirteen tried to give pursuit, but he was blocked by Spring Mud and took a Barrier Break to the torso. His HP dropped to dangerous levels as the skill dealt over 20k damage!


Du Thirteen angrily smashed an elbow into Spring Mud’s shoulder to knock him away. At the same time, he drank a potion and put some distance between himself and his opponent.

Spring Mud wasn’t going to let a kill opportunity like this slip past his fingers, so he charged forward the moment he regained himself and thrust his weapon!

Du Thirteen was shocked, but he simply didn’t have the health to fight Spring Mud.

It was at this moment a beautiful figure appeared and intercepted the attack from the flank and landed two hits on Spring Mud’s back, Barrier Break and Rock Crush. It was none other than Chaos Moon herself. Two damage numbers appeared above his head in succession—



Before Spring Mud could react, Chaos Moon did a beautiful turn and swung her sword right across his neck!



Spring Mud’s HP dropped to zero, and he died with eyes wide open with shock. He probably never thought that he would die to Chaos Moon in a single exchange!

The skill gap was just that big though. Chaos Moon was an incredibly intelligent woman who could give even an expert like Li Chengfeng a good fight. She absorbed knowledge regarding control and positioning like a sponge, and her control was top-tier even in the entirety of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Xu Yang, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and the like were no match for her, and even Gui Guzi’s win rate against her was less than 60%!



Spring Mud dropped two pieces of equipment after he died. One was a sword, and the other, a helmet. Li Le’s eyes goggled as he exclaimed in shock, "Fuck, Spring Mud dropped his Fire Nether Helmet and Serene Passing Sword!"

Chaos Moon picked up both equipment and let out a giggle. Then, she hit Li Le’s head with Barrier Break + Double Slash and killed him as well, dropping a necklace from his dead body and turning the Flower Room players’ hearts into ice. Li Le had spent a ton of money to purchase his and his generals’ equipment from the auction house, so every equipment loss was akin to a robbery!

There was nothing they could do though. Chaos Moon was a WMD, and her PK drop rate was insanely high. Anyone who became her opponent but didn’t possess the skill to kick her ass was fated for a tragic end.


Finally, Chaos Moon raised her sword and commanded the hundreds of troops behind her to attack the enemy. Platoons of Dragonlight Cavalry and Cyan Tiger Cavalry immediately carried out the order and put great pressure onto Flower Room’s Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalry. They had lost both their guild leader and a vice leader to a single knightress, so their morale was low to say the least.


Our troops were positively unstoppable at this point. We wreaked havoc among the enemies while completely disregarding the arrows and spells flying our way, shattering the glass hearts of Hegemon Palace, Flower Room and Mad Dragon’s ranged players in the process. The power gap between our guilds was just that huge.

At the distance, Pillar of the Nation raged, "Fuck! Didn’t Lu Chen, Eve, Gui Guzi and the rest of their key players lose 30 levels or more? How… how is their cavalry still so powerful?"

Beside him, Shangguan Wan’er replied indifferently, "It’s simple. We invaded too late, that’s all. With their equipment and grinding speed, getting back 30 levels in 3 to 5 days isn’t a problem at all, not to mention that they had advantages that we couldn’t even dream of such as super Famous General Skills like Royal Road, Martial God and Knight God. We only have Little Piglet’s Vajra to rely on, and it’s a defensive Famous General Skill no less…"


Pillar of the Nation sweared. "What do you think we should do now, Wan’er?"

"We’re currently stuck between a rock and a hard place…"

Shangguan Wan’er shrugged. "I already told you yesterday that this war isn’t a righteous one, and that invading Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was absolutely the wrong choice. For starters, we had already missed our best timing, and two, we don’t have the power to take down Dark Moon City. Even if Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and their allies were too busy battling the Northern Alliance to return, do you really think that the other guilds would just stand by and do nothing?"

"There are other guilds?" Pillar of the Nation exclaimed in shock.

Shangguan Wan’er smiled. "Do you know that there are 100k Warsky Alliance elite players grinding to the west at Cyan Tiger Forest right now? At least, that is what Warsky claims they’re doing. In reality, that map is nowhere big enough to fit 100k people, and they’re really just waiting for this war to end. If we fail to occupy Dark Moon City, he’ll attack our remaining troops and earn a free favor off Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ hands. If we succeed, then they will definitely take Dark Moon City for themselves or return it to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls for a super large favor. Warsky Alliance’s advisor is just too intelligent, and most of her deals are win-win scenarios!"

Pillar of the Nation sucked in a deep breath. "I… suppose that we’ve really made the wrong choice this time. What do we do now? Do we retreat?"

Little Piglet chuckled from the side. "Retreat? Hell no. We keep fighting until we’re all dead. If we retreat now, Mad Dragon and Flower Room will never help us with anything ever again. Are you really going to toss away our own two allies, guild leader?"

Wang Dongliang shivered. "Right, you’re right. We must fight to the last person if only for the sake of preserving our morale…"

Little Piglet said sarcastically, "Morale? That I think we’ve lost quite a while ago…"

Wang Dongliang: "…"


Smoke was rising everywhere from the plains where the battle was taking place. Snowy Cathaya, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, The Monarch Descends, Blazing Hot Lips and Baidicheng had all dispatched their cavalry troops to destroy the invaders, and among them there was a total of 6 CGL Hall of Famers: Lin Yixin, Li Chengfeng, Ling Xueshang, Stranger of Three Lifetimes and Come See The Snow Tonight and I. It was clear who held the upper hand here. We were absolutely dominant, be it in terms of strength or reputation, and even the star of the War of Dawn City, the Dragonlight Cavalry, had been deployed in this battle. All these factors only served to further demoralize the already dispirited enemies.

The war was a one-sided slaughter. Usually, a territory war would have to last 10 hours before the system ended it with territory hall’s occupant as the victor. In this case, we could wrap things up in just three hours or so!

"Brothers and sisters, this war is lost!"

Roaming Dragon raised his spear and shouted, "Withdraw with me! We must leave this place as soon as possible!"

The Corrosive Armor Earth Dragon Cavalry were the first ones to retreat, and that caused the entire battle line to crumble in earnest. At the back, Li Chengfeng and tens of thousands of cavalry troops were grinding down the escaping troops until they lost even the will to retreat properly. Left with no choice, Roaming Dragon produced his return scroll and shouted, "Use your scrolls and teleport back to Sky City—"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Countless white flashes later, half of the players on the battlefield were gone just like that.


"Nooo, our contribution points just teleported away…" Chaos Moon lamented.

Heaven’s Rain held a different opinion, however. "It’s better that they’re gone. I’m both hungry and sleepy right now."


I nodded and said, "We’ll eat and rest after we clean up the rest of the enemies."

"Yeah, sure…"


It was at this moment Li Chengfeng rode up to me and said, "Guild leader, Lu Chen, I have something new to report! Please check the home page right away! There’s been some new changes at the borders of Wind City!"


I opened the home page in a hurry and saw the line of text immediately: The Land of Soul Suppression Opens Tomorrow!

Land of Soul Suppression?

I looked down at the details. Originally, there was a map in Wind City’s territory, at a valley at the center of Dragonbone Mountain Range called Kuilin Town. With recent developments, it had been invaded by Night Creatures and turned into a new map, Land of Soul Suppression”.

The Land of Soul Suppression had two entrances. One of them faced toward Wind City, and the other, the Northern Alliance. This meant that the map was sure to be contested. Of course, the Land of Soul Suppression had required the player to be Level 140 or above, and also to have a certain Reputation stat to boot. Anyone who didn’t meet these requirements could only stare at the map from outside.


"Pooh! This is a map within our borders, so why is the Northern Alliance allowed to enter it?" Stranger of Three Lifetimes complained.

Li Chengfeng licked his lips. "From what I heard, it was a compromise for restoring Beauty Lin’s account. Our town is sacrificed and turned into a super high-level map, and our server and the main cities of the Northern Alliance are free to contest its contents. Unless I’m sorely mistaken, there is a ton of profits to be gained from the Land of Soul Suppression!"

I checked the time and noted that Land of Soul Suppression would be opened at noon sharp tomorrow, so I said, "Alright, let’s wrap this up and get some rest already. I want everyone to gather at Wind City 11 am tomorrow and arrive at Land of Soul Suppression before its grand opening. There’s no way we’re missing out on a profitable map like this!"

Li Chengfeng laughed in agreement. "Yeah!"

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