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«Upgrade Specialist in Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1256: A Single Move!

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Chapter 1256: A Single Move!

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Actually, Huo Zhenting was killed by someone other than Bai Yunfei. He had been injured by Chu Yintian before being killed off by Xiao Qi. Plenty had actually been killed by Xiao Qi in that battle.

But a kill of Xiao Qi was essentially a kill of Bai Yunfei. So regardless, Bai Yunfei decided to step forward in response to Huo Zhenxiao. 

As Huo Zhenxiao said, the hatchet could no longer be buried. There could be no reconciliation nor compromise. If by chance the Wind Lightning School were to remain standing after today, Huo Zhenxiao could not be. To let him live would mean to risk the chance of a future retaliation against the Crafting School. 

Thus, Bai Yunfei decided to accept the challenge. It would rid themselves of a huge source of worry and allow him to see how strong he had gotten.

A battle with a Late-stage Soul Emperor would be impeccably dangerous for Bai Yunfei, but against a Mid-stage Soul Emperor like Huo Zhenxiao? Bai Yunfei wasn’t worried at all. This wouldn’t even be as hard as a sparring match.

He had to admit, he wondered a bit about how Huo Zhenxiao would take it if he knew he was being equated to being a ‘sparring partner’.

Many people from the Wind Lightning School were confused why Bai Yunfei had replied. Right away, they all began to think about what he was plotting, but no one stepped up to offer help. Shen Pojun didn’t even bat an eye, he simply stood there with a smile as Bai Yunfei stepped forward.

Dong Wanfeng felt as something was wrong and wanted to put a stop to this, but he was still hesitant. He had no idea how things would go after this, and it wasn’t a particularly bad idea to have Huo Zhenxiao be the test. He was extremely afraid of Shen Pojun being the one to answer the challenge, so Bai Yunfei being the one to step up gave him a decent amount of time to rethink everything. 

Considering the circumstances, Dong Wanfeng believed Huo Zhenxiao would be able to pull out as the victor. And if by chance it looked like things were looking dangerous for Bai Yunfei, he could step in to call for a stop.

“Fine!! To be young is a power in by itself!! Allow me to see what the rumors have you pegged as!!”

Huo Zhenxiao flew at Bai Yunfei at once. His aura as a Mid-stage Soul Emperor flowed out everywhere at once with only a flash of violet indicating that the battle had begun. Many of the Soul Kings from the Crafting School were already starting to look uncomfortable.

He didn’t think someone would actually step up, let alone that someone being Bai Yunfei. He knew Bai Yunfei from the rumors, and how he had plenty of powerful soul armaments on his person. He also knew from the rumors that Bai Yunfei had a lot to due with why the attack on the Crafting School had failed, so the death of Huo Zhenting fell squarely on his shoulders by default. 

His thoughts weren’t nearly as complicated as Dong Wanfeng. He just wanted Bai Yunfei dead—if he were to die by Shen Pojun’s hands after that, then so be it.

Bai Yunfei flew forward as well, his body radiating a faint red glow that equaled Huo Zhenxiao’s fighting spirit. 

By the time Bai Yunfei and Huo Zhenxiao were about two hundred meters away from their respective camps, the distance between the two individuals was about six hundred meters. Fully roused and ready for action, Huo Zhenxiao let out a loud cry before slamming both hands together. At once, the soulforce within his body spike to a tremendous degree!

He was clearly aiming for some kind of long-ranged elemental attack. It wasn’t an attack meant to test the strength of the other, but an attack meant to kill surely and quickly!

“Rumble rumble…”

The actions of a Soul Emperor would always be bedazzling to those weaker than them. Two gigantic pillars of energy formed behind Huo Zhenxiao at once. Gaining mass the more elemental wind and lightning it took in, the two pillars soon took on the form of two giant arms to mimic Huo Zhenxiao’s motions. When he raised his arms, the two pillars followed suit!

When he brandished his arms, both of the gigantic arms came crashing down at once! Waves of energy rolled off the two as they transformed into two giant beams of energy to collide into Bai Yunfei!

As if all of the world’s elemental wind and energy was gathered in those columns, the raw amount of power in it amazed even Chu Yintian. 

This was a move comparable in power to Bai Yunfei’s Dual Dragon Burst!

The energy traveled over three hundred meters at once. A sinister sneer appeared on Huo Zhenxiao’s lips as he watched as his own move tear its way forward. Not even a Late-stage Soul Emperor would be able to withstand a move with such destructive power as this one. He was confident that Bai Yunfei would never be able to endure it.

The smile froze on his face when all of a sudden, an energy signature stronger than his own attack suddenly flared to life. All he heard was the sound of a dragon before two fiery dragons with ‘scales’ of violet came crashing into his own attack!


An indescribable explosion rocked the world. Even from afar, everyone could see what had happened. Both Bai Yunfei and Huo Zhenxiao’s attacks slammed into one another and caused a giant explosion of elemental energy to fly everywhere. But the flames from the explosion were flying toward Huo Zhenxiao!

“Impossible!!” Huo Zhenxiao shrieked, his figure already lost in the fires and runaway energy of elemental wind and lightning. Luckily, the energy stopped there and didn’t get close to the rest of the Wind Lightning School. It simply swirled around Huo Zhenxiao like a whirlpool of some kind.

And since it swirled around him with such volatile amounts, it was simply impossible for anyone to see where Huo Zhenxiao even was.

“Chaotic…chaotic energy and the Law of Chaos!! How is this possible!!”

While Huo Zhenxiao was dealing with the aftermath of the explosion, Dong Wanfeng was astounded by the energy in front of him.

No one in the Wind Lightning School believed Huo Zhenxiao would lose, and so quickly! What Dong Wanfeng was surprised about was how Bai Yunfei had used the Law of Chaos! This was something that definitely spelled doom for Huo Zhenxiao. 

There was a burst of soulforce before Dong Wanfeng realized something else was happening. Within the maelstrom of energy, Bai Yunfei was flying toward its center with a crimson spear flying straight for where Huo Zhenxiao was!


A furious cry echoed through the skies as Sun Lianqi suddenly shot forward from his spot in the crowd. Transforming into a violet lightning bolt, he flew through the air to strike at Bai Yunfei with a violet longsword!


In response, a loud voice suddenly exploded into Sun Lianqi’s mind like a clap of thunder. Somehow, something had caused the Late-stage Soul Emperor to come to an immediate stop!

Less than a second later, Sun Lianqi’s face went when he saw a crimson crescent blade come flying down onto his head!


His scream was instantaneous. The vision of death forced him to break out with a tremendous amount of soulforce as he protected his head with both his arms.

The Flame Dragon Crescent Blade was just moments away from striking against Sun Lianqi’s defenses when Bai Yunfei suddenly brought his right hand back. The spear in his hand altered paths at once to strike against the violet longsword instead.


One moment later and everyone watched as the Flame Dragon Crescent Blade broke one streak of violet into two. Something could be seen sparking to life in the weapon that cleaved Sun Lianqi in two before he was swallowed up by the flames. Despite being cut in two, Sun Lianqi wasn’t even given the dignity of having his body untouched by fire!


It felt as though the hearts of everyone within the Wind Lightning School had stopped at the same time. They could watch silently as the aura of Sun Lianqi disappeared… 

Dong Wanfeng’s face was without blood as he swiveled to look at the faraway Shen Pojun. His eyes radiated with fear.


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