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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1293 Departure (5)

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Chapter 1293 Departure (5)

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“Hu, Hu!! (There’s a newbie, go and ask it!!)” The turtle immediately shifted its grudge.

Little Ji and Duckie were also stunned and looked at the new short-legged gem cat.

Unexpectedly, when the short gem cat saw them, its eyes immediately lit up, and it started meowing.

“Meow!! (Most handsome and domineering, the embodiment of disaster, the overlord of the earth, Senior Little Ji!!)”

“Meow!! (The coolest and most stylish, ruler of the abyss, master of the ocean, esteemed Duckie!!)”

Little Ji and Duckie looked at each other. This newbie’s words were really nice. It was much better than the turtle that only knew how to shrink its shell.



Turtle: ???

In the end, Shi Yu came to Little Quas on Snake Island. Like the turtle, it had also reached medium resistance. At the same time, its growth level had also reached the monarch level.

During this period of time, it worked hard enough. In order to complete various training quests, it had squeezed itself to the limit.

It was considered the most normal of the three pets. Under Shi Yu’s attention, he could confirm that it could persist because it relied on its faith of becoming stronger. It was ten thousand times more reliable than the faith of chasing celebrities.

Because falling in love with a turtle that crossed races wasn’t allowed. It wanted to become stronger and control its fate, not wanting to be restricted by rules.

This was because Shi Yu had extended a helping hand and saved it from confinement, giving it hope and the opportunity to become stronger. It wanted to become stronger and serve Minister Shi Yu.

These were the two faiths in the Little Quas Snake’s heart that fed its desire to become stronger.

But there were problems.

He was more or less a little arrogant.

If not for Shi Yu’s telepathy and being able to sense the little guys’ emotional fluctuations, the Little Quas Snake would have even started to doubt itself.

It was clearly still worried about the turtle. It became stronger because of this, but it insisted that it had nothing to do with the other party, and that it was purely to control its fate that it became stronger.

It was clearly very grateful to the turtle and had secretly made up its mind to seriously pass the test and become stronger to repay it, but he had never been as straightforward as the turtle. It just trained silently and never expressed anything.

There was once when Shi Yu really couldn’t help but ask questions. It directly made the snake blush for the whole day and almost burned it into a roasted snake.

Right on the heels of that, it broke through to the monarch level.

It was also from that day onward that the Little Quas Snake underwent a transformation.

It should have trained and grown. Its personality had changed drastically, and it could face anything calmly.

Her personality transformed from being proud and tsundere to truly becoming a queen-like character, displaying strong determination.

This made Shi Yu feel very sorry for Brother Turtle. He felt that it would suffer in the future.

“Little Quas, stop training.” After Shi Yu arrived, he immediately stopped it. The Little Quas Snake looked at Shi Yu with a serious expression. “Wu~ (Hello, Minister).”

Shi Yu said, “I’m going to the starry sky next. It’s very dangerous there.”

The Little Quas Snake revealed a serious expression. “Wu! (Bring me along. It won’t be long before I can help.)”

“Alright, alright, alright.” Shi Yu smiled helplessly and said, “In addition, congratulations on passing the test. I’ll let you meet an old friend. Come on.”

The Little Quas Snake was stunned. It thought of something and looked at the fourth contract of the second Beast Taming Space activated by Shi Yu.

At the same time.

Little Ji, Duckie, and the others didn’t expect newbies to come so frequently.

Just as Shorty was introducing Little Ji and Senior Duckie’s glorious deeds to the turtle, a light flashed, and a noble and rich-looking blue and white Quas Snake appeared in the Beast Taming Space.

At this moment, when it saw the Quas Snake, the turtle suddenly got up in disbelief.

“Quack? (Do you know her?)”

“Hu, hu, hu!!! (It, it, it’s my girlfriend!!!)” The turtle’s eyes were filled with tears, and its entire body trembled. It didn’t expect to finally see its girlfriend after half a year.

Under the shocked gazes of Little Ji, Duckie, and Shorty, the turtle ran excitedly toward the elegant and noble Quas Snake.

At this moment, the Little Quas Snake also discovered the turtle and the surrounding seniors. It had mixed feelings. However, in the face of the excited turtle, it still raised its head and looked at the turtle with its noble eyes.


When the turtle ran over, Little Quas directly stopped it with a Quas tail, froze it, and sent it flying.

“Wu~ (Looks like you’ve completely wasted the past half a year. Come again when you become stronger than me.)” The Little Quas Snake pushed away the frozen block of ice and went to visit the seniors under the stunned expression of the turtle in the ice.

The turtle was stunned. It didn’t understand why Little Quas, who was fine with it previously, suddenly didn’t acknowledge it.

“Hu! (No!!!! Little Quas!!)” The turtle was heartbroken.

What did it do wrong?

At this moment, Shi Yu, who had secretly glanced at the Beast Taming Space, sighed. It was alright. The relationship between the two parties was still there, but the female was a little stronger. It wasn’t a big problem.

At the moment, the turtles of the monarch race and the Longevity Turtle weren’t good at battle, so it was indeed very difficult to defeat the Winter Water Snakes of the overlord race. However, it just had to work hard.

It wasn’t a big problem if it couldn’t defeat the snake.

In terms of fighting, it seemed like the snake was indeed on top of the turtle?

“Snow~ Flowers fluttering~ The north wind is whistling, and the world is vast.” Shi Yu hummed a song, ending the contract of the three new pets.

Apart from that, he actually had a Demon Divine Stone. The demon cub sealed inside was in a state of suspended animation, but in the current environment of the Blue Planet, he couldn’t awaken it before the revival of the laws. Shi Yu didn’t know if he could bring it to the World King Planet, so he simply threw it to the gem cat before coming and let it watch first.

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