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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 494.1: Spineless Nangong Wan

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Chapter 494.1: Spineless Nangong Wan

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He was considered half a spiritual-type soul master. However, he had many evil tricks up his sleeves too. His Demonic Maggot also contained a lethal poison. This was why his abilities were actually mixed.

Right now, the Masquerade Douluo was already very stiff in the air. He was just like the maggots that were struck by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Blast earlier.

This isn’t good! Nangong Wan was horrified. Although he didn’t know how the Masquerade Douluo was, he knew that the situation wasn’t good from how stiff his body was, and how Elder Song had appeared behind him.

How is this possible? No matter what, the Masquerade Douluo is a Titled Douluo! Even an Ultimate Douluo can’t kill him instantly. To become a Titled Douluo, one had to be very strong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to handle the strength of a soul core. However, why did the Masquerade Douluo seem like he was…

However, Elder Song’s attack also exposed Huo Yuhao. It was as if Huo Yuhao was facing the Heavenly Centipede Nangong Wan.

The huge centipede crashed down on him with a terrifying and dominant aura.

However, what Nangong Wan only saw a grin on Huo Yuhao’s face.

A projection flashed before Huo Yuhao transformed into the Masquerade Douluo. At this moment, Nangong Wan was already so close that he couldn’t retract his attack.

As a dark-green light flashed, the Masquerade Douluo was instantly torn to pieces. Under the effect of the poison from the Heavenly Centipede True Body, he was instantly dissolved, and turned into dark-green liquid that dripped down.

Is Masquerade dead? Nangong Wan was horrified. Although he didn’t know how Huo Yuhao had switched the Masquerade Douluo over, it was evident that the Masquerade Douluo had been dealt a lethal blow, given how he was completely helpless against his attack.

Right now, Huo Yuhao nicely appeared where the Masquerade Douluo was earlier. He had used his Spiritual Duplication to duplicate the Xuanwu Displacement.

He had used the Xuanwu Displacement many times, and had started to really like this soul skill. It’s definitely a life-saving ultimate skill! The only problem is that I need to find Xu Sanshi to duplicate it again every three times I use it.

Nangong Wan wasn’t the only one who was astonished by the Masquerade Douluo’s death. Even Elder Song was shocked. She would never expect a Titled Douluo to be so weak. In fact, the Masquerade Douluo’s defense collapsed the moment they had clashed with each other.

Originally, Elder Song had thought that the Masquerade Douluo was critically hurt by her only.

Everything happened too quickly. When Nangong Wan completely disintegrated the Masquerade Douluo, Huo Yuhao had already slipped behind Elder Song.

Nangong Wan tensed up before his Heavenly Centipede True Body squirmed. After this, he opened his mouth wide and released a poisonous fog that engulfed Elder Song and Huo Yuhao.

I can’t fight anymore. The Masquerade Douluo’s death was too weird. He was so weirded out that he started to become fearful. Although he knew that he was stronger than the Masquerade Douluo, he also knew that this difference wasn’t very big. He didn’t want to die here. This was why he had already made up his mind to flee just as he released his poisonous fog.

His poisonous fog was very strong. It was his origin skill. No soul power could sweep it away. It could only be avoided. It could even cover a large area. It was the best skill he could use to escape.

However, at this moment, the temperature of the air fell significantly. The already chilly night sky turned even colder. Following this, thick snow started to fall from the sky.

The poisonous fog that he released contained water too. Suddenly, the water in the fog froze, causing the fog to become much thinner. After this, a blizzard raged. Although the fog couldn’t be dissipated by soul power, it was still useless against the snow that fell. The extremely low temperature also greatly restricted Nangong Wan’s speed.

An illusory beam of rose-gold light seemed to turn from illusory to real at this moment as it landed on Nangong Wan.

Nangong Wan groaned, and his spirit shook tremendously. He immediately detached from his Heavenly Centipede True Body.

A green projection arrived in front of Nangong Wan. All Nangong Wan saw was a mighty Greenshadow Godly Eagle.

Birds were the natural nemesis of scorpions. This was even more so for the Greenshadow Godly Eagle. Nangong Wan, who had just sustained an attack from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, could only conjure his soul power to forcefully clash with Elder Song.

The absolute difference in their abilities was demonstrated at this moment. Nangong Wan groaned before he was flung away, spitting blood.

Elder Song’s Greenshadow Godly Eagle immediately flew above his head. It was exactly at this moment that a weird white whirlpool appeared above Nangong Wan.

He only felt very confused and blurred after he was dealt such a heavy blow. He wanted to use his protective skill, but he couldn’t do it. The Greenshadow Godly Eagle was now above him, and the eagle pierced its sharp talons into his shoulders.

Sharp soul power instantly surged into Nangong Wan’s body. He screamed in pain once again. His own soul power had been sealed, and he had lost the ability to resist.

From the start until the end, the fight lasted less than a minute. Out of the two evil Titled Douluo, one was killed, and the other was captured.

The Greenshadow Godly Eagle turned to look at Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao seemed to be very free right now. He flew towards Elder Song and gave her a thumbs-up. “Let’s go, Elder Song.”

The eagle opened its mouth, and Elder Song’s voice sounded. “You! It seems like my decision was right to let you command this operation. Let’s go.” As she spoke, she had already fluttered her wings, and turned into a streak of green light before charging straight toward Heavenly Spirit City. Huo Yuhao used his Imitation to hide himself once again before following closely behind her.

Elder Song’s compliment wasn’t without justification. Huo Yuhao’s abilities left her very impressed. The fight earlier was a clash between three Titled Douluo, but in fact, Elder Song clearly knew that the entire fight was under Huo Yuhao’s control. He was definitely a deserved control-type soul master.

From his Mass Enfeeblement at the start, Huo Yuhao used some kind of method to weaken the Masquerade Douluo’s defense. After that, Elder Song unleashed her full strength at the Masquerade Douluo. That was because Huo Yuhao had asked her to do it through his Spiritual Detection. Otherwise, why would Elder Song abandon Huo Yuhao to attack the Masquerade Douluo just as the Heavenly Centipede was approaching him?

Elder Song didn’t think of that. Naturally, their enemies didn’t think of that either. This was how the Masquerade Douluo was killed.

Huo Yuhao controlled the entire proceedings, using his Xuanwu Displacement to escape from danger. Just as the Heavenly Centipede wanted to escape, he used a domain-type skill to neutralize the poisonous fog. At the same time, he used his spiritual-type attack to stall Nangong Wan and knock him out of his Martial Soul True Body. Elder Song came at that point, preventing him from protecting himself with all his strength. Huo Yuhao had even ‘offered’ Nangong Wan his Spiritual Confusion before Elder Song attacked.

Elder Song believed that she could win against both Titled Douluo even if she fought them herself. However, it would have been very difficult to keep them in the fight. It would have already been good enough if she could kill one of them. However, it would have taken time. The Masquerade Douluo controlled, while the Heavenly Centipede attacked. If they complemented each other well, they wouldn’t have been easy to deal with.

However, those two evil soul masters were completely under Huo Yuhao’s thumb, and got outplayed. Although they might not have been aware of his abilities, one couldn’t discount his power either.

What Elder Song truly felt was that all her abilities seemed to have been boosted when she fought alongside Huo Yuhao. During the fighting, it was an unprecedentedly great feeling. Right now, she understood why he was such a symbolic figure in the Tang Sect. He was very strong.

As there were two evil soul masters dealing with Elder Song and Huo Yuhao, the Sun Moon Empire didn’t send anyone else to attack. When they realized something was amiss, Elder Song and Huo Yuhao had already vanished. The two evil soul masters had also vanished.

They silently returned to Heavenly Spirit City. Nangong Wan had already been knocked out by Elder Song, and they brought him back to the courtyard.

The rest hadn’t gone to sleep yet. They were waiting for Huo Yuhao and Elder Song to return.

“Eh, Elder Song, who is this?” Nan Qiuqiu was waiting in the courtyard. When she saw Huo Yuhao and Elder Song returning with Nangong Wan, she immediately rushed up to receive them.

Elder Song smiled and answered, “We’ve caught an evil soul master. I’m sure we’ll get something if we question him.”

The rest all walked out from their rooms. Yan Shaozhe received them. As he saw Nangong Wan, he revealed a pensive look on his face.

Nangong Wan looked very pathetic right now. His shoulders were already stained red with blood. Elder Song had crippled the passageways in his arms and sealed his soul power. He was completely disabled now.

“Elder Song, why is this person so familiar to me?” Yan Shaozhe asked doubtfully.

Elder Song replied, “You’re right if he’s familiar to you. He’s Nangong Wan, the Heavenly Centipede.”

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