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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 492.2: Surveillance Begins

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Chapter 492.2: Surveillance Begins

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Wei Na nodded and said, “The Sun Moon Empire once targeted us in an execution when they attacked Heaven Dou City. They ambushed us in the night and used some kind of special soul tool to disrupt our aerial surveillance soul tools. After that, a soul engineer legion suddenly appeared above Heaven Dou City. They locked onto specific, strong individuals on our side using their own aerial surveillance soul tools and tried to assassinate them. It was then that we suffered heavy losses. There were also many evil soul masters with them. If not for the fact that my teacher chased them away even with his injuries, the imperial family would have been wiped out.”

Huo Yuhao was silent. The advantage that the Sun Moon Empire had in terms of soul tools meant that they could use a lot of strategies. If not for Wei Na’s words, he wouldn’t have expected the Sun Moon Empire to come up with such a tactic. Interference soul tool? They were indeed exploiting their advantages!

Wei Na looked at Huo Yuhao seriously and said, “Let me go with you. Although my abilities are beneath yours, I’m the most suitable person to help you. I’m just like you. I have twin martial souls. And if you remember, you should know that our martial souls are similar.”

Similar? Huo Yuhao was slightly moved when he heard this. Yes! Princess Wei Na’s twin martial souls are indeed quite similar to mine. One of her martial souls is a Snow Lotus, an auxiliary and healing-type martial soul. It also contains the elements of ice and snow. Her other martial soul is even stronger. It’s her brain. Even in the Body Sect, she was one of the most talented. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been rated so highly.

Her Whitesilver-level Body Sect had gone through its second mutation, and she was once the main control-type soul master of the Snowdemon Sect’s team.

Seeing that Huo Yuhao was hesitating, Wei Na hurriedly said, “Furthermore, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble if I’m around. I have a signaler that belongs to the Heavenly Soul Empire. With me around, you won’t have to worry about being mistaken for the enemy.”

Huo Yuhao sighed softly as he saw how persistent she was. He said, “Alright then. However, you must listen to me. Since you’re going with me, I have to ensure your safety.”

“Okay.” Wei Na agreed without any hesitation.

The signaler on Wei Na would definitely make things much more convenient. The two of them took off right from the ground and proceeded straight for the sky.

Just like Wei Na had said, her cultivation was that of a Soul Emperor now. Along with a flying-type soul tool, she was quick in the air. Even though the Heavenly Soul Empire lagged far behind the Sun Moon Empire in terms of soul tools, Wei Na still had access to the best soul tools in the empire, since she was a princess.

Huo Yuhao shot straight up into the sky with her and rose higher and higher. He didn’t flaunt his skills either, and also used a flying-type soul tool to fly.

The two of them were far off from the ground in just a while. The scenery below them also became more and more blurry.

When both of them were more than two thousand meters in the sky, Wei Na slowed down. After all, she was only a Soul Emperor. Even though her Snow Lotus helped her to resist the cold, her soul power would start to be drained at a much quicker speed the higher she flew.

However, she didn’t trouble Huo Yuhao. The flying-type soul tool behind her shone subtly. Huo Yuhao suddenly sensed that at least four Milk Bottles had released soul power undulations into her flying-type soul tool, continuously pouring in soul power.

Huo Yuhao naturally didn’t face such a problem. Very soon, the two of them were close to three thousand meters in the sky.

At such an altitude, Wei Na was evidently a little overwhelmed. Her flying speed dropped greatly. She looked at Huo Yuhao beside her. From the start until the end, Huo Yuhao’s flying remained very normal. Although he didn’t use any special abilities or speed, Wei Na was still very impressed with him. They were both the same age, and he was even slightly younger, but he was already so strong. It seems like he is indeed much stronger than he was before. No wonder the Star Luo Empire said that it was his surveillance that helped them regain control of the Ming Dou Mountain Range.

“Yuhao, is this altitude fine?” Wei Na asked Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao answered, “Not yet. This only puts us in line with the Sun Moon Empire’s high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools. We need to go higher to prevent being discovered.”

Wei Na was confused as she asked, “But can we even see anything if we fly further up? It’s night time too.”

There were soul masters from the Heavenly Soul Empire who could fly even higher. A Titled Douluo could reach an altitude of up to five thousand meters. However, such an altitude put one very far from the ground. It was difficult to see anything, much less perform any surveillance. Moreover, this didn’t include the presence of clouds and fog that might reduce visibility.

Huo Yuhao asked, “Have you forgotten? My martial soul is my eyes.”

“Oh.” Wei Na didn’t say anything else.

Huo Yuhao’s figure flashed, and he arrived behind Wei Na. She subconsciously turned towards him. Huo Yuhao extended his right hand and grabbed the center of her flying-type soul tool. Wei Na suddenly felt that her body was lighter. Following this, she rose into the sky at a much faster speed. Under Huo Yuhao’s charge, they flew higher and higher.


Just as Wei Na was shocked, she couldn’t help but re-evaluate her judgment of Huo Yuhao’s cultivation. She also possessed a spiritual-type martial soul, and it was the strongest Body Soul one could have, the brain. Although her Spiritual Detection couldn’t rival Huo Yuhao’s, she could still clearly sense the changes in him from such close distance. At least, she knew that Huo Yuhao wasn’t using any Milk Bottles to aid him. His soul power undulations became stronger as they flew up once again. However, her Spiritual Detection couldn’t detect how strong Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was.

She sighed silently in her heart. Initially, when she had joined the Body Sect, she had thought that she was the best soul master along with Long Aotian in the younger generation of soul masters. However, after she interacted with those from Shrek Academy, she fully understood that those from Shrek weren’t inferior to her at all. Huo Yuhao was one of them. He was so far ahead of her that she couldn’t even tell how strong he was anymore.

They continued rising until they reached an altitude of four thousand meters. Huo Yuhao slowed down at this altitude. Although his cultivation wasn’t weak, he would drain too much of his energy if he continued to go any higher.

Furthermore, in Huo Yuhao’s opinion, they were at an altitude that was no longer detectable by high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools. They started to fly horizontally now. He led Princess Wei Na towards the Sun Moon Empire’s military base.

At this moment, soul power undulations spread from his body. Following this, Huo Yuhao sensed pure and gentle soul power surging into his body. There was even a redolent aura that came with it. Suddenly, his spiritual and soul power were greatly replenished. They might even have been boosted. He felt much more energetic now.

Wei Na nodded at him as he lowered it to look at her. In her palm, there was a snow lotus that exuded a gentle glow.

With Huo Yuhao helping her fly, what Wei Na had to do was resist the cold. She didn’t want to become a burden. By unleashing her Snow Lotus, she also greatly replenished Huo Yuhao’s energy.

At this moment, Wei Na sensed gentle spiritual undulations coming from Huo Yuhao. The light around his body distorted slightly.

Wei Na’s spiritual power was also rather strong. She immediately realized what he was doing and asked in shock, “Are you using your spiritual-type soul skill to distort light?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, “No, I have a soul skill called Imitation. I can assimilate with my surroundings and conceal myself.”

Wei Na suddenly understood, and said, “No wonder you’re so good at surveillance. This is why. Concealing yourself before using your Spiritual Detection to perform surveillance. You can even use your ice-type soul power to avoid thermal detectors. I understand now.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t make a sound, but he was impressed with how clever she was.

However, Wei Na was only excited for a moment before she looked a little slumped. Even though she knew how Huo Yuhao did it, she couldn’t copy him. Her martial soul was her brain, not her eyes. Her vision was much weaker than his. Instead, her brain could unleash offensive soul skills. For example, the Banshee’s Wail that she had once unleashed brought a lot of problems to the Tang Sect’s team.

Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes weren’t as strong as Wei Na’s Brain. However, he had a natural advantage over her. When he obtained his first soul ring from the Skydream Iceworm, it was already destined that no one could rival the talent of his spiritual-type martial soul anymore.

All the soul rings that he had obtained after that were mostly auxiliary. However, it was precisely because he gave up his offensiveness that his Spirit Eyes became stronger. In terms of control, he held a natural advantage. To ordinary soul masters, even for soul masters with twin martial souls like Na Na, they wouldn’t forgo their offensiveness when they added more soul rings.

Very soon, they slowly came closer to the sky directly above the Sun Moon Empire’s military base. Huo Yuhao looked down. He didn’t use his Spiritual Detection, but purely used his Spirit Eyes to see. He didn’t want to alarm anyone. As he gained more and more experience, he became more and more cautious too.

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