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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 491.3: Reaching the Frontline

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Chapter 491.3: Reaching the Frontline

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Bei Bei laughed, “You’re in demand right now! Isn’t it good being the Prince Consort?”

Huo Yuhao’s face turned black. “Eldest senior, even you’re laughing at me.”

“Haha! Little junior, a man must never say no!” Bei Bei laughed before walking off.

Huo Yuhao immediately chased after him and asked, “Eldest senior, when do we take action?”

Bei Bei replied, “We’ll discuss that after dinner. Elder Song and Dean Yan are both back. Elder Song said that the Heavenly Soul Empire hopes that we can help them with surveillance. It seems like they know what you did for the Star Luo Empire. They want to fully use us! Princess Wei Na probably came to find you for that reason. She’s a clever lady. She knows that you’re adept in this area, and how important you are to the Tang Sect. She might even know that you’ll be one of the main commanders of the three soul engineer legions in the future. Bribing you will be beneficial to the Heavenly Soul Empire.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and replied, “I think so too.”

Bei Bei glanced at him amusedly, “Of course, we can’t exclude the possibility that she’s really into you. After all, my little junior is a man of many talents. You are fit enough to be with Her Highness.”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly, “Eldest senior, stop mocking me already. We have to perform surveillance. If we don’t, we can’t find Teacher Xiao Ya. It’s fine if we coordinate with them in this area. Furthermore, we’ll need their help if we want to save Teacher Xiao Ya. Without the war as a cover, it’s impossible for us to enter the Sun Moon Empire’s military.”

Bei Bei’s expression turned serious as they talked about saving Tang Ya. In fact, no one was more anxious compared to him. Tang Ya had disappeared for so long. It had been so many years. In all these years, Bei Bei had been in torment. He was like that when he didn’t have news of her. When he received news of her, she had already become a Holy Lady of the Holy Ghost Church. He clearly knew where his lover was, but he couldn’t save her. Right now, it was clear how tortured he must feel.

Now that he finally had a chance to find her, he was undoubtedly very anxious. However, the conflict between both armies involved close to a million soldiers. How easy was it to find someone from a million people? Furthermore, Tang Ya was on the enemy’s side right now, and none of them knew how strong she was. In addition, she should be surrounded by powerful individuals from the Holy Ghost Church. To save her, a plan had to be hatched first.

“Let’s go and have dinner. After dinner, we’ll start planning.” Bei Bei grabbed Huo Yuhao’s shoulder and walked towards the guest hall.

Dinner was very scrumptious. The Heavenly Soul Empire went to great efforts to prepare this dinner for them. Elder Song and Dean Yan sat in the main seats, while those from the Tang Sect formed a circle.

Everyone ate very quickly. The food consisted of rare delicacies that were very nourishing to soul masters’ bodies. However, everyone was concerned about their mission this time, and couldn’t be bothered to rave about how delicious the food was.

Dinner ended quickly, and there were servants who helped them to clean up the dining table. Elder Song then said, “Alright, let’s talk about our mission.”

Everyone unwittingly sat up straight. Even Yan Shaozhe wasn’t an exception. In front of Elder Song, he was a junior.

After pondering for a moment, Elder Song turned her attention to Yan Shaozhe and asked, “Shaozhe, what’s your opinion?”

Yan Shaozhe said, “I’ll first talk about what we learned from the Heavenly Soul Empire today. Currently, the Heavenly Soul, Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires are all gathered somewhere. Over here, there are nine soul master legions and more than twenty Titled Douluo. The overall strength is rather great. The marshal of the three armies is a prince from the Heavenly Soul Empire known as Shuai Xue. He hopes that we can help the Heavenly Soul Empire weaken the Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance abilities. At the same time, he provided some information on their army. He’ll coordinate with us for this mission.”

Elder Song added, “Their request is still quite reasonable. After all, we only have eleven people. It’s impossible for us to change the entire situation of the war. However, we can still weaken the enemy’s surveillance abilities.”

Elder Song was one of the strongest agility-type soul masters currently living. She was a Rank 97 Transcendent Douluo. If she made an appearance, it would be very easy for her to destroy some of the surveillance soul tools, unless the Sun Moon Empire had some kind of strict set-up.

Elder Song turned her attention to Bei Bei. “Bei Bei, tell me your opinions.” Bei Bei was the leader of the Tang Sect, and one of the symbolic figures of the academy too.

Bei Bei nodded and replied, “Elder Song, Dean Yan, our main aim here is to save Xiao Ya before we do our best to help the Heavenly Soul Empire, under the condition that we can ensure our personal safety. That’s why I think we should perform our own surveillance first, and find out where Xiao Ya is. At the same time, we can find out what the Sun Moon Empire’s set-up is before we decide on the best course of action.”

Elder Song nodded slightly and was amused as she looked at Huo Yuhao. She asked, “Come, our little surveillance hero. How do you think we should act with regards to the Sun Moon Empire?”

Huo Yuhao’s exploits at the Ming Dou Mountain Range had long spread to the academy. As an important member of the Sea God’s Pavilion, Elder Song naturally knew what had happened. After hearing Elder Song’s words, even Yan Shaozhe revealed a grin on his face.

Before Huo Yuhao had even grown up, Yan Shaozhe had already thought very highly of him. Now, Huo Yuhao was all grown up, and was one of the symbolic figures of the younger generation of soul masters. He was also the soul master with the highest potential in the Tang Sect.

Huo Yuhao rarely returned to Shrek Academy now. Even if he did, he would leave shortly thereafter. Yan Shaozhe didn’t know the extent of his abilities. In terms of seniority, Huo Yuhao was still considered his little junior.

Huo Yuhao coughed and replied, “Elder Song, Dean Yan, I’m no hero. If we’re talking about surveillance, I think I should be fine performing super-high aerial surveillance on the Sun Moon Empire. Given my understanding of the Sun Moon Empire’s aerial surveillance soul tools, I believe they can only keep their soul tools at an altitude of three thousand meters. As long as I’m above that altitude, I can basically confirm their overall situation. However, as it’s too high up, the details might be a little vague. I can perform this surveillance.”

“It’ll be difficult to pinpoint Teacher Xiao Ya’s location. My Spiritual Detection can only work within a certain region. Furthermore, there are bound to be spiritual barriers around certain soul tools in the Sun Moon Empire. Once my Spiritual Detection touches those barriers, I will immediately be discovered. If I’m within range, I’ll definitely be attacked. If the Sun Moon Empire discovers me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to escape. It’s quite difficult to retreat completely.

“That’s why I suggest that we need to at least fight them once if we want to bring Teacher Xiao Ya back. Or we can ambush them in the night. It’s only when we interact that I can bring reliable information back, but only if we can sufficiently protect ourselves.”

As for how he was going to survey the Sun Moon Empire, Huo Yuhao naturally already had a plan. After his many rounds of surveillance during the war, he was slowly gaining experience. During his Ultimate Soldier Plan training, he also slowly made it a part of him. Moreover, his ability to protect himself had grown significantly as his abilities grew. He even had the Ice Bear King as his trump card. He knew that he had the confidence of fighting any enemy if the fight was small-scale. Even against a Titled Douluo, he believed he could still retreat successfully.

After hearing Huo Yuhao’s words, Elder Song was even more amused. “No wonder you’re a talent that we nurtured from our Ultimate Soldier Plan. If we want to spark a fight, we’ll need the Heavenly Soul Empire’s help. We’ll also need to be careful. You should know that the Sun Moon Empire has soul engineer legions, and they react very quickly. Their attacks are also very lethal because of their linked soul tools. If things go awry, we run the risk of suffering heavy casualties.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and answered, “Yes, I’ve thought of this already. That’s why we can’t have too many people around if we want to ambush them. However, we’ll need strong individuals. If we can deploy some of the Titled Douluo from the Heavenly Soul Empire, it would be fantastic.”

“What do you think about leading this fight?” Elder Song asked.

“Me?” Huo Yuhao was stunned, and hurriedly said, “How can I? You and Dean Yan are both around. I’m only a small soldier under the two of you.”

Elder Song laughed. “Alright, you don’t have to be modest. If you’re talking about fighting a war, Shaozhe and I are both not experienced enough. You’ve already participated in many fights against the Sun Moon Empire, and you know their soul engineer legions better than us. We’re not real soldiers. Whoever’s capable will lead us. Let’s do this. From now on, all ten of us. including me and Shaozhe. will be under your command. As for liaising with the Heavenly Soul Empire, I’ll do it. What do you guys think?”

Those from the Tang Sect naturally weren’t in a position to say anything, but they were all stunned. They didn’t think Elder Song would think so highly of Huo Yuhao.

Yan Shaoze said without any hesitation, “I think it’s feasible. Elder Song, you’re wise.”

“I…” Huo Yuhao smiled bitterly as he looked at Elder Song and Dean Yan. Why do both of them look so sly with their smiles? Am I not being put in a spot? I have to command both of them…

Elder Song said with a straight face, “Yuhao, you don’t have to be stressed. We aren’t joking around with you. You’ll lead this mission, and we’ll do our best to coordinate with you. You’re the only one who truly knows what’s going on with the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions. Furthermore, we’ve never fought a real soul engineer legion before. You should know that our individual strengths are less prominent with the existence of linked soul tools. Otherwise, the Heavenly Soul Empire wouldn’t be in such a state with the help of the Body Sect.”

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