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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 489.3: The Eighteen Ice Needles

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Chapter 489.3: The Eighteen Ice Needles

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He Caitou was slumped at one side. Originally, he had thought that Huo Yuhao had wasted his learning on soul tools after more than a year of hard work, and that he would have caught up with him because of that. However, it seemed like he didn’t manage to do so. He even seemed to have lagged further behind. The gap between their talents couldn’t be closed so easily with hard work!

However, his slump only lasted for an instant. He Caitou was also very tenacious. Even if he couldn’t catch up right now, that didn’t mean he would forever be behind. At a certain standard, persistence, luck and intelligence all played very important roles.

Huo Yuhao suddenly stopped as he was halfway through carving his core formation. Xuan Ziwen was surprised when he stopped. Although he really wished for Huo Yuhao to stay and learn more about soul tools with him, he also subtly hoped that Huo Yuhao would succeed.

Successfully creating an advanced-tier soul tool was a great confidence booster for a soul engineer. This was why he felt very conflicted right now.

It was very critical for a soul engineer to finish a core formation in one go. Stopping halfway was a recipe for disaster!

However, following this, Xuan Ziwen saw Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny slowly opening.

Rose-gold sun rays spread from the Eye of Destiny. Very soon, they covered his entire forehead. The spiritual undulations in the room suddenly became very strong. Whether it was He Caitou, Bei Bei, Xuan Ziwen or Ji Juechen, they could clearly sense that their spiritual seas started to surge under the stimulation of that immense spiritual power.

His spiritual power is so strong! Is it really possible for a Soul Sage to possess such immense spiritual power?

Xuan Ziwen suddenly lifted his hand and shut his mouth. This was the only way he wouldn’t exclaim.

He only took a glance at the Eye of Destiny before he saw the deep whirlpool within it. As he quickly shifted his gaze away, he was already shocked in his heart. If it was only a guess earlier, he was fully certain now. Yes, Huo Yuhao has a soul core. It’s even a spiritual soul core. He only has seven rings, seven rings!

Xuan Ziwen’s actions didn’t catch anyone else’s attention. This was because they also saw Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny.

Ji Juechen’s reaction was the quickest. He had the strongest willpower. In his heart, there was only his sword and Jing Ziyan. There was nothing else. This was why he quickly shut his eyes when he found out that Huo Yuhao’s expression wasn’t right. At the same time, he started to think about his sword intent. This helped him to break free from the weird spiritual undulations.

Bei Bei was like Ji Juechen. Although he wasn’t as pure as Ji Juechen, his willpower was still very strong. Once he discovered that something was amiss, he immediately lifted his hand to cover his eyes. At the same time, he unleashed his Radiant Holy Dragon and circulated his soul power to protect his spiritual sea. This was why he wasn’t too greatly affected.

Xuan Ziwen was a Titled Douluo. Although he was astonished, he was fine.

He Caitou was the only one who was in trouble.

He was originally astonished by Huo Yuhao’s soul engineering talents. When Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny opened, he only felt dizzy before he was drawn in by Huo Yuhao’s soul core. He couldn’t shift his eyes away, and subconsciously took a step forward.

However, he discovered something was wrong after taking this step. He tried to shut his eyes, but he realized he couldn’t do so.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was simply too strong. Furthermore, his soul core was spinning at the greatest speed the moment he opened his Eye of Destiny because he was too focused. This was why he was so greatly affected.

Fortunately, there were others in the room.

Xuan Ziwen immediately rushed to He Caitou’s side and quickly covered his eyes. He then smacked He Caitou’s shoulder with his other hand.

He Caitou jolted awake from his astonishment. As he twisted his head to look at Xuan Ziwen, there was already a horrified look on his face.

Xuan Ziwen sighed and shook his head to signal He Caitou not to look at Huo Yuhao’s vertical eye.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao had already resumed carving. This time, he was evidently faster. Scraps of metal slipped off his fingernail. The small metal ball seemed to be dancing in his hands.

Can he really succeed?

No one knew the answer to this question, including Huo Yuhao himself.

However, that tiny metal ball kept on changing. The dense patterns on it increased and increased. At the very end, the entire metal ball was shaped like a fretwork, and strange soul power undulations gradually surfaced within it.

Xuan Ziwen took in a deep breath before slowing letting it out. Before, he had used an entire day to finish this core formation. It was also then that he felt as if he had reached the peak of his abilities in terms of soul tool production.

He would never forget that feeling. But right now, Huo Yuhao proved to be in better shape than he was back then. Furthermore, he had seen the blueprint for less than three days. He didn’t have any experience or knowledge of how to create Class 8 soul tools!

Two hours passed. Huo Yuhao finally slowed down. There were beads of perspiration falling off his forehead. However, he was still as focused as ever. He didn’t waver at all. His immense spiritual power ensured that he was still fully concentrated.

He’s about to finish it! Xuan Ziwen subconsciously clenched his fists.

Yes, I’m about to finish it! Huo Yuhao said to himself.

He was only left with the final step, but this was a very difficult step to take. This last carving required him to twist his blade eighteen times consecutively in one go before the patterns could be engraved. This didn’t just require control of his spiritual power, but also strong soul power to support this motion. This was because this last carving was inside the rare metal. He needed to condense his soul power into a thin needle to perform the carving. Even a needle-shaped tool wouldn’t work, because it wouldn’t be sharp enough. Also, the angle couldn’t be controlled as freely as it could with his soul power.

This piece of rare metal in Huo Yuhao’s hand was very tough. He needed to carve it using his soul power, twist his ‘needle’ eighteen times consecutively, and do everything with the same magnitude of strength. Unless one was a Soul Douluo, all of these were almost impossible.

Xuan Ziwen had the urge to ask Huo Yuhao to stop right now and let him finish this final step. In this way, Huo Yuhao’s previous efforts wouldn’t be wasted. Otherwise, if he failed, it would deal a huge blow to him.

Just as he was hesitating, Huo Yuhao had already started.

His left thumb and index finger pressed gently against the core formation. Even though he only touched it with his fingertips, his grip was still very sturdy. He had also retracted his Darkgolden Terrorclaws. A small, jade-green needle-shaped light slowly appeared on his fingertip.

Ice needle!

Following this, Huo Yuhao moved his fingers. His body shone with jade-green light, while the ice needle that he had formed pierced into the core formation delicately. Under Huo Yuhao’s control, it started to twist.

The entire thing was a little raw. It wasn’t perfectly smooth. However, Huo Yuhao didn’t stop at all. His Eye of Destiny shone even brighter, illuminating his soul core.

He completed this eighteen-rotation carving. He didn’t even know some of the techniques because he had never learned them before. However, how did he complete it? Using his own way, he drained twice the amount of soul power.

Xuan Ziwen was filled with questions and astonishment right now. He couldn’t believe that someone could be so talented.

However, whether he believed it or not, Huo Yuhao still continued. In addition, he was still pouring out his soul power with even greater speed. The small core formation was already exuding dim silver light. This was evidently the result of pouring in his soul power. Moreover, it wasn’t his ice-type soul power, but his pure soul power. There weren’t any elements to this soul power.

This also meant that Huo Yuhao was multi-tasking right now.

Xuan Ziwen’s facial muscles were contorting. However, he was already numb in his heart. Was this a miracle? No, it wasn’t a miracle to him anymore. It was a complete wonder.

“Whoosh!” A light sound was heard. Huo Yuhao’s jade-green ice needle brought out the last scrap of metal. The core formation had already been activated as Huo Yuhao poured in his soul power, and it now magically drifted in mid-air. There were tiny but obvious spatial cracks around the dim silver light. There were indeed spatial elements!

This most vital core formation had finally been completed. Huo Yuhao let out a long breath and held onto the carving table as he panted.

All twenty-four core formations had been completed, along with the outer shell of this soul tool. What Huo Yuhao had to do next was piece them all together before he was fully finished. Without a doubt, this assembly process would require greater soul power and technique. However, was he troubled?

Huo Yuhao lifted his head and smiled at Xuan Ziwen. “Teacher Xuan, do we still have time?”

Xuan Ziwen turned gloomy. “Cut the crap. Be serious.”

“Yes!” Huo Yuhao’s attitude was very positive, and he respectfully acknowledged Xuan Ziwen’s words. After that, he immediately began, and started to piece the components together.

Doesn’t he need to rest for a while?

His arms opened to either side of his body. After this, he raised them up. Suddenly, the other seven core formations in the third group all flew up and drifted in mid-air.

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