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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 486.3: Elder Xuan is Wise

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Chapter 486.3: Elder Xuan is Wise

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Huo Yuhao’s eyes started to turn red as he looked at the Snow Empress. In fact, in his heart, whether it was the Skydream Iceworm or the Ice Empress, they were reasons for why he felt stressed. He clearly knew what their objectives were in following him. If he couldn’t fulfil them, he would be letting them down!

The Snow Empress’ words moved him greatly, and caused the last streak of distance between him and the Spirits in his body to vanish completely.

“Thanks, Snow Empress.” Huo Yuhao sobbed.

“Call me Snow Lady. We know you’re tired. That’s why we won’t force you in the future. Rest when it’s time to rest, and relax when it’s time to relax. Even against strong opponents, you have us. Long Xiaoyao was right. As an Ultimate Douluo, he has many ways of isolating your connection with Di Tian. However, he doesn’t know that you and I are the same entity. I’m not some kind of greenhorn. As long as I’m around, I can get into contact with the Beast God anytime I want, and inform him that you’re in danger. Doesn’t Di Tian want to restrict you? He’s the first person you can turn to. You might as well make good use of him. That’s why you don’t have to be overly concerned for your own safety. Of course, it’s still best to be careful.”

“Alright, Snow Lady. What about Little Bai? He’s still at Heaven Dou City. I planned to ask you if you can contact him. I’ll go to Heaven Dou City to find him now.”

“You don’t have to go to Heaven Dou City.” The Snow Empress laughed as she said, “I already knew that you were going to ask me this. When Tang Wutong left with you, I had already signaled to Little Bai to tag along. In fact, I would have asked Little Bai to go over if not for the fact that Long Xiaoyao didn’t plan to kill you. With him around, you should be able to retreat safely.”

“Where is he now?” Huo Yuhao asked, surprised.

“Outside Shrek City.” The Snow Empress said, “I asked him to wait in the wilderness. Go and fetch him. After that, I believe that your fusion with him can begin.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao was startled, “What do you mean?”

The Snow Empress nodded and said, “That’s right. When you were hurt that day, Long Xiaoyao first dispelled the poison from your body before healing your wounds. According to his words, he wanted to drain your soul and spiritual power, as well as your energy, before letting you consume that thing. Once you absorb it, its effect will be greatest.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned, “What thing? What exactly is that? What did Long Xiaoyao do to me?”

The Snow Empress sighed and was a little envious as she looked at him and said, “That day, Long Xiaoyao gave you a dragon pill.”

“Dragon pill? What is that?” He asked, stunned.

“What?” The Snow Empress was speechless as she asked, “You don’t know what a dragon pill is? Oh, no wonder. It’s a treasure in this world that you basically can’t find.”

Huo Yuhao was curious as he looked at her. He was waiting for her to explain.

The Snow Empress continued, “That’s why a dragon pill is a pill from a dragon.”


The Snow Empress couldn’t help but chortle after seeing Huo Yuhao’s speechless look, “I’m not wrong! Why are you looking at me like that?”

Huo Yuhao said, “That’s because your explanation is too good. A pill from a dragon. Why don’t you call it a dragon’s egg instead?”

The Snow Empress laughed, “Dragon’s egg? The effect of a dragon’s egg isn’t even as great as a dragon pill. Can you fertilize a dragon’s egg? Even if you can, can you wait for it to grow up? A dragon takes many years to grow from a fetus to an adult.”

“What’s a dragon pill, then?” Huo Yuhao asked.

The Snow Empress answered, “A dragon pill is an energy body that slowly forms after a Giant Dragon becomes an adult. It contains the blood lineage of a Giant Dragon, as well as its origin strength. It’s something a Giant Dragon uses to develop its spiritual senses. You can take it like this. A dragon pill from a Giant Dragon is like the soul core of a human soul master. It’s even more important than a soul core. You have to kill a Giant Dragon to obtain its dragon pill.”

“So fierce? Why did Long Xiaoyao give me such a pill then? What effect will it have on me?” Huo Yuhao hurriedly asked. It sounded like it was a great thing!

The Snow Empress answered, “I’m not too sure about that. However, I might have overheard that it had something to do with someone called Mu En. Mu En seemed to have asked for a favor. That’s why he gave it to you.”

“Teacher?” Huo Yuhao said. “Mu En is my teacher! Together, they were known as the Twin Dragons of Black and White. He was also an Ultimate Douluo, and the last Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion. He’s very strong, and his martial soul is the Radiant Holy Dragon.”

The Snow Empress was enlightened, “I see. I don’t know where they got that dragon pill. You really have it good.”

Huo Yuhao said, “You haven’t told me what a dragon pill is used for.”

The Snow Empress said, “Its greatest effect is to cleanse your body and strengthen your blood and bones. Simply put, after you consume the dragon pill, your body will become as strong as a Giant Dragon’s. Even when you try to break through to become an Ultimate Douluo, you don’t have to worry about your body not being strong enough.”

Huo Yuhao was astonished. As an elite student of Shrek Academy, he naturally understood what a soul master’s physical strength had to do with his cultivation. Usually, a soul master’s physical strength was what limited him during the later stages of cultivation. This was especially relevant at the tier of Transcendent Douluo. Most times, it was because a soul master couldn’t handle the surge of soul power.

If the Snow Empress is right, does that mean I would have no problems cultivating all the way to an Ultimate Douluo in the future? It’s not just a great thing! This dragon pill is indeed very powerful. Teacher, did you ask Long Xiaoyao for help? But why is he with the Holy Ghost Church then?

Right now, Huo Yuhao was lost. He didn’t understand what kind of agreement Long Xiaoyao had with his teacher to lead to what had happened. However, no matter what, it was great to have consumed a dragon pill.

“That is why your soul power reached all the way to a bottleneck. The dragon pill is transforming your body, and has taken form inside your body. Otherwise you would have imploded, given your cultivation. Long Xiaoyao must have been prepared.

“He used a part of the dragon pill’s strength on your body, while the rest of its strength was used to compress it in your chest. In the future, if you can form a soul core there, the strength contained within the dragon pill will be of great help to you. Long Xiaoyao has given you a big gift. Right now, we really see hope in you. It’s not just because of your intelligence or talent. It’s more because of your abilities. Do you understand?”

After hearing the Snow Empress’ words, Huo Yuhao still didn’t understand, and looked at her with a confused look.

“You’re really dumb. Had your brain turned to dust after being stabbed a few times?” The Snow Empress rolled her eyes and said, “Think about it. How many different types of strength are there in your body? First, you have the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence. I’ve already absorbed a large part of the ice essence. You absorbed part of it too, and it’s still in your blood. In fact, it will be of use when you try to reach Rank 90 and become a Titled Douluo. As you already have a soul core, it’s much more difficult to form a second one. You’ll need enough energy to support your endeavor. Otherwise, why did you think I would ask them to store all the ice essence? It’s for when you form your second soul core.”

“While the dragon pill that Long Xiaoyao gave you might seem to contain less energy than our ice essence, it’s still very immense. Furthermore, the strength of that dragon pill is much more dominant, and it’s greatly helpful to your body. That’s why according to your current situation, you should form your second soul core in your chest and absorb the strength of that dragon pill. In that way, your body will evolve once again when you form your second soul core with the dragon pill as its core. Earlier, I mentioned that your strength would be similar to that of a Giant Dragon. What I meant was that it would happen after you absorb the strength of the dragon pill. But not now. Although you’ve been strengthened, you’re still lacking compared to a true Giant Dragon. However, things will be different after you absorb the strength of a dragon pill. Even your spiritual sea will be as stable as a Giant Dragon’s then. So will your body. When you fight Di Tian in the future, you’ll at least stand a chance.”

“This also means that you can form an unprecedented third soul core when you become an Ultimate Douluo in the future with both a dragon pill and the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence.”

“Oh.” Huo Yuhao acknowledged her words. Three soul cores sounds pretty good! I really have hope to become an Ultimate Douluo.

The Snow Empress was annoyed. “What kind of expression is that? Do you know what three soul cores means?”

Huo Yuhao was puzzled and asked, “Is it considered remarkable? Di Tian’s soul power seems to come from his soul cores. How many soul cores does he have?”

“Idiot. With two main soul cores working together, one’s soul power will become as powerful as Di Tian’s. I’m not too sure whether Di Tian has a third main soul core. He should. This means that your abilities will be as great as Di Tian’s if you form three soul cores. You’ll definitely become the strongest human in the last ten thousand years.”

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