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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 484.2: Game of Death

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Chapter 484.2: Game of Death

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“Who knew that I would meet her during the blind date? She had long, pinkish-blue hair, and was absolutely ravishing. She looked identical to Wang Dong. I still thought that she was Wang Dong’s sister. However, I never expected Wang Dong to actually be Wang Dong’er. She had always been by my side, but I foolishly didn’t know it.”

“She called me a fool. Wasn’t she right? However, I’m willing to be her fool for life. Naturally, we got together. I really liked her. Everything that happened in the past replayed in my mind. Even in my dreams, I didn’t expect to get together with my goddess. Yes, she’s my goddess.”

“Wutong, you aren’t the first person to look like her. There was another girl who looked exactly like her. That girl was called Wang Qiu’er. I met her before and after the blind date. Then, I even thought that they were the same person. It was only afterward that I realized that they were different.”

“I liked Dong’er, but Qiu’er gradually walked into my world. She helped me and saved me. More weirdly, she was even able to form a fusion skill with me. However, I only have Dong’er in my heart.”

“Six!” Long Xiaoyao’s voice softened a little, but he continued to shout.

Huo Yuhao lifted his hand and stabbed himself.

Black light flashed once again. It was the sixth stab, and there were twelve wounds now.

His body shook as this stab landed. He also staggered back two steps. The ground was covered in black blood. His face had also turned from pale-white to dim-gold. His entire aura seemed to be there yet not be there at the same time. Even his pupils started to turn grey.

“Yuhao, stop. Please, I beg you. Please stop. Leave the last three stabs for me, alright?” Tang Wutong was already sobbing uncontrollably.

Huo Yuhao shook his head gently and said, “I’m a man. Even if you don’t look like her, I’ll still do it for you. I’ll protect my partner and my friend. We are friends, aren’t we? Finish listening to my story first.”

“I’ve always been very troubled. I was certain that I liked Dong’er, but I didn’t want to harm Qiu’er either. Qiu’er started to like me from some unknown period of time. I was sandwiched between her and Dong’er. I didn’t know what to do. As a result, all sorts of problems piled up.”

“Once, we entered a place called the Yin Yang Love Querying Valley. There, we went through many ordeals. Eventually, Dong’er saved me by committing suicide. Then, Qiu’er admitted defeat. However, Dong’er didn’t manage to wake from the coma that she sustained in the process of committing suicide. I personally sent her back to her home, but that was the last time I saw her. When I returned again, she had already left. Her family told me that she had already awoken from her coma.”

“The Douluo Continent is so vast. How could I find her? Not long before that incident, Qiu’er had also died while saving me on a mission. I asked myself. Do I really not have Qiu’er in my heart at all? No, I could feel that she left a deep impression in my heart. It’s just that I can’t split my heart into two. I’ve already given it to Dong’er. This is why Qiu’er is the person I’ve let down the most in my life.”


His hand lifted, and the dagger stabbed. This time, the black light evidently slowed down slightly. It wasn’t because Huo Yuhao’s determination had fallen. It was because his body was a little overwhelmed because he was in such a weak state. This stab was closely connected to the sixth stab. They were both further to the sides of his intestines.

He finally collapsed after this stab. He sat down on the ground, in the puddle of his blood on the ground. His body was trembling slightly, and he needed his other hand to support himself to keep himself from fully collapsing to the ground.

“Do you still remember? Wutong, I tried to pour my soul power into you that day. In fact, I took you as her, just without the memories. I really hoped that our martial souls would fuse to prove that you were her. But I failed. Our soul power can’t fuse. It doesn’t seem that our martial souls are compatible. Then, I realized that you aren’t her. You are Tang Wutong. She is Wang Dong’er. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. At that moment, I felt very tormented. I felt extremely tormented. I really wish that you were her! If that were the case, there would be light in my world once again.”

Huo Yuhao’s eyes had already turned completely grey by now. His pupils seemed to have dilated. He finally couldn’t see Tang Wutong clearly anymore. There was only a blurry, pinkish-blue figure in front of him.

“I had two wishes in my life originally. My first wish was to avenge my mother. However, that has slowly faded away as time passed. That’s because I’ve slowly realized that my hatred is diminishing. My mom wouldn’t want me to avenge her. Furthermore, I can’t do it. I really can’t.”

“My other wish is to get together with Dong’er. To live together with her. To wed her and have a few kids. To accompany my kids every day. That’s all I want.” As he spoke until here, Huo Yuhao’s tears were already flowing from his eyes.

He seemed to see himself and Wang Dong’er together, and their kids running not far away from them.

Tang Wutong was in a daze as she looked at him. It was as if she had been completely immersed in his tragic story.

“Eight!” Long Xiaoyao’s voice suddenly turned cold and stiff.

Huo Yuhao plucked out the black dagger again. But when he stabbed himself once more, he had evidently lost his strength. He stabbed at his right chest, but the dagger swept across his rib. He had to exert force twice before it stabbed through his body.

Right now, Tang Wutong’s eyes had already turned hollow. She didn’t even bother trying to stop him anymore.

Huo Yuhao’s voice was becoming weaker and weaker. It was trembling, and he was stuttering, “Wutong, if you see someone that looks identical to you in the future, she might just be my Dong’er. Please take care of her, but don’t tell her of everything between us. In fact, it’s good if she forgets me. I’m too much of a burden. Perhaps she’ll be happier without me. I’m happy as long as she’s happy. Elder Long, I hope you stay true to your word. Don’t make it difficult for her. Let her leave… nine!”

Huo Yuhao shouted out the last number on his own. His eyes suddenly brightened, and there was even a weird trace of light shining from his body. He plucked out the black dagger and stabbed it towards his heart.

He remembered everything that had happened between him and Dong’er. Wasn’t it sort of a relief for him? Right now, he only wanted to be free. Now, no one could stop him. Even Di Tian couldn’t do so. This was because there was no sense of danger in his heart. Everything was done willingly.

He really didn’t want to live anymore. He felt very, very tired. There was a bitter look on his face right now. I’m sorry, my partners. I can only shirk my responsibilities this way. I’m not afraid of death. Death, to me, is like home. Dong’er has forgotten me, Qiu’er has died because of me, and I don’t want revenge anymore. The Snow Empress, Ice Empress and Star Anise all have the origins of the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence. They can help someone else to improve and become a god.

Everything seems to be perfect. I can finally leave this world. I want to find my mother.

Due to his terminal lucidity, Huo Yuhao’s last stab was stronger than the earlier eight stabs. No matter how strong he was, he would never be able to survive once this dagger stabbed into his heart.

Tang Wutong collapsed completely when he stabbed himself again. She lost consciousness.

“Sqwelp!” The sharp dagger stabbed into his flesh and penetrated it. He had eighteen wounds on his body right now.

Huo Yuhao’s consciousness blurred. He couldn’t control his body as it fell back. However, there was a smile on his face. It was a smile of freedom and relief. In this world, there was nothing he longed for anymore. It was as if it was time for him to go because his time was up.

Long Xiaoyao placed the unconscious Tang Wutong on the ground. He revealed a heavy look on his cold and elderly-looking face.

“What a passionate young man!” He sighed slightly and took a step out before coming to Huo Yuhao’s side. He slowly squatted down and grabbed the black dagger in his chest before pulling it out.

Huo Yuhao lay there without moving. His life energy seemed to have disappeared.

Long Xiaoyao’s eyes suddenly brightened. Their surroundings became dark and silent once again. Even the blood in Huo Yuhao’s body stopped following.

In this silent and dark world, he was the only one who could move. He slowly lifted his right hand and pressed it on Huo Yuhao’s chest. He could clearly see streaks of black current fading from the eighteen wounds on Huo Yuhao’s body. In a matter of seconds, the wounds were already covered in red.

Light flashed in Long Xiaoyao’s hands, and a white bead appeared in his palm. He pressed his other hand on Huo Yuhao’s chest, as if he were sensing something.

After a brief moment, there was a satisfied look on his face. After this, he placed the bead in Huo Yuhao’s mouth.

After completing all these, he bent over and carried Huo Yuhao up to a cleaner place. He helped to strip his bloodstained shirt from his body.

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