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«Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2532: Affinity

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Chapter 2532: Affinity

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The group of disciples exchanged glances, each and every one of them was shocked until they were staring dumbfounded with their mouths agape.

Nobody was a fool, Gu Mao’s attitude already explained everything!

Could it be that this ascender saw through their master with one glance?

This … How was this possible?

This was to say that the current Gu Mao was already plagued with fire poison, with the ailment being deeply rooted in his vital organs?

Actually, fire poison was not sufficient to cause death.

The life of Heavenly Stratum powerhouses was not so easy to take.

But, when fire poison was accumulated to a certain degree, it would greatly diminish Gu Mao’s control of fire.

A heavenly alchemist being unable to control fire, that would really be a joke!

He, Gu Mao’s illustrious name, would be ruined overnight!

Who could care about a heavenly alchemist who could not refine pills?

Gu Mao’s face fell and he said with a cold cry, “Still not leaving?”

The group of disciples were helpless and could only leave.

Tang Yu already stopped crying, looking at Ye Yuan with a shocked face.

Gu Mao was really sick!

Ye Yuan saw through it with one glance!

Something that the entire Tang Family, even the entire Eastward Country did not notice, Ye Yuan saw through it with one glance!

This was too terrifying!

No one knew that Gu Mao’s ailment had already attacked his vitals, and he could not refine pills anymore.

He hid it extremely well!

Gu Mao had a gloomy look as he looked at Ye Yuan and said, “Kid, help me purge the fire poison in my body. This old man can take you in as a disciple!”

Ye Yuan’s mouth curled and he said coolly, “You’re ill!”

Gu Mao could not help choking when he heard that. Could this boy be a fool, only knowing how to say this one sentence back and forth?

Freaking hell, I was fooled? Gu Mao thought.

Gu Mao said in a solemn voice, “Brat, you’re messing with me?”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes at him and said, “This time, it’s your head that’s ill! Just your bit of paltry skills, taking me in as a disciple? Also, why should I help you get rid of the fire poison? Who the hell do you think you are!”

Gu Mao was accustomed to being praised by others and had always been in a prominent position.

Therefore, he had a condescending attitude when he spoke to Ye Yuan.

Moreover, Ye Yuan’s identity as an ascender made Gu Mao look down on him greatly.

But Ye Yuan’s pride was even greater than his!

If Gu Mao’s alchemy standard was really transcendent, then forget it. But, that move of his previously might have been very impressive in front of the group of disciples.

But in front of Ye Yuan, it was not worth mentioning at all!

Ye Yuan did not understand heavenly pills, but it did not mean that he did not understand alchemy.

His basic skills were extremely solid. Apart from his lack of understanding of the heavenly pill system, his other aspects of alchemy standard already far surpassed the standard of the Lower Realms long ago.

Heavenly alchemists were also merely thus in Ye Yuan’s eyes!

At least, Gu Mao was not worthy of Ye Yuan’s admiration.

To have arrogance, one needed the capital to be arrogant!

Tang Yu just saw signs of mitigation, he did not expect Ye Yuan to suddenly utter such a sentence.

Right now, he even had the heart to die.

Sure enough, Gu Mao flew into a great rage the moment he heard it and said, “Insolent thing! Tang Yu, don’t blame me for not giving your Tang Family face today! This brat is too impudent!”

Tang Yu was immediately scared out of his wits and used his lone arm to hurriedly block Gu Mao and said, “M-Master, you mustn’t make a move! You … You aren’t his match!”

“What? You’re saying that this old man isn’t this ascender’s match?” The moment Gu Mao heard, he was even more enraged.

Tang Yu said, “Yes! My big brother annihilated the Gui Family by himself yesterday! Gui Haisheng died too!”

These words were like a basin of cold water splashing down, directly drenching Gu Mao awake.

He looked at Ye Yuan with a horrified look and said, “How is that possible? This old man doesn’t believe it!”

Tang Yu said, “It’s true! Master Gu, would Little Nephew still lie to you?”

Gu Mao still had a look of disbelief written all over his face, but he knew that Tang Yu absolutely did not dare to lie to him about this sort of thing.

After all, such a big matter, he would know as long as he went out and inquired about it.

But could this guy in front of him who was merely lower Lesser Sublime Heaven really kill Gui Haisheng?

This … How was this possible?

Gu Mao suddenly felt that Ye Yuan was very difficult to deal with.

Unable to beat him nor win him in posturing?

More importantly, this guy might have the ability to purge his fire poison!

“Humph! You impudent boy, saying that this old man has middling skills! If you have the capability, extract the Dragonbone Grass in front of this old man!” Gu Mao was still not convinced as he said with a sneer.

Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “You want to test my strength to see whether I can help you get rid of the fire poison or not?”

Gu Mao’s old face turned red, not expecting to be directly exposed by Ye Yuan.

However, unexpectedly, Ye Yuan picked up another stalk of Dragonbone Grass, and reached his hand out and beckoned. The Dao fire in the furnace fire flew over very obediently.

It was only to see the pale blue flame come to Ye Yuan’s hand, dexterous to the extreme like a bouncing elf.

Instantly, it gave people a feeling of gladdening the heart and pleasing the eye.

Gu Mao and Tang Yu’s pupils constricted, looking at Ye Yuan with shocked faces.

When experts make their move, the genuine and the fake would become clear at a glance.

Ye Yuan’s move was truly unbelievably amazing.

Gu Mao’s face actually betrayed the expression of feeling ashamed of his unworthiness.

He finally understood why Ye Yuan said paltry skills.

Fire controlling technique, he was far too lacking when compared to Ye Yuan!

“W-What a powerful fire controlling technique! No, this isn’t a fire controlling technique! This is simply an art! A grand level art!” Tang Yu said sincerely.

Refining heavenly pills, the requirements of fire controlling technique were harsh to a hair-raising level.

Therefore, the fire controlling techniques of heavenly alchemists were all very strong.

At least, it was completely not what ascenders could compare to.

However, Ye Yuan’s fire controlling technique subverted his understanding of ascenders.

Gu Mao’s fire controlling technique was weak to the max in front of Ye Yuan!

Gu Mao’s expression was very ugly, and he said in a solemn voice, “Humph! No matter how good the fire controlling technique is, what’s the use? The affinity of ascenders is too weak. In less than 100 breaths, the Dragonbone Grass will definitely be burned into charcoal!”

In reality, he had long already seen through it.

The moment Ye Yuan got started, he felt very strained.

Although his fire controlling technique was strong, he was helpless about having no affinity and was unable to perceive the complex structure contained in the heavenly medicine.

Extraction required one to perceive through the Dao fire.

Therefore, affinity was extremely important.

Without affinity, heavenly alchemists were simply unable to differentiate what were impurities, what was the essence, and also which were the things that had minimal content, but were indispensable in the heavenly medicine.

One could say that affinity was eyes, allowing you to see everything in the heavenly medicine clearly.

Without affinity, heavenly alchemists were like blind men.

Therefore, among ascenders, the vast majority of the people were unable to become heavenly alchemists.

The moment Ye Yuan started, he felt it.

The power and complexity of heavenly medicines far exceeded his cognition.

This was the most ordinary Dragonbone Grass, but it was ten thousand times more complicated than the top spirit medicine that Ye Yuan had ever seen before too!

But, when he attempted to differentiate the elements contained in the Dragonbone Grass, he perceived a cloud of chaos.

He did not know where!

He finally understood why Tang Yu said that ascenders could not become heavenly alchemists.

Unable to even differentiate the composition of heavenly medicines, how to become a heavenly alchemist?

Extracting heavenly medicines was ten thousand times more complicated than even refining a single Dao pill!

A slight slip-up and the Dao fire would burn the heavenly medicine into black charcoal.

Ten breaths, 50 breaths, 100 breaths!

Ye Yuan did not give up, he relied on his almost freakish instinct and extracted the Dragonbone Grass bit by bit.

Around 15 minutes later, a paste was refined by Ye Yuan.

Gu Mao’s eyes went wide!

“This … How is this possible? His perception probably doesn’t even reach three points! So how can he possibly refine the Dragonbone Grass?” As Gu Mao was talking, he nearly bit his tongue off.


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