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«Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2972: Heaven Qian Grade Bloodline!

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Chapter 2972: Heaven Qian Grade Bloodline!

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Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven, this place was the paradise of true spirits.

This place was ruled by the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise, four chaos true spirits, whose strengths were even a level greater than the soul race!

They were the earliest ancestors of the myriad worlds’ demon race!

Although the 33 Heavens were planes of the same level, there were actually differences too.

Such as Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, it was quite a bit worse compared to Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven and Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven.

This could clearly be seen from the number of Hegemons, as well as the quality of Hegemons.

Like Mi Tian, a powerhouse born from chaos and whose race talent was extremely powerful, he could be said to roam the heavens without adversary!

And existences such as Hegemon Cloudmount, although he was a top existence in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, he was considerably worse when looking across all the heavens.

Following his horizons continuously rising, Ye Yuan also gradually understood how strong the Mi Tian at his prime was!

“The feeling of returning home is really good! Thank you, Ye Yuan!”

Coming out of the barrier of heavens, Mi Tian could not refrain from feeling vicissitudes of emotion.

He had been away from home for too long!

“Senior is treating me too much as a stranger by saying this. All these years, you’ve taught me so much. Without you, there also wouldn’t be the person I am today!” Ye Yuan said sincerely.

Mi Tian smiled and said, “Without me, you can reach the peak all the same! You have Dao in your heart and are outstandingly talented. Maybe you can really become the first divergent cultivator to break Heavenly Dao fetters and ascend to Hegemon across all heavens and myriad worlds!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Senior is too kind. It’s just that, although we’ve arrived at Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven, it’s not considered returning home either. Most likely, the way back home is still rather difficult, right?”

Mi Tian was silent. He knew that he could not hide it from Ye Yuan.

An exalted Supreme Hegemon, a formidable existence who swept across the soul race but died in a strange land and was almost completely annihilated.

Such a thing, it was unusual no matter how one looked at it.

For so many years, Mi Tian did not speak. Ye Yuan did not speak either.

But Ye Yuan guessed that this matter was probably not so simple.

“Some things, I’m actually just guessing too. Everything, we’ll act according to circumstances when we return to the clan,” Mi Tian said.

Seeing that Mi Tian was not willing to say, Ye Yuan did not ask as well. He said with a nod, “Then, what should I do now?”

Mi Tian said, “Go to East Billow Region! Heavenly Dragon Island will send the Divine Dragon Envoy to patrol East Billow Region. What you need to do is to attract the Divine Dragon Envoy’s attention, and have him bring you to Heavenly Dragon Island.”

The four divine beasts ruled a region each. The chaos dragon race was the ruler of this East Billow Region.

Major races like the dragon race and soul race, all had their own holy land.

Heavenly Dragon Island was the holy land of the chaos dragon race.

Legends had it that the place was the closest place to chaos, and it was also the birthplace of the dragon race.

Heavenly Dragon Island was in the land of extreme east in Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven, above the vast sea.

Nobody knew just where it was.

Only by obtaining the recognition of the Divine Dragon Envoy could one be brought to Heavenly Dragon Island and become a true dragonkin.

Originally, with Mi Tian’s status, returning to the island was naturally effortless. But that way, many things would not be easy to do.

Therefore, Ye Yuan wanted to enter Heavenly Dragon Island but needed the Divine Dragon Envoy’s guidance.

“Where are we now?” Ye Yuan asked.

“This place should be the border between the Northern Phoenix Region and East Billow Region. Not far ahead is the East Billow Region,” Mi Tian said.

Ye Yuan was not long-winded either and was about to set off for East Billow Region.

Coincidentally, right at this moment, a ray of red light fell from the horizon.


A large hole was directly smashed out in the dense forest not far away.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly. Thinking about it, he still went over to investigate.

Upon going over to look, there was actually a fire-red phoenix lying in the large pit.

This phoenix was the size of two humans. There were bloodstains on the body. There were no signs of life anymore.

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly and said, “There’s no hope.”

Mi Tian said, “No, she entered the state of annihilation and will have a nirvanic rebirth very soon. This fire phoenix’s bloodline is extremely pure. She’s probably a core character of the Vermilion Bird Clan.”

Ye Yuan said in surprise, “Like this, and she’s still not dead?”

Mi Tian said, “Phoenix Nirvanic Rebirth, this is the innate divine ability of the Vermilion Bird Clan. Each nirvanic rebirth will have tremendous benefits for them. But, it’s also the most dangerous time. This fire phoenix is seriously injured and forcibly entered a nirvanic state. Once she rises from the ashes, not only will her wounds recover fully, but her strength will also improve further!”

Sure enough, before his voice faded, the fire phoenix started burning on her own with a bang.

The blazing fire turned the surroundings into ruins

Ye Yuan’s expression changed greatly, and he hurriedly retreated.

This flame was too terrifying!

“Since she won’t die, let’s go then.” As he said those words, Ye Yuan wanted to turn around and leave.

“Sir, please wait!” Ye Yuan was just about to leave when a sweet female voice suddenly transmitted over.

Except, this voice seemed extremely feeble. It was as if it was about to die out at any moment.

Ye Yuan was taken aback and confirmed that this voice came out of the large fire.

It was the voice of the fire phoenix.

That voice said, “Qingxuan is being pursued by villains. I definitely can’t escape the calamity when undergoing my nirvanic rebirth. I beseech Sir to lend a helping hand and save Qingxuan’s life! After Qingxuan succeeds in my nirvanic rebirth, there will definitely be generous rewards!”

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “Do you feel that this Ye is young and ignorant about worldly affairs? You’re a middle Emperor Cloud Heaven yourself. With your bloodline, at least there has to be an Emperor Vast Heaven Realm powerhouse to want to kill you too! What motives do you have to have me intercept here?”

Ye Yuan himself was of the dragon race bloodline. He was very clear how strong the dragon clan’s core disciples were!

One could say that they were virtually invincible in the same rank!

This fire phoenix’s identity was clearly not simple. Such an important person, the strength of the people pursuing was definitely not ordinary.

This woman wanting to make him save her, she was most likely treating him as cannon fodder.

Although Ye Yuan was public-spirited and kindhearted, he was also not a dummy who would be bored enough to seek death.

This kind of murky water, he was naturally not willing to step into it.

Seeing that Ye Yuan was about to leave, that voice became anxious. “Sir has misunderstood! There’s indeed powerhouses at Emperor Vast Heaven hunting me down, but they have been lured away by me using schemes previously. The ones pursuing now are just five Emperor Cloud Heavens! As long as Sir helps me delay them for a moment, I’ll be able to rise from the ashes! This drop of blood essence is tentatively a deposit. There will still be generous thanks afterward!”

While talking, a drop of blood essence drifted out of the flames and arrived before Ye Yuan.

A boundless aura hit him in the face!

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted. It was heaven qian grade blood essence!

This fire phoenix’s bloodline was actually so powerful!

Using this drop of blood essence as the reward could be said to be generous.

Postnatal bloodline, heaven qian grade was the pinnacle!

To the true spirit clan, the breakthrough of bloodline was even harder than the breakthrough of cultivation realm.

Many true spirit clan Hegemon powerhouses were merely earth kun grade bloodline too.

Heaven qian grade bloodline was extremely rare!

Of course, above heaven qian grade, there was an even more powerful chaos grade bloodline.

But chaos grade bloodline could not be reached postnatal at all. Only prenatal chaos true spirits such as Mi Tian could possess it!

Some special innate divine abilities could only be executed by chaos grade bloodline.

This was the reason why Mi Tian was so powerful!

Ye Yuan breaking through to Emperor Cloud Heaven, coupled with his comprehension in the origin of chaos blood, he only barely broke through battle god grade and reached earth kun grade.

But this fire phoenix was just Emperor Cloud Heaven, and her bloodline actually reached heaven qian grade already. It could be seen how strong her bloodline was!


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