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«Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2882 Frenzied Absorption!

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Chapter 2882 Frenzied Absorption!

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“Hahaha, the fool that you all talked about killed off the so-called geniuses that you all brought!”

Owlfly laughed very happily, very delighted!

Looking at the six great blood envoys’ constipated expressions, he felt satisfied to the extreme!

This time, he really felt exaltation upon fulfillment!

Actually, when he let Ye Yuan enter the blood pool to make a scene, it was just letting him go and challenge those powerhouses.

He believed that with Ye Yuan’s strength, there was no problem challenging the top ten at all.

Who knew that Ye Yuan this guy played so freaking big to actually say that he was going to kill everyone the moment he came.

At that time, he even secretly scolded Ye Yuan for being a fool.

Do you think that this place is Giant Net City? Who could have expected that this fellow actually even concealed his strength and really killed off all those geniuses in the blood pool!



With this, I could finally straighten my back, right?

But the other six great blood envoys became unhappy.

A true genius actually came out from the cannon fodders?

Seeing Owlfly’s smug appearance, they wished to tear him to shreds!


What was even more aggravating was that Ye Yuan killed off all the elites that they brought!

Then the hundred sons battle this time, what did they still have to take part in?!

Blueblood was pissing his pants in fear!

He was really frightened into pissing his pants! A foul smell emitted from his body, making Ye Yuan frown.

This guy was crippled.

This kind of trash wished for the entire world to know when he was posturing.

When he got slapped, he did not even have the courage to face it.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered to kill him anymore too, walking straight out of the martial arena and heading towards the blood pool.

Approaching the blood pool, a bloody smell that made people feel like vomiting hit their nostrils.

This was a large pool of ten thousand feet in circumference, a dreadful sight to behold.

But a monstrous fury burned in Ye Yuan’s heart.

Such a blood pool, how many people needed to be killed?!

Arriving at the blood race, Ye Yuan saw a lot of things, and he also heard many things.

After the various races were enslaved, how they lived was really worse than animals.

The blood race did not kill everyone either. They reared the various races’ powerhouses in pens. When they needed blood, they would draw some from their bodies.

These powerhouses were like livestock reared at home.

There were not too many powerhouses worthy of being reared in pens.

More were directly killed.

The blood race’s thirst for blood simply could not be described with words.

They were a bunch of vampires!

The blood pool was a whole entity, but it was artificially divided into 99 parts by some array formations.

The center-most blood pool had the thickest bloody aura. The effect was naturally the best too.

Ye Yuan leaped straight into the center-most blood pool.

When the people outside saw this scene, each and every one of them was incredibly envious.

One person dominating the blood pool, this sort of thing had never happened before in Heaven Absolute Blood Emperor City.

Too satisfying! Ye Yuan’s body soaked in the blood pool, he immediately felt a bone-corroding pain coming from within his body.

The blood seemed to be melting his entire body.

Very soon, Ye Yuan discovered that every cell in his body seemed to be becoming active.

His blood seemed to have obtained new life.

That feeling was hard to describe in words.

However, he could clearly feel that his bloodline power was advancing!

“What miraculous means! The blood in this blood pool isn’t only useful to the blood race. It’s greatly useful to humans and true spirits too! Especially true spirit bloodline, after soaking in this blood, it’s absolutely able to evolve!”

After experiencing the initial-most pain, Ye Yuan felt as if he was going to ascend to immortality.

The blood in his body was ignited very quickly. His blood underwent nirvanic rebirth over and over again under the scouring of the blood!

With each rebirth, there would be a tiny trace of evolution.

His bloodline power was currently evolving towards late-stage battle soul level!

Not only that, Ye Yuan discovered that the blood water was actually able to nurture the Dao sword! One had to know that the Dao sword could only slowly become stronger after experiencing the baptism of Dao tribulation.

Other than this, Ye Yuan did not have very good methods to nurture the Dao sword.

But this blood race’s blood pool actually had such a miraculous effect!

Although the efficiency of this conversion was very low, it could indeed strengthen the Dao sword!

After the Dao sword became stronger, did he not even need to transcend tribulations anymore?

Why not give it a try!

“Too miraculous! I didn’t expect that there’s actually still such a formidable bloodline evolution method in this world! If the dragon race has this kind of method, we can absolutely give birth to a large batch of Hegemon Realm powerhouses!”

Even Mi Tian could not resist exclaiming with a sigh too.

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Such a blood pool, no idea how many living things were massacred! Using this kind of method to evolve the bloodline isn’t advisable!”

Mi Tian said awkwardly, “This old man is just saying it. Of course, I won’t really go and do it! However, punk, you’re coming off cheap!” Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, “Senior, pull a big play! Wonder if the blood race will feel heartache if I drain the blood in the blood pool. Also don’t know whether this blood pool is enough for me to absorb or not!”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s aura suddenly skyrocketed!

His speed of absorbing the blood water suddenly became extremely fast.

The blood in the blood pool was actually receding at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The blood race geniuses, each and every one of their eyes went wide!

“Are my eyes going blurry? Why do I feel like the blood essence source in the blood pool is receding?”

“Your eyesight isn’t failing. It’s really receding! What on earth did that punk do?”

“This … This is also too fake, right? Could it be that he wants to absorb all of the blood essence source in this pool? I-Isn’t he afraid of stuffing himself until he dies?”

… …

Blood essence source was the blood race’s term of address for these blood water pools

Creating a blood essence source was not just drawing blood so simple.

There needed to be a series of extremely complicated crafts involved.

Therefore, the preciousness of this pool’s blood essence source was simply unable to be measured using heavenly crystals.

Why were 100 people permitted to cultivate in the blood pool each day?

It was because the expenditure of 100 people could be made up for in time.

But now, the blood essence source in this blood pool was actually receding at a speed visible to the naked eye!

This showed that the speed of Ye Yuan’s consumption alone was even faster than the consumption speed of 99 geniuses added up!

Was this guy human?

Furthermore, the energy contained in the blood essence source was already very powerful to a Saint Sovereign Heaven.

Absorbing for ten days, no matter how genius you were, you would already be satiated too.

But Ye Yuan … aren’t you afraid of stuffing yourself until you explode?

Of course not!

Ye Yuan was like a bottomless hole, devouring the blood essence source continuously!

This several hundred feet deep blood pool had already receded by more than ten feet in less than half a day!

With this, the entire Heaven Absolute Blood Emperor City’s upper echelons were all shocked!

The blood pool was a strategic resource to the blood race. It could nurture countless powerhouses.

Expending so much at once, how could the blood race not be shocked?

Very soon, one blood race top powerhouse after another, swarming toward this side in succession.

They had to make a decision; was it to continue to let Ye Yuan absorb or immediately interrupt Ye Yuan’s absorption?

And right at this time, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm broke through to grand completion Saint Sovereign Heaven unknowingly!

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