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«Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2663: Yes, Take a Look at This!

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Chapter 2663: Yes, Take a Look at This!

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“Huhu, are two hall masters making a joke? How can he, a Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum, possibly become your distinguished guest?”

A smile that was even uglier than crying was squeezed out on Ironcore’s face.

He was somewhat struck senseless.

Everything was going well. So how did Ye Yuan become a distinguished guest with a sway of his body?

“Making a joke? Does this hall master look like I’m joking with you? Fellow Daoist Ye’s alchemy strength is exceedingly formidable. If not for my cultivation realm being much higher than him, this hall master wouldn’t have dared to call out ‘Fellow Daoist’ either!” Zhao Xun said in a solemn voice.

He was furious right now.

He did not know what enmity there was between Ironcore and Ye Yuan, but this guy was really rotten mud that could not support a wall.

He was just thinking of ways to fawn on Ye Yuan and make Ye Yuan leave behind the refining method of true grade heavenly pills.

In the end, this fool was good, shouting and wrangling about wanting to kill him the moment he saw him without saying anything.

“Humph! Unable to accomplish anything, but good at ruining things! Go back and find Meng Frostwind to receive punishment!” Wu Jian shouted coldly.

Ironcore’s expression was somewhat ugly.

He was, at any rate, a deputy city lord too, a top figure of the Land of Heavenly South.

Today, he was actually lectured in front of the army until he could not even lift his head.

Unable to accomplish anything but good at ruining things? Was this used to lecture the deputy city lord?

Yet, he was unable to flare up!

These two in front of him, even City Lord Meng Frostwind dreaded them a little. They were not who he could afford to provoke.

His expression flickered incessantly and he finally gritted his teeth and clasped his hands and said, “Two hall masters, goodbye!”

When he left, he even shot Ye Yuan a fierce glare, his eyes full of killing intent.

Only after Ironcore left, was Zhao Xun akin to being relieved of a heavy burden as he said to Ye Yuan, “Fellow Daoist Ye, I’ve incurred your ridicule.”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Looks like this City Lord Ironcore still wants to put me to death!”

Zhao Xun hurriedly said, “Fellow Daoist Ye, rest assured. After this Zhao returns, I’ll definitely inform Meng Frostwind about this matter and have him discipline Ironcore severely.”

Ye Yuan’s mouth curled, and he did not say anything.

In reality, he was also planning how to take care of Ironcore.

This guy was simply unreasonable.

Now, he suffered such a big loss. With his character, how could it possibly be resolved here?

On the way, Zhao Xun winked at Wu Jian.

Wu Jian got the meaning and found an excuse to step aside and inquired from Cui Tong about the enmity between Ye Yuan and Ironcore.

After inquiring clearly, Wu Jian was even angrier.

“Humph! Ironcore this fool almost ruined Heavenly South City’s important matter! This matter, we can’t spare him!” Wu Jian said angrily.

… …

The party entered Calm South City and directly invited Ye Yuan to City Lord Manor.

All the upper echelons were present.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, you and I are both people of the alchemy path. We’ll naturally make friends with alchemy. After this hall master heard the name of true grade, I truly found it difficult to eat and sleep. I wonder if Fellow Daoist Ye can enlighten me on it?” Zhao Xun said with a smile.

For people of the alchemy path, anyone that heard above ninth grade would probably lose composure.

It was also precisely because their hearts itched unbearable that the two of them rushed to Calm South City in haste.

It was for the sake of seeing the elegant demeanor of true grade.

But Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Head Hall Master, it is not that this Ye is cherishing my own belonging that’s of little value, but can you let this Ye take a look at Head Hall Master and Second Hall Master’s strength?”

When everyone heard that, they were all stunned.

Everyone was watching you perform, but you appointed the two hall masters first?

Zhao Xun’s brows furrowed, and he said, “Fellow Daoist Ye, what does this mean?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “If Head Hall Master’s strength is sufficient, this Ye will naturally demonstrate to you what true grade is. But if Head Hall Master’s strength is lacking, even if I demonstrate it a thousand times, it will be to no avail too.”

The words were polite, but the expressions of everyone present changed.

Ye Yuan’s implicit meaning was that you, Head Hall Master, might not be qualified to witness my true grade!

These words were arrogant enough!

In the Land of Heavenly South, probably even City Lord Meng Frostwind would not dare to speak to Zhao Xun this way too!

It was not that Ye Yuan was posturing, but since he wanted to develop his faction in the Land of Heavenly South, then he must be the master in the Heavenly South Pill Hall.

He, Ye Yuan, did not need to be beneath others!

On what basis?

True grade!

True grade heavenly pill was Ye Yuan’s trump card. How could it be easily revealed?

Previously, he overwhelmed Jiang Li like a thunderbolt. It was for the sake of getting immediate results.

However, it was enough for everyone to know about it!

True grade absolutely could not be easily shown to others!

That was a posturing act. If it was demonstrated too much, it would become worthless.

Ye Yuan knew that Zhao Xun was not an ordinary person. But, he reckoned that regardless of whether it was Zhao Xun or Wu Jian, there was probably still a very large gap away from true grade.

Even if they refined grade four heavenly pills to the realm of ninth grade, it was impossible to refine true grade too.

If true grade was that easy to refine, it would not be true grade anymore.

“Huhu, Jian, since Fellow Daoist Ye wants to gauge our strength, then let’s present our incompetence?” Zhao Xun was already holding some anger in these words.

He could be courteous to Ye Yuan, but it did not mean that he did not have pride.

Moreover, he was Heavenly South alchemy path’s number one person!

It was number one person, but not number one genius!

“Mn, as it should be!” Wu Jian also said in an unfriendly tone.

They endured it for that legendary true grade!

They planned to show off their strength to shut Ye Yuan up!

Heavenly South’s number one person and Heavenly South’s number two person, these titles were not casually called in vain!

“Since Fellow Daoist Ye wants to see, then we’ll showcase our specialties!” Zhao Xun said.

“No need. Two hall masters can each refine a grade two heavenly pill, and it’s enough.” Ye Yuan said coolly.

When Zhao Xun two people heard that, they got even angrier.

Grade two heavenly pill!

Wasn’t this being a joke?

Making a grade four heavenly alchemist refine a grade two heavenly pill, could it measure the level of strength?

This refinement would be upper ninth grade, what was there to look at?

“Huhu, then I wonder what kind of grade two heavenly pill Fellow Daoist Ye wants to see?” Zhao Xun said with a cold smile.

In the main hall, the temperature seemed to have dropped more than ten degrees out of the blue, making people shudder involuntarily.

“Anything. The Foundation Establishment Heavenly Pill works too. As long as you have the confidence, it will do,” Ye Yuan seemingly could not feel the change in the atmosphere and still said indifferently.

“Come, men! Prepare the pill refinement!” Zhao Xun said in a cold voice.

Soon, the servants prepared all the things needed to refine the pills.

Zhao Xun and Wu Jian were each refining a kind of basic heavenly pill.

With a resentment that billowed to the sky, the two started refining the pill.

Peak grade four super heavenly alchemists refining grade two basic heavenly pills, it was naturally a cinch.

The entire refinement process naturally attracted a series of amazed acclaims.

With the two of them taking action, this was completely not what those people during the Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit could compare to.

Even the strongest Jiang Li was like a child in front of the two.

When the heavenly pills came out of the furnace, without the least bit of surprise, the two people’s heavenly pills were both above ninth grade.

Zhao Xun looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “I wonder if what the two of us refined can still enter Fellow Daoist Ye’s arcane sights?”

Ye Yuan did not answer. He just smiled slightly, stood up, and walked toward the medicine cauldron.

Under everyone’s blank gazes, Ye Yuan started refining.

It was still a grade two Foundation Establishment Heavenly Pill, same as Zhao Xun.

In less than an hour, the refinement was completed.

Without the slightest suspense, upper ninth grade!

“Huhu, after messing around for the greater part of the day, Fellow Daoist Ye is letting us look at this?” Zhao Xun said with a sneer.

“Yes, take a look at this!”

Ye Yuan put his Foundation Establishment Heavenly Pill and Zhao Xun’s Foundation Establishment Heavenly Pill onto two Cloud Mount Mother Stones respectively.

Ye Yuan’s scale soared all the way to ninth grade perfection!


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