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«Unrivaled Medicine God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1456 The Qin Family“s True Strength!

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Chapter 1456 The Qin Family“s True Strength!

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“Ye Yuan, you dare to commit murder on the streets. How do you plead?!”

From a distance, came Qin Tiannan’s roar. Then he pounced over like a mad dog.

An Origin Deity Realm’s powerful aura made the entire long street ripple with spiritual energy.

He saw that Ye Yuan was alone and wanted to kill Ye Yuan with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder that left no time for covering ears.

This way, it would have nothing to do with the Myriad Treasure Tower anymore.

Ye Yuan laughed coldly, his figure rising off the ground.

Qin Tiannan was like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey but missed.

Ye Yuan knowing sword maneuvering flight was already established in an undefeatable position.

This Wu Meng Capital City, the people capable of touching him were also just that few.

Ye Yuan stood in the sky proudly and said with disdain, “Qin Tiannan, it’s your Qin Family who broke the rules of the game first! This Ye took part in the Hundred Cities Smelting Trial, your Qin Family arranged for an Origin Deity Realm powerhouse to lead the team. Failing the assassination, it became murder! That time, this Ye tolerated it! But this time, I went out to train and temper myself, you all violated the academy’s rules again, sending Qin Tian over to hunt me down and even condoned the Qin Family’s disciples to seriously injure my brother, turning him into a cripple!”

Ye Yuan’s voice was akin to a great bell. People from several streets away all heard it, immediately causing an uproar.

“The Qin Family is also too much, using their strength to bully the weak. To actually use such despicable means to deal with a young student.”

“Ye Yuan has made great contributions in the Hundred Cities Smelting Trial and even won the Four-star divine pill for City Lord, His Excellency. They all actually dealt with Ye Yuan in this way!”

“Sigh, the Qin Family covering the sky with one hand, City Lord doesn’t come out to intervene either. This really makes people disappointed to the max.”

The Qin Family had become accustomed to being overbearing these few years. There had been many people who felt displeased with them long ago.

Ye Yuan’s remarks immediately aroused public outrage. Quite a number of people were all gesticulating at the Qin Family’s behavior.

However, Qin Tiannan’s focus was not on this at all. His gaze was glued on Ye Yuan as he said in a solemn voice, “You really saw Tian-er! How is he doing now?”

Ye Yuan sneered and said, “How? Since I came back, could it be that you still haven’t realized it?”

“Impossible! With your strength, how can you possibly kill Tian-er?” Qin Tiannan roared.

He had always been harboring hope in his heart, thinking that Qin Tian was just delayed by something.

Now, personally saying it from Ye Yuan’s mouth, he still did not dare to believe it, thinking that Ye Yuan was deliberately triggering him.

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “Then in your view, can I kill Lin Xiu and Qin Zheng they all? The fact is, they are all dead!”

Hearing these words, Qin Tiannan’s face turned ashen, the last trace of hope was also utterly severed by Ye Yuan.

“Qin Tian really died! My God, how on earth did Ye Yuan accomplish it?”

“Hearing that Qin Tian has already suppressed his realm for very long. As long as he was willing, he could break through to the Origin Deity Realm at any time! This Ye Yuan is really too terrifying.”

“Although that Lin Xiu was known as the academy’s number two, she’s on a completely different level from Qin Tian’s strength!”

“This is fun now. The Qin Family’s three strongest juniors were all slaughtered clean by Ye Yuan.”

Qin Tian had been famous in Wu Meng Capital City for several hundred years already. He was considered as the young genius with the greatest hope of breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm in 100 thousand years. His strength could be seen at a glance.

But this peerless genius still fell in Ye Yuan’s hands!

An initial-stage Heaven Glimpse martial artist’s hands!

This result simply made everyone unable to imagine it.

But ten years had passed, for Ye Yuan to be able to stand here, this already indicated many problems.

Qin Tian had most likely really perished!

“Arrogant child, to dare climb on top of my Qin Family’s head! Die!”

Right at this time, a peerlessly powerful aura rose to the sky from the crowd. A terrifying power of laws instantly locked onto Ye Yuan.

This change caught Ye Yuan completely off-guard. Wanting to avoid was already too late.

Among the Qin Family’s crowd actually concealed a powerhouse who could fly!

Without a doubt, this old fellow was the Qin Family’s old ancestor.

Half-step Divine Lord Realm, too powerful!

Ye Yuan did not have the slightest strength to fight back in front of a half-step Divine Lord Realm.


The Qin Family’s ancestor had yet to arrive and Ye Yuan’s blood already spouted wildly under the pressure of the power of laws.

The current Ye Yuan had injuries piled on top of injuries, completely powerful to resist anymore.

But right then, another powerful aura burst forth from the Myriad Treasure Tower.


Two terrifying power of laws collided in midair, stirring up a powerful air billow.

The Ye Yuan in midair was directly sent flying by this air billow, smashing heavily onto the Myriad Treasure Tower’s roof.

“Qin Zhaoyun, you’re killing people at my Myriad Treasure Tower’s entrance, do you still have any respect for me, this Myriad Treasure Tower’s tower lord?”

Han Tian stood with his hands behind his back, facing Qin Zhaoyun from afar, his aura not the slightest bit weak.

Qin Zhaoyun’s face fell and he said with a cold snort, “Han Tian, you dare to oppose my Qin Family for the sake of this brat?”

Han Tian gave Ye Yuan a glance and sighed inwardly.

This boy was really too capable of causing trouble. With this, it really poked a hole in Wu Meng Capital City’s sky.

Han Tian was calm on the surface, but in his heart, he was actually somewhat nervous.

He had been watching the situation outside all along but had always been conflicted in his heart.

All the way until Qin Zhaoyun rampaged to kill, he did not make up his mind too.

But without a doubt, the value of Ye Yuan was too great!

Chi Fang reported to him that Ye Yuan used an unknown medicinal pill and actually brought Little Fatty back to life miraculously.

What did this show?

The new pill formulas in Ye Yuan’s hands were probably far from just those one or two!

Although he was still hesitant in his heart, Han Tian did not reveal anything on the surface, and said coolly, “Ye Yuan is my Myriad Treasure Tower’s guest alchemist. Have you asked me about touching him?”

Qin Zhaoyun’s face turned cold and he said in a solemn voice, “This boy killed Tian-er, Zheng-er, and Pei-er, and can no longer live under the same sky as my Qin Family! I don’t care what guest alchemist he is. If you dare to protect him today, this old man might go on a killing spree!”

Clearly, Qin Zhaoyun had also gone completely berserk when he heard the news of Qin Tian being killed.

When Han Tian heard this, he just said coolly, “With just the likes of you?”

His strength was more or less the same as Qin Zhaoyun’s, neither could do anything to the other.

Where’s the talk of going on a killing spree?

Who knew that Qin Zhaoyun just snorted coldly and said, “Han Tian, you’re also underestimating my Qin Family’s strength too much!”

Han Tian’s expression changed. Countless soldiers flooded in on the streets, sealing off the entire street.

These people were precisely the City Lord Manor’s guards!

A powerful aura came close from afar. The arrival wore black armor, looking extremely awe-inspiring.

“Tower Lord Han, the Myriad Treasure Tower and Wu Meng Capital City have always been mutually beneficial and win-win for so many years. Why is there a need to make it so unpleasant for a junior?”

The one speaking was precisely the city guards’ commander, Zhao Yi!

This Zhao Yi was likewise a half-step Divine Lord mighty expert!

With this, Han Tian immediately felt tremendous pressure.

But, it was not over yet!

Another powerful aura rose to the sky, finally stopping beside Qin Zhaoyun, facing Han Tian from afar.

Another half-step Divine Lord mighty expert!

It was just that the expression was complicated on this person’s face. His gaze looked toward Ye Yuan, with a look of pity.

This person was none other than precisely the academy head, Wen Yiyang!

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