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«Ultimate Fighting (Web Novel) - Chapter 405 – Spoiler

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Chapter 405 - Spoiler

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The enthusiasm in the entire venue was completely ignited. Even the bidders who weren’t rich enough were rubbing their hands in glee. This was too exciting, 500 million! How long had it been since a high price like this appeared?

“Lastly, it is our finale item. There is no doubt that its value has been evaluated as higher than the previous items. It is also very likely that this is the most valuable item in our auction house in the past ten years. The main purpose of today is to display its use because we do not think that it will be auctioned off today. But this item will be displayed in every auction from today onwards and will always appear as the finale one until it is auctioned off. Its starting price is 10 billion federal coins.”

The moment she said that, the entire place exploded in an uproar. The same went even for Lan Xuanyu’s team.

‘What is this? Ten billion federal coins?’

Didn’t they say that the last three items were about the same value? So they were tricking us !

However, nobody cared about that sentence anymore because the price of 10 billion was too shocking.

10 billion federal coins was not an easy sum to gather even for the richest financial groups because they had to cash in without delay. No company, not even a multinational corporation, would be able to fork out so much money. The only ones with the qualifications and money were probably those ancient large organizations, such as the Spirit Pagoda or the Tang Sect.

Shrek Auction House took this out to flaunt their wealth, right? Theoretically speaking, if Shrek Academy had such a valuable treasure, they wouldn’t take it out and would only keep it in the academy!

The big screen dimmed, and the entire place darkened. Following that, a ray of light gradually appeared.

A silver spear appeared on the screen and attracted everyone’s attention.

The body of the spear was slender and its entire body was a brilliant silver color. The faint silver dragon pattern on the body of the spear was faintly discernible and there weren’t many extravagant decorations. But just by being there, it attracted everyone’s attention.

Gradually, the body of the spear straightened up and underwent some changes. Orbs of light began to appear around it, and beneath the blade of the spear, a transparent gem appeared and guided those orbs of light around it.

“10,000 years ago, a great catastrophe befell on mankind. The Abyssal Plane tried to devour the Mother Planet, and with the joint efforts of many heroes, they finally destroyed the Abyssal Plane and fused it with our Mother Planet. However, few know that there was another disaster at that time. And the one who brought about this disaster was the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master of that generation, the strongest Soul Beast King in history. She was the clone of the Dragon God and the strongest empress of the Soul Beast World. She was the Silver ! Dragon ! King!”

There were many stories about the Silver Dragon King in the Federation’s history, as well as many witnesses. However, there were many different opinions. Shrek Academy and Spirit Pagoda, who were completely aware of the situation back then, kept everything a secret and never announced what really happened.

At this moment, when the words ‘Silver Dragon King’ appeared, the entire place exploded once again. Silver Dragon King? Could it be that this last item was somehow related to the Silver Dragon King? ‘

Could this be…

“This spear is also a staff. The Silver Dragon King controlled the seven elements of water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and space; she was the strongest Elemental Controller. And this is her weapon, the Silver Dragon Spear, the best Divine Weapon of that generation. It is ranked sixth on Shrek’s Divine Weapon Rankings. This Silver Dragon Spear has always been stored in Shrek Academy, and Shrek Academy can vouch for it. The auction starts at 10 billion federal coins. I will give everyone one minute to bid, and the auction ends if no one bids.”

“What? One minute? That’s too short. 10 billion!” A voice came from the private room.

The moment he said that, the stunned bidders were dumbfounded. What did he mean? Was there really someone who wanted to participate?

Divine Weapon! This was a Divine Weapon! It was ranked sixth in the history of the Federation.

In the world of soul masters, their weapons mostly came from their Martial Souls and very few of them used external weapons. However, those legendary top-notch experts almost all had their own Divine Weapons. Why? It was because these Divine Weapons could greatly increase their strength.

Silver Dragon Spear, Divine Weapon. There was no doubt that it was once the Silver Dragon King’s weapon. It was ranked sixth on the Divine Weapon Rankings. Such a thing appeared in an auction? It was simply too shocking.

The auctioneer ignored the voice coming from the private room as a 60 second countdown appeared on the big screen.

The bidders on scene could no longer control their emotions. Even Shrek Academy’s students in the front row were no exception.

Lan Xuanyu stared blankly at the image of the Silver Dragon Spear on the screen while Liu Feng clenched his fists.

Liu Feng’s Martial Soul was the White Dragon Spear, only a word away from the Silver Dragon Spear, this was a Divine Weapon!

“Woah, a Divine Weapon, a Divine Weapon! Awesome!” Lan Mengqin didn’t have the slightest bit of arrogance at this moment; she was jumping from joy like a little girl.

10 billion federal coins, what an astronomical sum.

“Five, four, three, two, one. Time’s up.” The countdown ended and no one made a bid.

How could they bid! A bid of 10 billion, how much confirmation steps did they need to go through before they could participate in the auction? One minute wasn’t even enough for communication; it was impossible to bid. It was clear that Shrek Academy didn’t plan on auctioning this Silver Dragon Spear at all. But the problem was, if they didn’t want to bid, why did Shrek Auction House say that this auction item would stay as the main auction item in the future?

10 billion wasn’t something that couldn’t be auctioned. Compared to a Divine Weapon, this price wasn’t considered too expensive. If one party really bidded this price, could it be that Shrek would really auction off this top-notch Divine Weapon?

For a moment, the entire auction house was in an uproar.

When Lan Xuanyu and the rest walked out of the auction hall, they no longer felt that they were poor, but that they were very small.

Tang Yuge left with them. The seven of them were in a daze.

“We’re still too weak!” Lan Xuanyu sighed.

Tang Yuge glanced at him. “Yes, even if we had the Divine Weapon, we wouldn’t be able to use it. Lan Xuanyu, what exactly is that halberd of yours? Could it be that it’s also a Divine Weapon?”

The moment she said that, everyone stopped in their tracks and focused their eyes on Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu was stunned. He had never thought of this question before and subconsciously looked at the dark blue ring on his right thumb. A Divine Weapon? This was a Divine Weapon?

Although he didn’t know if it was a Divine Weapon, it was definitely not an ordinary weapon. Otherwise, why couldn’t even the Five Elements Divine Light block it ? It had a unique characteristic, as though nothing could stand in its way ? Or that nothing couldn’t be broken by it ?

“I don’t know either. I’ve been wearing it since I was little and I can’t take it off. I’ve asked Dad and Mom, but they didn’t want to tell me. So I just kept it on until recently when I’ve become able to use it. But it was just for a short moment, as you’ve seen.” Lan Xuanyu said honestly.

Tang Yuge looked at him deeply. “Quickly improve your cultivation. I want to fight you with all my might.” With that said, she suddenly sped up and disappeared into the night.

The all-out battle she mentioned naturally included Battle Armors.

Lan Xuanyu’s fighting spirit wasn’t aroused, he just felt a little helpless. The disparity between our soul powers is too great, and you’re telling me this now ? And you already have your Battle Armor! When will I be able to catch up?

Title: Divine Weapon, Silver Dragon Spear

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