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«Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1451 - Taking Turns Against the Ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

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Chapter 1451 Taking Turns Against the Ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

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There was a confident smile on Xiao Chenlei’s face.A sword and a saber attacked at the same time!

Even when faced with a Saber Supremacy and a Sword Supremacy simultaneously, he still had absolute confidence to defeat the two Supremacy with one move!

Besides, he was going to use his unparalleled cultivation to heavily injure both these Sword and Saber Supremacy at the same time! To defeat the most confident attack of the enemy using the most violent and direct way!

This was the best way to defeat the enemy psychologically!

‘To bury a seed of thought that they can never ever defeat you!’

So long as this sword and saber went up and collided in the way he predicted, these two Sword and Saber Supremacy would be pretty much crippled!

The inner demon from a direct defeat was far greater than any other form of inner demon!

As long as these two were completely defeated by him with this one blow, it’s more than 90% possible that they would lose their spirit from now on!

Xiao Chenlei even prepared for the subsequent divine consciousness and momentum attacks.

In the next moment, the saber light flashed like lightning, and the sword aura spread like a long rainbow!

They reached the body at the same time!

The two sword auras collided first, breaking out bright light in the air and bursting out.

Gu Duxing grunted!

As the saber whistled through the air, Dong Wushang slashed right down with great momentum holding the huge saber, but it had king-like natural confidence and majesty!

The two sabers solidly slammed together!

Xiao Chenlei grunted!

Dong Wushang shouted, and his Dark Saber made nine consecutive slashes!

It was like nine continuous flashes of lightning in the air!

The rumbling sounds were going on non-stop. Xiao Chenlei’s violent backlash also burst out at this moment!


With a sharp roar, Gu Duxing’s body went up through the air like a sharp sword, swaying and disappearing without a trace. Dong Wushang’s strong body retreated quickly in the air, he spat out a mouthful of blood abruptly, and his body turned into a black little dot in the retreat and immediately disappeared!

There was only one remark left — “A ninth-grade Supremacy, true to the name indeed!”

Xiao Chenlei stood stiffly on the high platform, his face heavy, his gaze deep and his long beard fluttering in the wind.

He actually didn’t chase.

The rocky ground beneath his feet slowly began to collapse, it was actually turned into powder by the sword aura and saber energy, and slowly collapsed down three feet!

Xiao Chenlei just stood in emptiness like that.

With his cultivation of ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, when receiving the attack of one saber and one sword from the opponent, he actually couldn’t protect the ground beneath his feet! All of it was smashed into power because of the aftermath.

Cold sweat drenched the clothes on his back.

He felt a lingering shock.

He originally used full power to establish dominance, though he was passively receiving the attack, with his cultivation, this was no big deal at all. So he originally planned to completely shatter the opponent’s attack with one blow, and then immediately counterattack, destroying these two saber and sword geniuses who sent themselves to his door!

Even if he couldn’t destroy their lives, he had to destroy their confidence and self-esteem!

Yet now he realized he himself was actually the one shaken!

This immensely fierce sword blow and this extremely domineering saber blow left a scar on Xiao Chenlei.

He clearly felt that if the cultivation of the opponent was a bit higher or similar to himself… or even if it was a few levels lower than himself at eighth-grade or peak-level seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist…

He would definitely have become a pile of minced meat right now!

He would be cut in half either by the sword or the saber! That was without a doubt.

The opponent’s momentum was not weakened at all. Even if they retreated after only one blow, their killing aura was steadily growing as they left. It was full of confidence.

He himself was actually shocked and felt a lingering fear.

That… was really just a fifth-grade Sword Supremacy and a fifth-grade Saber Supremacy?

Thinking about the destructive momentum from just now, Xiao Chenlei felt a strong lingering fear.

He really overestimated himself…

If not for his thousands of years of deep cultivation…

Xiao Chenlei immediately stopped himself from thinking any further.

He lifted his saber and sword, looking at the obvious chipped marks, he was speechless for a moment.

Gu Duxing went attacking with his sword and felt a strong, violent force coming right at him, and the moment the sword light left his hand, it was pushed right back! It felt just like a tiny boat faced with a huge wave coming at it in a surging ocean!

Gu Duxing responded with all his strength, focused all his cultivation and pushed against it with all his might! After one blow, Gu Duxing’s face was pale, there was blood on the corners of his mouth, his wrists shaking wildly. He took advantage of the momentum and retreated. “My current cultivation is still totally insignificant against a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!”

The gap was too big!

The feeling of being placed at death’s door during this one blow, the immense terror of a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist also made Gu Duxing understand a lot in this instant.

So he backed away without a bit of hesitation.

It was like a peak-level assassin using his best skills to assassinate the enemy, but once the first hit missed the target, he would retreat immediately to preserve himself.

Only after he went out thousands of feet and was in a completely safe range, did he feel an agonizing pain through his body, as though he was hit by a lightning bolt. He looked up and saw that at the place where the blow was made, the sky was covered with dust.

“I will reach this level one day! And that day, it definitely won’t be too far!”

Gu Duxing said to himself in his mind.

His internal organs were damaged, his blood was boiling as though it was about to break out of his body, and the veins in his heart were also almost broken from the shock. But he looked calm and even a little rejoiced as he took out an incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill and swallowed it, bright light shining in his eyes.

A ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist was not undefeatable!

Dong Wushang’s Dark Saber waved and fell like a thunderbolt. After the hit, his whole body shook violently, and following the force of the impact, he flew backwards without making any resistance!

His strength is greater than mine! I can’t kill him, I’m below his level!

The gap between me and this person is huge.

But I can already sense what it feels like to be on his level.

I’m already clear!

So I’ll definitely reach it!

But I’m retreating temporarily.

This kind of feeling was like — When you were at a low level, you looked at the high levels as though it was heaven while you were on earth, it’s too far to be reached. But once you’ve climbed to a certain height, and you looked at the original position again, you could see a rock mountain in the clouds and mist.

Although it was still far away, it was not impossible to climb up to it!

Dong Wushang flew out backward as his whole body was in violent shock, his meridians looked like they were about to explode and his blood almost flowed backward in an instant. But he didn’t panic at all and just took an incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill in the air, and retreated into the distance without looking back!

Today, I can’t beat you, but one day, I’ll be able to face a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist alone and kill him with one move of saber!

Because I’ve already seen your perspective clearly!

Xiao Chenlei stood with a serious face for a long time in the air, then he sighed and was about to descend.

But right at this moment, a voice rang out clearly. “Kill this ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, and those dragon and phoenix remains will be in our hands! Today we take a vow of death and attack, we’ll definitely make it!”

Xiao Chenlei was furious!

Who actually dared to be so presumptuous!

Upon turning around to look, he saw a white figure in the distant mountains and forests, standing against the wind like the moonlight shining in the forest.

This command came from his mouth!

Xiao Chenlei was so furious that he actually laughed. “Junior! You are looking for death!”

His arms shook and he flew toward the white figure like a giant roc that spread its wings and flew; he crossed the distance of thousands of feet in just an instant!

The white figure moved lightly, and it could already be seen that it was a young man in white, he looked gentle, handsome and graceful. He looked at him calmly, there were no emotions of any kind in his eyes!

Up against a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist who was about to reach him, his face actually didn’t change!

Xiao Chenlei’s eyes were like a hawk’s, his hands spread, and a gigantic hand appeared out of thin air and went grabbing hard!

Suddenly, there was a subtle wave of vibrations in the air, and then Xiao Chenlei suddenly found that a huge, bright flower suddenly appeared in front of him!

An extremely beautiful and wonderful flower was gently blooming in front of him.

Xiao Chenlei could even clearly “see” those gorgeous petals slowly unfolding in front of him, one by one, non-stop…

It was like a lotus flower that opened in bloom continuously, but the stamen that was supposed to show was not seen even after a long time!

A strong and unrelenting moment came down from the top!

Xiao Chenlei’s electric-like eyes suddenly shut abruptly, and his sword slashed out!

It was the top method to face viburnum flowers — To close the eyes and not look at the bright and gorgeous scene but simply use the consciousness to sense where to direct the killing and deal with the enemy!

Xie Danqiong’s eyes lit up!

He already knew that he could affect the sight of even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist with his viburnum flowers!

This was enough!

At the same time, a flash of sword light sprang out like a raging dragon, and what he made was a clear whistle, sounding like a phoenix singing in the sky.

Xiao Chenlei, who had shut his eyes, suddenly felt as if a dragon and a phoenix had appeared in front of him and they were making deadly attacks on him together!

With a loud bang, the viburnum flowers were swept away, and with blood at the corners of his mouth, Xie Danqiong was sent tumbling down. Another cut by the viburnum flowers appeared on Xiao Chenlei!

Xiao Chenlei opened his eyes abruptly, his fist punched toward Ao Xieyun violently while his saber slashed toward Rui Butong rapidly!

He didn’t even have time to say anything!

Ao Xieyun let out a dragon’s roar and retreated madly. Rui Butong guffawed and retreated immediately after one hit.

Xiao Chenlei stood in the air, majestic and dignified. When he observed, the youth in white just now had actually disappeared.

He shouted, “Coward! Come out and fight your grandfather!”

Thinking of how he almost lost himself in the murderous flower blooms, the dragon-like roar, and the phoenix-like suppression… Xiao Chenlei felt a sense of urgency — “If these enemies are not eliminated, he will suffer because of them sooner or later!”

These boys must not live!

There had never been a day when he felt such precariousness.

Moreover, the Elder Master of the Xiao Clan had also never thought that he would be jealous of other talents one day! Before this, whatever kind of genius he saw, he would only smile and look forward to the day when the genius had grown and matured.

Yet today, he was afraid.

A voice said, “You grandfather, I will come out when I want to and won’t come out when I don’t want to, but I’m no coward! You old turtle, apologize to me!”

Xiao Chenlei yelled furiously, “Hiding yourself clandestinely, if you’re not a coward, can you actually be frank and honest?”

That voice made a wolf’s howl and flew into a rage. “Ahoo~~ Despicable old turtle, you’re making Second Master Luo angry!”

A flash of sword light rose from the ground like a lone wolf foraging the grassland!

At the same time, another flash of sword light appeared as though from another world. The two flashes of sword light approached like electric shocks!

The one on the left was fierce and wild like a pack of wolves!

Yet the one on the right seemed to contain the murderous aura gathered from the whole world and a decisive momentum of “not stopping even after slaughtering the whole world”!

Yes, it was Sword Master Chu who made the move!

“What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world”!

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