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«Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1322 - Encirclement and Annihilation in the North West

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Chapter 1322: Encirclement and Annihilation in the North West

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This news almost sent Li Wubo into a breakdown!

Especially… after knowing that Zi Xiaoyan was not reliable! Even more so, Li Wubo felt that he had walked into a trap that he would never be able to withdraw from!

He thought in his mind, “I’m really so silly!”

“When he said that I would get the world’s number one Purple Crystal mine the moment I caught Lang Yilang. I actually believed that…”

Now, Li Wubo had not only destroyed the Li Clan, but also he had caused them to sink into an unrecoverable crisis. That was because Lang Yilang had also run away.

The most frustrating thing was that Lang Yilang had escaped after being attacked by the Li Clan! It was heard that he had escaped with serious injuries and five out of nine officers were killed along the way…

This was an irreconcilable hatred between them!

Thinking of all this, Li Wubo started to have chills all over while his body was trembling.

“How much more deceit and harm are you going to inflict on me, before you decide to stop?!” Li Wubo roared in anger, but the voice sounded like he was wailing. In this cold and snowy wasteland, Li Wubo spontaneously turned sad and was filled with desolation.

Li Wubo looked at how his surrounding clan members were all busy working and how everyone’s faces were filled with sadness.

Li Wubo looked up into the sky and heaved a long sigh.

In his arms, it was both the poisons and also the aphrodisiac that was pre-prepared for handling Zi Xiaoyan.

Looking at the few pretty ladies that he had exquisitely picked for Zi Xiaoyan to carry on his family line, Li Wubo really wanted to raise his hands and fiercely give himself a tight slap on the face!

One misstep and everything would be ruined. Ever since he believed that Zi Xiaoyan could retrieve the Purple Crystals from the mine, that was equivalent to being controlled by him and led around by the nose!

The opponent’s tactics were not great. However, it strongly captured a key attribute in it. Greed!

His own greed!

Or rather the greed of the entire Li Clan.

The thing which made Li Wubo really speechless was the fact that Zi Xiaoyan did not even intend to do so initially. He was basically forced by the Li Clan to come…

This… was really a huge joke! He had forced his opponent to come and destroy his own clan at the end. In the meantime, his actions had also caused the Li Clan to incur hatred toward another strong and formidable enemy…

At this moment, Li Wubo was at a loss.

What should he do now? The Li Clan required immediate rebuilding which could not be postponed for even a moment! On the other side, it was also an emergency! If he allowed Lang Yilang to escape, it would incur the worst and most terrifying revenge from the law-enforcement officer!

“In the end… what should be done?”

He was indeed a worthy clan master for one of the Nine Super Clans. Li Wubo was only at a loss for a brief period of time before he made a decision!

The rebuilding here could still be slowed down a little. However, over on the other side, any slowing down would be a disaster, equivalent to annihilating the entire clan!

“All members, Supreme Martial Artist and above, gather immediately now!” Li Wubo gave out his commands.

Of course, this referred to the Supreme Martial Artist and above who he could mobilize. As for the rest, for example, the Li Clan Elders, Li Clan ancestors and the others… this power was something that was out of the reach even for the Clan Master.

Even so, Li Wubo was able to gather about 100 Supreme Martial Artists on such short notice.

“Li Clan is now facing a life and death situation!” Li Wubo took in a deep breath before continuing, “I hope that everyone would abandon any work that they are doing now and immediately lead your men to seal the North West region and capture our enemy!”

The various Supreme Martial Artists glanced at each other and thought in their minds, “Life and death situation? Is their current miserable plight not considered a life and death situation yet?”

“There is something worse than this?”

Li Wubo summarized and explained the matter, “The moment Lang Yilang returns to the Law-Enforcement City… Everyone should already know what our Li Clan would face next…”

The various Supreme Martial Artists immediately gasped and took in a breath of cold air.

“If we capture Lang Yilang, we would have the world’s number one Purple Crystal mine. Our strength would multiply a few folds. Even if both the Ye Clan and Xiao Clan were to combine their strengths, they might not be our match! However, if we do not capture Lang Yilang and let any one of them escape, the consequence would be disastrous for the Li Clan!”

The voice of Li Wubo was serious and solemn.

He felt bitterness in his mouth. Initially, he did not want to say anything about the ‘world’s number one Purple Crystal mine’. Saying it out felt like stabbing his own heart with a knife.

However, in current circumstances, he had to use such a gimmick… to stabilize the emotions of the clan members and to give these Supreme Martial Artists a hopeful goal in mind, just as they were about to begin this expedition. It was equivalent to saying that Li Wubo was not simply sending them off to die, all the more not committing foolish acts. The expedition was… really for something significant in the clan!

It was something that concerned the future of the Li Clan for many generations ahead.

“If that’s the case, there’s no time to lose. We will set off immediately!” said all the Supreme Martial Artists simultaneously.

“Clan Master, please arrange!”

“Great!” Li Wubo said rest assured. “The most urgent matter now is none other than to seal off our North West exit! Especially the main exit. That place is heavily forested and is a linkage from our place to the center of the continent. It is adjacent to the north and connects to the west. There are multiple exits there that make it easier for the enemy to slip out from there!”

“The other exits are all rather remote. Furthermore, there’s basically no one outside of those exits and it’s equivalent to making one big round around the Nine Heavens, before reaching back to the continent. Just sending someone to be on alert will do.”

“Our objective now is to first seal off our borders! During this period of time, we can only allow people to enter, but not exit, for the entire North West region! Even those personnel who appear to be totally harmless, we must not let them get out! I have only one request! Even if it’s a mouse, before the matter is concluded, we must not let anyone or anything get out of the North West region!”

“When you arrive outside, activate all the subsidiary clans at our borders! Get everyone mobilized! More importantly, it is to relay my intentions. There is only one objective! Only dead people can get out of the North West region! Even if the person is confirmed to be dead, we must chop off the head to make sure! In summary, complete dead bodies cannot be allowed to leave the North West!”

“On behalf of the 100 thousand members of Li Clan, I respectfully ask all of you for your help!”

The face of Li Wubo was serious and solemn. With a bow of his body, his forehead almost touched the ground filled with snow.

He did not straighten his body even after a long while.

With the Clan Master being so solemn, the crowd immediately felt their body grow heavier with the responsibilities. It was almost like… a feeling of ‘heroes entering a mission far away, swearing never to return until the mission is completed.’

The assurance and comfort of the Clan would be all up to these people!

In this period of silence, each of the Supreme Martial Artists quickly made some arrangements and immediately after, they brought along ten plus people each with the biggest group about a few hundred people. Then, all of them left speedily to their mission.

At the current state, the most number of people that the Li Clan could mobilize was this many. 10 thousand plus people!

However, when these 10 thousand plus people left, the rebuilding work immediately ground to almost a halt.

“What is happening? Where are the people?!” Li Chunbo immediately realized the anomaly and came out to ask angrily.

“They… they had all gone out…” In the face of Elder Master, Li Wubo appeared a little weak and fearful that seemed to be ingrained in him.

In so many years of life, it seemed like the Elder Master spoke the most these few days. Furthermore, it was all him talking to Li Wubo… However, Li Wubo did not feel honored. Instead, he felt like dying each time!

“Gone out? At this timing, for what? Who let them leave?” Li Chunbo was so angry by the actions of his descendants that he wanted to vomit blood.

At this moment when there were so many things to be done!

Many people would die if they did not settle down in time… At this critical moment, the Li Clan was actually down by 13 thousand strong personnel who could contribute the most to these infrastructures!

Was this not nonsense?

“It’s… me.” Li Wubo really wanted to dig a hole and bury himself at this moment.

“It’s you… You are really a good man!” Li Chunbo was so angry that he laughed. “Tell me the reason!”

“It’s like this…” Trembling, Li Wubo explained the entire matter to Li Chunbo.

As Li Wubo talked, Li Chunbo was speechless. By the end, the pitiful Elder Master, the peak level ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist was trembling and could not even speak a word…

“You…” Li Chunbo was so angry that his eyes were continuously rolling back. He gritted his teeth and said, “Do you know how pigs die?”

“Ah?” Li Wubo stared in panic. He had not expected that Elder Master would begin to tell him a story at this moment?

“Wait till you die yourself… then you would know… That is the same way pigs die!” Li Chunbo trembled as he scolded. He wanted to say something, but after stuttering for half a day, nothing came out of his mouth. He wanted to scold Li Wubo, but right now, any interest to scold him was completely trampled on till nothing was left…

Li Chunbo was really disheartened and totally disappointed. He felt his heart turn cold and became dispirited.

“It’s a pity that despite me living a heroic life, I actually gave birth to a bunch of vile spawns like you!”

The Elder Master let out a long sigh before walking away, totally disheartened.

The majestic figure of Li Xiongtu continued to move, continued to help people move stuff and make caves. His actions were speedy. Although his face remained expressionless, it was never a face of impatience.

Chu Yang and the others had stayed underground for a full five days.

Within these five days, he had withdrawn all this divine consciousness. There were also no forms of any probing. They were just like a corpse buried underground. Other than breathing, practicing martial arts and recovery, there were basically no other movements and actions.

However, everyone could feel that the ground above their heads had been overturned completely. It was a full thousand feet deep.

When they were first making the caves, if it was not for Chu Yang’s persistence for it to be deeper and deeper, based on the situation then, the caves would only have been that deep… That way, they would already have been discovered by the Li Clan.

For three continuous days, the booming sound on the surface did not stop at all.

One could imagine that the surface was already in a huge mess…

From the fourth day onward, there were no longer any movements in the surroundings. It was obvious that the search team had already moved on to another area and gave up on this place.

However, Chu Yang still did not let anyone get out.

It was the fifth day now.

“We shall take actions three days later.” Chu Yang said, “The Li Clan is already mad.”

The crowd all revealed a sense of elatedness in their eyes.

To the few people here, the more sad the Li Clan was, the happier they became!

“I forgot to mention something to the four of you.” Chu Yang looked at the four officers and added, “When you all get out, regardless of who… if you managed to reach the Law-Enforcement City alive; when you narrate the happenings for this period of time, do not mention my name at all!”

“I know that everyone is an old-timer in the martial world. However, if you do not prepare beforehand on what to say, then when someone asked, you would be bound to make some mistakes. All the more, you all will know that any momentous shifts in your eyes to your Interrogation Hall, it would be a fatal mistake.”

“Therefore, you must plan a set of lies beforehand and remember them clearly!” Chu Yang warned.

The four of them understood what Chu Yang meant and they agreed seriously. Immediately, the four of them started to discuss amongst themselves.

The eighth day!

Chu Yang let out his divine consciousness slightly to probe the surroundings. He finally smiled and said, “I think it’s time for us to get out.”


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