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«Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1321 - Continuous Stream of Bad News

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Chapter 1321: Continuous Stream of Bad News

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This was a shockingly huge change! It could more accurately be called a tragic turn of fortune!

Li Clan was a super clan that had been in the background for the past 10 thousand years. Of course, it was filled with experts within. It was definite that even women, children and servants had practiced martial arts.

However, with such a horrible collapse of heaven and earth, the number of injuries that Li Clan sustained was definitely not low. Several people lost their lives here!

After a whole three days later, the Li Clan finally managed to work out these statistics.

Looking at the concluding numbers, everyone was speechless.

All the Li Clan’s buildings had been completely destroyed. In other words, all the years of Li Clan’s foundation were considered gone.

The number of casualties was more than 60 thousand!

Everyone looked sullen and dumbfounded.

“Zi Xiaoyan! This despicable person, I will shred your body into pieces!” Li Wubo looked up into the sky and cried terribly, as if he was mad.

Suddenly, the members of the Li Clan began to scold and curse continuously. Everyone was scolding that Zi Xiaoyan was such a jerk.

“You still have the face to blame others?” A bitter voice sounded, “Li Wubo, you have sent the entire Li Clan to its grave… Now, you still blame others?”

The crowd turned around and saw a man in green robe, standing on the ground of snow, with his hands clasped behind his back. His eyes were looking coldly in front as bitterness flashed through his eyes.

The person was Li Clan’s founding ancestor, Li Chunbo!

“Me?” Li Wubo pointed at his own nose, startled and filled with grievances. He added, “Elder Master… This is really a huge injustice to me… All these are due to the enemies’ plan! It’s all due to that god damn Zi Xiaoyan and his vicious means!”

“Yes, it’s you!” Li Chunbo expected better from Li Wubo. “In any battle of the martial world, all enemies would do everything in their means to achieve victory! The enemy has racked his brains to think of ways to deal with the Li Clan, even if it’s such vicious means, so what?”

“Could it be that you still dream that your enemies would fight fairly and honorably against you?” Li Chunbo said furiously, “So ridiculous! So laughable!”

Li Wubo knelt down on the ground of snow, and he felt his own heart totally became cold, just like this piece of ground filled with snow.

“Furthermore, the enemy had already left and given us some leeway to survive,” Li Chunbo said.

Suddenly, Li Wubo appeared a little unjustified as he thought in his mind, “Given some leeway? Since when did that b*stard give us some leeway?”

Seeing how he was unconvinced, Li Chunbo said, “If the enemy had created this exact scene before he left, then he could be considered as savage and ruthless! However, he did not do that but left directly!”

“Don’t say any kind of junk talk that he would be unable to leave if he had created this scene. Let me ask you, when such a huge collapse happened, he was the one most informed. Could he have escaped? Which one of you has the confidence to capture him? Even I would only be able to just look at him escape far away! Even if we could make him stay with ease, our time would mostly be used to save our families!”

“However, he didn’t do anything like that! Is this not considered as giving us some leeway? Are you still not convinced?”

“By now, he had already left for two days, the mountain collapsed by your own actions. Yet, you still remain impenitent, not feeling guilty and just know how to shirk your responsibility?”

“I… I did not! I did not shirk my responsibility! Elder Master, please understand and be discerning!” Li Wubo was weeping bitter tears as he almost wanted to carve out his heart.

“You didn’t?” Li Chunbo sharpened his eyes and added, “Let me ask you, after you have gone to the Purple Crystal mine, did you discover that the round pillar could now be moved? Possible for a hole to be made through it?”

“I…” Li Wubo was startled and lost for words.

“You don’t need to quibble! Firstly, with your character, if you knew that it’s impossible to open, you would definitely not suffer the backlash of an attack in vain! Secondly, after you made contact with the hole, dust immediately dropped down from the top! This made you sure that this round pillar could now be opened! That’s why you decided to take action!”

Li Chunbo let out a deep and long sigh. “It was your actions that caused the entire mountain to collapse!”

“Elder Master, how could you blame Clan Master for this?” Li Tongtian disagreed to some extent. “Even if we didn’t move it, that place would collapse sooner or later. Furthermore, Clan Master did not know that the place would collapse once an entrance was made through it.”

“Therefore, the problem lies right here.” Li Chunbo said, “Even if we don’t move it, that place would collapse… These words really make sense! You all have thought of the place possibly collapsing but not of the consequences once the place collapsed?”

“Therefore, when you all discovered that the place could collapse, the first reaction should not be to destroy it, but rather, to order and direct an evacuation! However, you all did… this is the biggest mistake!”

“As for what you said… did not know that it would collapse, that is really nonsense!” Li Chunbo was furious as he continued, “The entire mountain was empty! The stone pillar propping up the mountain had already decayed and yet you think it would not collapse? What kind of trash logic is this? Li Tongtian! You actually could say such nonsense!”

Li Tongtian looked down, his face filled with shame.

Yes, that was right. Since they saw big pieces of rocks dropping down the moment they made contact, they should have evacuated… In that way, although there would be some losses, they could still protect the foundation of the clan.

“There’s another mistake that absolutely cannot be tolerated!” Li Chunbo looked on with heavy eyes. He had a sorrowful look on his face for what had happened, but their cowardice still made him furious. In addition, he had another disappointed and melancholic look. “All those who died in the clan, it is all attributed to the ten plus of you…”

“At that time when the mountain collapsed, you were all inside at the bottom-most level! However, who are you people?” Li Chunbo shouted furiously, “All of you are Supreme Martial Artists! There are even some fifth-grade and sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artists! Seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artist! Did all of you eat feces?”

“A bunch of inhumane b*stards!” Li Chunbo extended his hands and pointed at his descendants with his trembling fingers. “Based on your strength when you were down below, you could totally use your cultivation to delay the collapse of the mountain! Or even with your combined power to move away the entire mountain that had collapsed! Throw it all out! That is also possible. That way, you would have safeguarded the foundation of the Li Clan!”

“All the while, you all have been flaunting your martial art prowess by battling with huge mountains. However, during an emergency when your clan members are dying, all of you Supreme Martial Artists actually abandoned the clan’s women and children. There was obviously a chance to salvage the situation with your powers, but all of you escaped quicker than the other?”

“Watching your loved ones die of unnatural causes, while you do nothing even though you had the power. Now, you are actually crying and scolding others…”

Li Chunbo roared furiously, “What kind of people are you! Why would I have such descendants!”

Li Tongtian and the others looked at each other. Immediately after, a sense of extreme remorsefulness came into their minds.

What the Elder Master said was right!

When that huge mountain collapsed, these people indeed had the power to hold it up and even move it away!

Even if they could not totally avoid a disaster, they would have prevented a huge part of it. In that way, the Li Clan would at most have suffered a few casualties of mine workers. However, for the ten thousand years of the Li Clan’s foundation, it would have been freed of any harm!

However, at that time, no one thought of this level but only thought of escaping…

“Pa pa pa…” Li Tongtian raised his hands and crazily gave himself a few tight slaps. With a face filled with remorse, his tears started to flow.

Suddenly, the sound of slapping on the face rang continuously…

However, this matter was indeed sudden. Everyone was still underground initially when the mountain collapsed. Furthermore… there was the pillar that even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist could not leave a scratch on… That kind of matter…

It really scared them out of their wits…

Other than escape, what else could they do?

As long as one of them decided to escape, the rest would naturally follow suit bewilderedly. At that moment, who would have thought that they still had the strength to salvage such a situation?

“Why are you still standing here? Waiting to die?” Li Chunbo shouted furiously, “Still not opening up a cave and let people have a resting ground? Still not hurrying to scavenge some resources from the debris? Still not trying to prevent people from dying of cold and hunger? Still not hurrying to scavenge for any other useful items? Do you think that all these things would happen automatically just by you standing here?”

Li Chunbo thought that this time around, he would just scold and give them a piece of his mind. However, the more he talked, the angrier he got. By the end of it, he almost had the thought to kill these people by his own hands…

He was really too angry!

After the scolding, Li Chunbo groaned and disappeared without a trace.

Leaving behind the crowd that was still stunned beyond belief!

People were usually like that. When disasters happened, everyone would go about condemning and blaming others. However, no one would have thought of what they could have done during this disaster…

The common nature of humans.

Bringing along with him infinite remorse, infinite depression, Li Wubo started to bring along people to rebuild his homeland. As for holding someone accountable, who would dare to mention the matter of capturing Zi Xiaoyan under such circumstances?

The Elder Master had already blown his top from extreme anger. Before rebuilding, no matter how much hatred Li Wubo had, he would have to wait till everyone was settled down before he talked about it again…

Of course, the so-called rebuilding of the homeland was only about opening up caves within the mountain body. Thereafter, they would be divided into their living quarters by family. After which, if there was any other further segregation required… it would be up to the individual families.

As for the real rebuilding of the homeland to regain their original scale… Li Wubo felt that it would be impossible within the next eight to ten years.

“No wonder!” Li Wubo looked up into the sky and sighed while he was directing people’s work from the side. “Clans of the Nine Tribulations are indeed rebuilt after being destroyed… No exception for our Li Clan… Fortunately, not many of our experts died…”

He sounded really lucky.

The few Supreme Martial Artists all expressed their agreement with what Li Wubo said.

At this point, only this sentence was the biggest in consoling them…

Just as the Li Clan was hot in the midst of rebuilding, the group that chased to kill Lang Yilang finally sent someone to bring back news.

The person who came back to pass on the news was really stunned. He made a full turn around but still could not believe that what he had walked into was the same clan filled with grand buildings that he left from.

The huge change to the clan made him stunned beyond belief.

However, the news that he brought back to Li Wubo was no doubt making matters worse! After a thunderstorm came another series of thunder strikes! Li Wubo directly jumped up, without regard for his composure.

“What… what?!” Li Wubo’s eyeballs were almost popping out. “So many of you chasing after one Lang Yilang and you still let him get away?”

Li Wubo was suddenly really furious and he flew into a rage. “Have all of you eaten feces!”


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