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«Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 75: Superb Luck (Part 2)

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Volume 9 - Chapter 75: Superb Luck (Part 2)

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The silver coin flipped upwards rapidly in the air, producing a metallic sound.

Both sides of the coin seemed to have turned into black and white. One side was his, while the other belonged to the boss; one side was hell, and the other side was paradise.

When the coin’s rising potential energy finally ran out and started to fall, Liu Zixing’s eyes still couldn’t take away from it. He subconsciously reached out to catch this coin, seemingly wanted to seize his fate.

He held his breath long ago with beads of sweat dripping down his head. At last, the coin fell on the back of his hand.

Liu Zixing subconsciously gave a swallow. His trembling palms covering the coin slowly moved away. The result was out.

The vicious dogs’ barking had ceased, but there were still many vicious dogs in the breeding ground looming with a dark red light.

These dogs just fell asleep on the ground, but they could wake up at any time… Liu Zixing also woke up.

The abrupt return from an environment with tender lightings to this place with glaring lights was uncomfortable. At the same time, the pain of having his ear cut off returned to him again, making him suffer terribly.

However, the opening of the dog cage lock made him overjoyed!

Liu Zixing covered the wound on his ear with one hand, pushed open the cage door, and crawled out of it. He tiptoed to the door while calming down his breathing. He quickly opened the door and walked out.

Brother Black Panther seemed to be no longer in this dog breeding ground. The remaining underlings were playing cards and drinking beer in another room.

Liu Zixing cautiously sped past these people and escaped from this place. Every second was a heart-pounding moment. He could not help with it. After all, the betting chip he possessed was too little. It only allowed him to win a chance to escape. He received no additional help during the entire process of fleeing.

But, even just this small opportunity, he won it after losing four times in a row!

After losing forty days of life, he finally won this opportunity from the boss. In other words, what he gained cost forty days of his life…

It seemed that although some of his soul was taken away, his life span could be used as the capital of the transaction. But, he subconsciously chose to deal with it through gambling.

Just because he might stand a chance to acquire something bigger through gambling.

Liu Zixing didn’t know whether it was worth it or not. He just left the dog breeding ground and started running madly, until he fled to the main road. He relaxed slightly. This should be a road outside the suburbs of a particular district.

He could not find any street signs and was unable to determine his location for the time being.

Liu Zixing was too tired at this time, leaning against a street lamp, gasping for breath.

He looked at the light bulb of the street lamp above his head but couldn’t see his hair. At this moment, dozens of white hairs had appeared.


Soon, he helped himself with a street lamp to stand up. He laughed alone on the road in the deserted mountains. Probably, it was because the rest of his life would be miserable. Maybe, it was because at this moment, only the flying insects entwined with the light bulb accompanied him.

Worse still, who knows his existence?

He stopped his laughter and then reached into his pocket. He took out a coin.

Gambling under absolutely fair circumstances, the odds of winning or losing every time were 50%.

“Boss, please come out!”

Boss Luo’s figure left from the darkness, appearing silently at the side of the street lamp, “Customer, what are you going to bet on this time?”

Liu Zixing shook his head and asked after a while of silence, “I need superb luck. If I buy it with my lifespan, how much lifespan will it cost?”

“Superb luck? Please be specific,” said Luo Qiu calmly.

Liu Zixing thought for a while and said, “No matter what I guess, I will be right! Superb luck!”

The boss with a mask narrowed his eyes and asked softly, “So, how long does it need to last?”

Liu Zixing was startled. He would not be able to cheat the boss easily. It was not realistic to acquire a lifetime of superb luck so casually, “I need one day.”

“Five years of lifespan.” Luo Qiu quoted directly.

It was equivalent to compressing all the excellent luck of five years into this one day.

Liu Zixing gritted his teeth and asked again, “Then, if I were to bet, what will be my betting chips?”

Boss Luo said calmly, “Half of the rest of your life.”

Liu Zixing was taken aback for a moment, and subconsciously said, “The betting chip is so much different?”

Luo Qiu chuckled, “Of course, after all, the gambling between the guest and me has the condition of absolute fairness first. So, no matter what sort of good luck, the effect will not occur between the gambling between you and me. Of course, the customer can also alter this fair environment at a higher price. For me, I hope that you will be able to afford it.”

Liu Zixing looked disappointed; he could only put away his fluke mentality. He tossed a coin again and then preemptively said, “I’m still betting on heads!”

The coin revolved. With a slap, Liu Zixing pressed it on the back of his hand. He slowly moved his palm away.

When the upward side of the coin appeared in front of the boss and Liu Zixing, Liu Zixing’s eyes suddenly widened, and his breathing became rapid.

Boss Luo chuckled softly at this time, “The time now is 1:23:15 in the morning. Then, before this time tomorrow, please enjoy your superb luck.”

Before one o’clock in the morning tomorrow… Superb luck!

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