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«Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 75: Superb Luck (Part 1)

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Volume 9 - Chapter 75: Superb Luck (Part 1)

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Gambling - a game with fruitful harvest beyond anticipation that comes with risks.

Boss Luo liked to meet different kinds of customers. For example, Liu Zixing, a customer who proposed a gamble against him. The three generations of the Liu Family had all sold their family affection here. It was like a curse cycle.

However, Liu Zixing’s wish for gambling at this moment seemed to be a little different. No matter whether it was for better or for worse, it was different.

It appeared as though this was human nature.

“No?” Liu Zixing looked at the club boss with some anxiety. It seems plausible for purchases. Would he reject me if I request for a gamble?

“Why not?” Luo Qiu smiled slightly, “We deal with all kinds of products and services. However, the definition of gamble is quite vague. We need something more specific to proceed. How about you let me know the bets?”

He is alright with it!

Liu Zixing’s eyes glittered. Even if he appeared in a troubled state, he stopped feeling the pain of having his ears cut off after arriving at this place. However, to the others, it did not change the fact that he was still in a troubled state.

However, he seemed to be rejuvenated with a new kind of vitality, like the scene of a drowning man acquiring a saving plank.

His hope was embellished greatly under the soft candlelight in the club.

Luo Qiu waved his hand and asked You Ye to guide Liu Zixing to a chair. She handed over a cup of black tea and said plainly, “Let’s talk.”

“I want you to bet against me.” Liu Zixing thought quickly, “But I need it to be an absolutely fair bet. No matter what I bet on, it must be absolutely fair. In other words, you cannot cheat with your mysterious and strange power.”

“Alright.” Luo Qiu nodded. No matter what the customer requested.

Seeing this boss directly agreed, Liu Zixing was not at ecstasy, but calmed down. It was because he knew one thing very well. Even if he was so fanatical at this moment, he still had lower confidence as compared to the opponent.

As an avid gambler, Liu Zixing didn’t feel the gambler’s vibe from this boss at all. Seemingly, the boss was someone who had never gambled, but he just agreed to this request.

He did not care whether he would lose or win because this boss had a terrifying capital. Such an opponent was the most terrifying one.

“In addition, regarding the betting chips of both sides…” Liu Zixing looked at Luo Qiu, took a deep breath, and said with a serious tone, “I hope that boss can include the affection I have sold to your betting chips.”

“I wonder what you are going to use to pay for the bet? I am worried that what you pay will hardly meet the betting chip’s standard.” Boss Luo said, “Everything deserves a price… But I can guarantee that the family affection you sold off would be included as a betting chip.”

Luo Qiu had thrown the family affection Liu Zixing paid to the sacrificial altar. Of course, he could buy it back from the altar with his lifespan. However, as the boss, he would undoubtedly be at a loss.

Boss Luo, who liked to go to the supermarket on discount days, obviously did not intend to go against his housekeeping principle.

“That’s fine.” Liu Zixing nodded. He knew he couldn’t ask for more. After all, he was already in a desperate situation in his life. At this moment, he only wanted a glimmer of hope; he couldn’t ask for too much.

“I decided…” He looked at Luo Qiu and said, “Use my soul in exchange for a chance to bet against you fairly!”

“Are you sure?” said Luo Qiu calmly.

“Yes!” Liu Zixing gritted his teeth.

Luo Qiu nodded and said softly, “Then, what do you intend to use as your betting chip? I need to declare that even if it is a fair gambling environment, it is just a simulated gambling. The small shop still does not accept money from this world as a betting chip.”

“Don’t worry. I don’t have any money at all.” Liu Zixing smiled bitterly. Soon, his expression became ruthless, “My gambling bet is my life… The time I can live! All the hours, minutes and seconds of my existence. They will be my betting chips!”

“Alright.” Luo Qiu nodded, “So, when does the guest plan to start? What will be our gambling game?”

“Let’s do it now.” Liu Zixing glanced at the maid next to him. Although she was immaculately beautiful, in the eyes of a gambler, such a beautiful thing could not even compare to a betting chip on the gaming table, so he said directly, ” Give me a coin!”

You Ye simply took one of the most common coins and delivered it to Liu Zixing.

He picked up the coin and observed it carefully for a while before asking, “How much betting chips do I have for gambling?”

Boss Luo said calmly, “What you owed to the casino can’t be repaid, but the casino won’t take your life. After all, there will be no gains for the casino. But, they will squeeze your value to the maximum. After that, you will be sold as labour. En… After forty years, you will eventually die of illness due to overwork. So, your betting chip this time will be forty years.”

“This is my future? Forty years!” Liu Zixing’s face changed drastically. When he heard of his tragic fate in the future, he felt the abnormal fear in his heart. After all, this place was omnipotent. He wouldn’t even doubt the authenticity of the boss’s words!

“I thought you didn’t have the courage to commit suicide,” said the boss calmly.

Liu carefully moved his lips, but said nothing.

But Liu Zixing suddenly brightened his eyes and smiled suddenly. Under this tremendous pressure, his thinking speed unexpectedly increased greatly, “It seems that I have profited before I start.”

Boss Luo said calmly, “How so?”

Liu Zixing said sternly, “My future. I got to know my future without any cost, don’t I? If it is the typical situation, I am afraid that I have to pay a huge sum to see it. But now, you told me this because you have to calculate the wager for me.”

“Customer, you’re really smart.” The maid gave a cup of hot tea to Liu Zixing, and softly praised.

Boss Luo did not respond to the statement. He sipped on the cup before he continued, “Then, customer, do you plan to bet on a coin toss?”

Liu Zixing thought about it at this time, and said carefully, “If I want to leave the Panthers safely, how much do I need to weager?”

“Customer, can you be more specific. Is it to end this matter completely? Or is it just to be able to leave, disregarding as for what happens afterwards?” said Luo Qiu calmly.

“The latter!” Liu Zixing said quickly. Obviously, the former needed more wager.

“In that case… Please use ten days of your life as a bargaining chip.” chuckled Luo Qiu.

Liu Zixing nodded, and then stretched out his palm directly in front of Luo Qiu, revealing the coin which the maid gave, “Then, I’ll toss. I bet on the heads!”

“Tails for me then.” Luo Qiu smiled. When Liu Zixing was about to flip it, he said nonchalantly, “Customer, what you said is absolute fairness… Then it also means that you also need to maintain fairness.”

Liu Zixing’s face changed slightly. His hand that was about to toss the coin stopped, then he flipped the coin with his thumb.

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