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«Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years (Web Novel) - Chapter 430 Chiliocosm World, Li Muyi’s Dream

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Chapter 430 Chiliocosm World, Li Muyi’s Dream

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Seeing Han Jue transfer Lü Bu and Ma Chao over, everyone couldn’t help but become nervous.

It was rare to see him in such a panic. Could it be that the world connected to the Fusang Tree was not simple?

Everyone was on high alert.

Li Yao asked, “Sect Master, is it dangerous? Should we cut down the tree?”

The Fusang Tree shook violently.

“No! No!” it shouted in fear. It felt that Li Yao was so terrifying. She actually wanted to cut it down immediately.

Han Jue was deep in thought.

The Black Hell Chicken glared at Li Yao and scolded, “If you cut it down, where will we stay?”

The Golden Crow, Ah Da, and Xiao Er nodded.

Their nest was still on the Fusang Tree, so they didn’t want to cut it down.

More and more disciples gathered.

Han Jue asked in his heart, “How long until the Fusang Tree connects to other worlds?”.

(Ten million years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


(3,890 days)

So precise?

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief. He left Lü Bu and Ma Chao at the Fusang Tree and returned to his cave abode.

Dao Comprehension Sword suddenly followed him.

After the two of them entered the cave abode, Han Jue asked, “What is it?”

Dao Comprehension Sword followed behind and chuckled. “Master, shouldn’t you help me? I feel that I’m just a step away from reaching the Emperor Realm!”

After learning the Heavenly Sword Dao, Dao Comprehension Sword’s cultivation level had been advancing by leaps and bounds. Her potential was already very strong, and she was already very close to the Emperor Realm.

Han Jue sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and sized her up. He said, “Your Heavenly Sword Dao is very strong, but not strong enough. If you become the strongest person below the Emperor Realm in the next hundred-year competition, I will personally help you reach the Emperor Realm.”

Dao Comprehension Sword’s expression changed slightly, but she did not refute. Instead, she promised, “Alright! I will definitely do it!”

Han Jue waved his hand and gestured for her to leave.

Dao Comprehension Sword stood up and looked at him. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

In the end, she still left.

Han Jue touched his face and muttered, “I almost forgot that my appearance is unparalleled. This grass has grown up and actually has improper thoughts about me.” It seemed that his charm had increased.

Han Jue smiled and continued cultivating.

Ten years later, Han Jue couldn’t sit still anymore.

He felt that the Fusang Tree could connect to other worlds at any time. Han Jue couldn’t cultivate in peace.

Since it was not time yet, he would curse Great Nine Heavens.

After so many years, could this fellow still be by the Sage’s side?

Wouldn’t the Sage find him annoying?

Han Jue cursed slowly. Five days later, his lifespan began to decrease. Because he didn’t inject much Dharmic power, the strength of the curse was average, so the speed at which his lifespan decreased was also slow.


The Fusang Tree matured. Han Jue hurriedly put down the Book of Misfortune and teleported in front of it.

The disciples of the Hidden Sect looked up. They were all very nervous.

Han Jue had transferred Lü Bu and Ma Chao over and was clearly waiting.

His gaze landed on a branch of the Fusang Tree. This branch was located in the middle of the Fusang Tree and was connected to a silver vortex. It was dazzling.


Han Jue immediately brought the two guards to the silver vortex.

He probed with his divine sense and passed through a long spatial tunnel. His divine sense broke through a cloud and mist and saw a vast world.

This world was located in absolute darkness. It was like a bright sun that emitted endless light.

Han Jue felt many powerful auras and hurriedly retracted his divine sense.

Han Jue asked, “Can you close this world portal?”

The Fusang Tree replied, “No.”

Li Yao couldn’t help but say, “Chop the tree!”

The others agreed. Of course, most of them were joking.

The Fusang Tree shivered in fear and shook off many leaves.

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Can the Dao Field cover the entrance of this tunnel?”

The Dao Field could block the prying of the Heavenly Dao. If it could block this entrance, how could the living beings on the other side discover it?


Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief when he saw a word appear in front of him.

However, he was still worried.

He looked at Ma Chao and said, “From today onwards, you will guard this place. No one is allowed to go through it!”

Ma Chao immediately accepted the order.

Lü Bu was called back by Han Jue and continued to guard the Hidden Sect Island’s beach.

Han Jue began to remind the others not to send their divine sense into the spatial vortex.

“There are many experts hidden in that world. There are even my enemies. Once they discover us, we will all die,” Han Jue said seriously.

Everyone promised.

Chu Shiren muttered to himself, “Could it be the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End?”

The Black Hell Chicken shouted, “Master, Chu Shiren might act recklessly, quickly lock him up!”


Everyone looked at Chu Shiren.

Chu Shiren’s expression changed drastically. He waved his hand and said, “I’m just guessing. How can I act recklessly?”.

Han Jue looked at him suspiciously.

Is this fellow very interested in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End?

Sensing his gaze, cold sweat broke out on Chu Shiren’s forehead.

He hurriedly said, “Grandmaster, don’t listen to the stupid chicken. I don’t want to go out! Really! If you don’t believe me, let Ma Chao keep an eye on me!”

Han Jue nodded at him and left.

Chu Shiren heaved a sigh of relief and looked fiercely at the Black Hell Chicken.

The Black Hell Chicken hid behind the Black Hell Demon Lord and said smugly, “Who asked you to always interrupt our words? You sound like you know the most!”

Chu Shiren said angrily, “You’ve never gone out. Isn’t it good for me to let you broaden your horizons?”

The others hooted, feeling that the Black Hell Chicken was too annoying.

It had to be said that Han Jue’s gaze was too intimidating. Even Jiang Yi thought that Han Jue wanted to suppress Chu Shiren just in case.

Back in the cave abode.

Han Jue sat in the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and asked curiously, “Which world is the Fusang Tree connected to?”

(100 million years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


A mere hundred million was really cheap!

(Chiliocosm World: A Heavenly Dao World. It was created by the Sage of the Human School. Because of the Immeasurable Calamity, it was separated by the Sage and hidden in the Dark Forbidden Zone. It has a strong providence and is far from the Heavenly Dao Immeasurable Calamity.)

It wasn’t the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End, but the Chiliocosm World created by the Sage of the Human School.

Han Jue was puzzled.

Since the Human School had its own world, why did it want to fight for providence in the Immortal World?

Could it be that the Immortal World had some restriction on the Heavenly Dao Sages?

Thinking about it carefully, Ancestor Xitian, Dijun, and other extraordinary existences did not seem to be interested in the Immortal World or the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue was secretly glad that he didn’t agree to Nüwa’s request.

It must have been a trap!

Of course, to most living beings, becoming a Heavenly Dao Sage was a luxury and a fantasy.

Han Jue was still confident. If he was given time, he would surpass the Heavenly Dao Sages sooner or later.

[Li Muyi wants to visit you in your dreams. Do you accept?]

A line of words suddenly appeared in front of him.

Li Muyi was the current Sect Master of the Human School, but he was not a Heavenly Dao Sage.

Why was he sending a dream?

Could it be because Han Jue had probed the Chiliocosm World with his divine sense?

Han Jue pretended not to see it.

An hour later.

[Li Muyi wants to visit you in your dreams. Do you accept?]


The next morning.

(Li Muyi wants to visit you in your dreams. Do you accept?]

Han Jue was speechless. Did these Sages not care about their reputation?

So persistent!

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