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«Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years (Web Novel) - Chapter 214 Guarding the Sword Dao River, Reincarnation Avatar

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Chapter 214 Guarding the Sword Dao River, Reincarnation Avatar

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After a while, Han Jue regained consciousness.

He opened his eyes and saw the Sword Dao River again. The figure from before had already disappeared.

Han Jue felt that everything had changed.

The Sword Dao River actually felt extremely familiar to him. He could even spread his divine sense.

This feeling…

It was as if he was observing his storage ring.

From now on, he was the guardian of the Sword Dao River!

He could see the true appearance of the various figures. He could control the mysterious power of the Sword Dao River and expel people. He could also enter and leave the Sword Dao River at will.

From now on, the Sword Dao River would really become his home!


Han Jue wasn’t surprised. Instead, his heart was heavy. Zhang Guxing treated him quite well. When he was young and ignorant, he had even saved him. Otherwise, he would have long been crushed to death by the Heavenly Dao of the Sword Dao River.

Moreover, whenever Han Jue was puzzled, he would ask Zhang Guxing.

The two of them were master and friend.

Han Jue said, “Senior, who captured my good brother?”

He believed that the person had yet to leave.


“Divine Palace’s Immortal Emperor, Yu Tianbao. What? You want to save him? Alone?” The figure’s voice sounded again.

Han Jue replied, “I’m not an Immortal Emperor’s match. I just wanted to know.”

(Sword God Emperor’s favorability towards you has decreased. Current favorability: 2



This was the Sword God Emperor?

Reduced favorability just like that?

Something was wrong.

Could it be that the Sword God Emperor still hoped that he would avenge Zhang Guxing? How dare he think of that?


Could it be that the Sword God Emperor wanted him to ask the Heavenly Court for help?

Han Jue fell into deep thought.

The Sword God Emperor’s cold snort sounded again, “Let me remind you one last time. You’re guarding the Sword Dao River now, so there’s only one authority. You can’t do whatever you want. If someone whose cultivation realm far exceeds yours enters the Sword Dao River, you won’t be able to control them.

“Don’t offend a mighty figure because of this.”

Han Jue understood this logic. If he could rely on the Sword Dao River to act fearlessly, Zhang Guxing wouldn’t have been caught.

In his opinion, the Sword Dao River was like a company. He was a security guard. He could expel people in certain situations, but he wasn’t the owner of the company. He had only obtained a key!

Han Jue bowed and returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

He took out the Heavenly Dao Token and contacted Di Taibai.

“Senior, do you know the Divine Palace’s Immortal Emperor, Yu Tianbao?” Han Jue asked with a voice transmission.

Di Taibai replied, “I know. The newly appointed Divine Punishment Elder of the Divine Palace is an Immortal Emperor existence. He has great authority in the Divine Palace.”

“What? He has his eyes on you?”

He sounded nervous. Han Jue said, “He caught a good brother of mine. Is there a way to save him?”

“Brother? Where did you get this brother from?”

“The one guarding the Sword Dao River. His name is Zhang Guxing.” “What! Zhang Guxing is your good brother? That’s right… Your aptitude in the Sword Dao is so terrifying, you’ll naturally encounter him…”

Immediately after, Di Taibai fell into deep thought.

Han Jue showed a frown.

It seemed that things were very difficult. If it was in the past, Di Taibai would have agreed immediately.

After a long while, Di Taibai finally spoke, “Zhang Guxing was once the number one sword cultivator in the Divine Palace. He was unparalleled in his generation but only had the sword in his heart. The Palace Master of the Divine Palace once wanted to betroth his daughter to him, but he rejected it. The daughter was disheartened and married Yu Tianbao instead.

“Although he married her, Yu Tianbao has always felt that he’s inferior to Zhang Guxing.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, when Zhang Guxing went out to train, he was surrounded and attacked by Immortal Emperors. For some reason, he abandoned his body and his soul left the Divine Palace. He has guarded the Sword Dao River since.

“It’s almost impossible to save Zhang Guxing. Recently, the Heavenly Court developed a good relationship with the Divine Palace. At most, we can help you ensure he’s alive.”

Di Taibai’s promise made Han Jue heave a sigh of relief.

Being alive was better than nothing.

“That’s fine, too.”

Han Jue replied as Di Taibai agreed to the matter.

Di Taibai continued, “Leave this to the Heavenly Court. Don’t rashly stand out. Your talent is terrifying, but your strength is not high enough. You’re not an Immortal Emperor’s match.”

Han Jue replied, “I understand.” After severing the connection with his divine sense, Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Yu Tianbao.

There could be many Yu Tianbaos in the myriad worlds, but there was only one in the Divine Palace.

By cursing Yu Tianbao of the Divine Palace, Han Jue would definitely not curse wrongly.

Ten years later.

Han Jue cursed the Divine Palace’s Yu Tianbao again and checked his emails at the same time.

(Your good friend Heavenly Emperor discussed the Dao with a mighty figure and benefited greatly. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

[Your good friend Di Hongye was attacked by the Divine Palace’s Immortal Emperor] x4

(Your good friend Sword God Emperor was attacked by the Golden Crow Divine Clan) x120 (Your good friend Sword God Emperor was severely injured. Fortunately, a mighty figure saved him.]

[Your good friend Zhang Guxing has comprehended the true meaning of the Sword Dao and comprehended a Heavenly Dao Mystical Power.)

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang encountered a fortuitous encounter and obtained the supreme cultivation technique of the Dao Sect.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a Demon Saint. The entire sect was slaughtered.)

Han Jue was a little disappointed that he didn’t see Yu Tianbao being affected by the curse.

However, seeing that Zhang Guxing could still comprehend a Mystical Power meant that he was doing well.

He checked his interpersonal relationships and discovered that Zhang Guxing’s cultivation level had become unknown.

In other words, Zhang Guxing was an Immortal Emperor now!

Brother is so cool!

He escaped danger!

Han Jue also noticed the Heavenly Emperor’s recent situation. To be able to discuss the Dao with the Heavenly Emperor and increase his cultivation, the mighty figure was definitely not an ordinary person. Who could it be?

Han Jue was curious.

In addition, why were the Golden Crow Divine Clan and Divine Palace fighting?

The mothers of the two Golden Crows were very fierce as they fought against the four Immortal Emperors. The Immortal World was truly interesting. Even a mighty Immortal Emperor would make a move, let alone ordinary cultivators.

Fortunately, he did not ascend. Otherwise, there would be many problems.

Look at Zhou Fan. He had just joined a sect, but it got slaughtered.

Han Jue was glad.

Several months later, Han Jue cursed all the enemies.

Three lines of words suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Detected that the Heavenly Court was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure. You have the following choices:]

(1: Immediately ascend and help the Heavenly Court. You can obtain a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone and a Mystical Power inheritance.]

[2: Don’t ascend for the time being. Continue cultivating and you can obtain a Mystical Power inheritance.]

Han Jue cursed silently. You want me to ascend?


He silently chose the second option.

(You choose not to ascend for the time being. You obtained a Mystical Power inheritance.]

[Congratulations on obtaining Mystical Power — Reincarnation Avatar]

[Reincarnation Avatar: You can create an avatar with independent thoughts, and it will never betray its master. It can freely travel through the worlds and be unaffected by karma.]

This Mystical Power wasn’t bad. He could create a clone to guard the Sword Dao River.

That was all.

Han Jue didn’t want his clone to cause trouble for him.

After some thinking, Han Jue began to inherit the Reincarnation Avatar.

Another year passed.

A line of words suddenly appeared in front of Han Jue, who was cultivating.

[Detected bearer of Connate providence, check its origin.]

Han Jue frowned and immediately chose to check.

[Crown Prince Tianze: Mid-stage Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm, son of the Demon Court’s Demon Emperor. He has inherited the soul of the Ancient Demon Race’s Demon Saint and is extremely talented. This time, he followed the Demon Court to attack the Heavenly Court. His mission is to clean up the Heavenly Court’s mortal worlds.]

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