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«The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses (Web Novel) - Chapter 1285: I Want to Make You Stay (163)

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Chapter 1285: I Want to Make You Stay (163)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Let me first ask you this. Do you have any actual girlfriends? If you do, things will inevitably get very complicated.”

“I used to have one, but my family opposed to our relationship and made me break up with her. I had remained single ever since.”

“That’s great. You said that you don’t get along too well with your family and you don’t have a respected status at home either. Since you’re now aware that someone in your family is out to sacrifice and kill you, do you plan to retaliate? I know it’s a tough decision to make, but I’d really like to know what you’re thinking.”

“Instead of living my whole life stepping on eggshells and trying to hide from danger, I’d rather live a life that’s fulfilling and according to my wishes. Although I don’t quite have a place in my family, I still have a backbone. I’m all set.”

“Okay, we’ll first start by defying your family’s orders for you to marry a woman whom you have no feelings for. That’s the only way you can introduce my presence to them,” An Xiaoning said before grabbing the mask from Xiao Bai and putting it on.

As soon as she did, Donggong Lianzhi stared at her in astonishment and said, “I really… can’t tell at all.”

“Of course you can’t. I bought it at an exorbitant price. It has served me well throughout all these years. The fact that your family has never heard my voice before makes things easier. Give me a wig tomorrow. No one can tell my true identity once I disguise myself.”

Donggong Lianzhi smiled and remarked, “Ms. An, you’ve really given me an eyeopener. I see you in a completely different light now. I used to find you to be aloof and standoffish before I met you in person, and I thought that it’d be impossible to meet you given my insignificant status. That’s why I did those things back then and ended up offending you unintentionally. However, it now seems that you’re very grounded and personable. You don’t put on airs either.”

“Ditto. I used to have a bad impression of you before I found out that you didn’t hatch a plan to harm me. However, there’s something important that I must remind you about. From now on, you mustn’t trust anyone in the Donggong family, including your mother. Believe it or not, I’m the only person whom you can trust. We can only uncover the truth by cooperating with each other. Understand?”

Donggong Lianzhi nodded and said, “Yes, got it.”

An Xiaoning removed her mask and said to Fan Shixin and Xiao Bai, “Shixin, bring Xiao Bai back to S Nation tomorrow. I can manage on my own here. Besides, it’d be easy for your identity to be exposed. I’ll pretend to board the flight with you guys tomorrow and sneak back here afterward.”

Fan Shixin objected, “Young Madam… I don’t agree to it. I can’t leave you here alone. We don’t feel safe doing that.”

“I’ll inform Qingyan about this matter. The situation is much trickier than we had imagined. For safety reasons, we mustn’t let them find out that you’re my bodyguard. Otherwise, wouldn’t the cat be let out of the bag? Besides, I’m confident that I can handle everything here by myself. I’ll deal with whatever comes my way.”

Seeing how resilient she was, Fan Shixin decided not to insist any further.

An Xiaoning had a hard time falling asleep that night.

There was a twelve-hour time difference between R Nation and S Nation. Thus, it was the morning in S Nation at this time.

She gave Jin Qingyan a call just as he was about to call her.

He said, “I’ve already heard it from Shixin.”

“I told him and Xiao Bai to go back to your side.”

“That works too, but you must take good care of yourself.”

An Xiaoning lay on her side and kissed her mobile phone before answering, “Of course. I’m starting to think that the Donggong family might be keeping some secrets that we’re interested in knowing.”

“Smartypants, are you confident about finding out the truth?”

“I wasn’t a police investigator for nothing. Although this is different from solving cases, don’t forget that I also went undercover as a bodyguard in the Autumn Palace. By the way, how’s your father doing?”

“He’s been rescued but he hasn’t regained his consciousness yet.”

The two of them continued to chat for a long while before hanging up.


“What brings you here?” Jin Qingyan asked with a frown upon the sight of Bu Xianxian.

Bu Xianxian placed gifts on the table and said, “I heard that Uncle was hospitalized and my parents told me to come visit him. How’s Uncle’s condition now?”

“His life is out of danger. You may leave now that you’ve seen him.”

Bu Xianxian’s face stiffened and she asked, “Nick, may I ask something of you? Well… could you arrange for a job for me? I’ve been trying to look for a job but I haven’t found a suitable one yet.”

“What kind of job do you want? What are some skills that you have?”

“I’m fine with any job as long as it’s within my means.”

“How about a janitor?”

Bu Xianxian took a deep breath before answering, “Is there anything else apart from a janitor?”

“The best I can do for you is to hire you as a receptionist at the front desk,” said Jin Qingyan, who was willing to help her on account that she had once saved his life.

“I shall work as a receptionist, then. Will I be posted to the main office?”

“No, you’ll be posted to the branch office that used to belong to the Ye Corporation. However, I’ve already acquired it. You shall work there. You may leave now. I’ll hand my instructions over to my subordinates, and the human resources department will give you a call in due time,” Jin Qingyan said impatiently.

“Alright,” said Bu Xianxian, who left soon after.

As soon as she arrived home, Mrs. Bu asked, “How did it go? Did Nick agree?”

“He agreed to let me work as a receptionist at his branch office.”

“That’s great. Xianxian, stay grounded and do well at work. There’ll definitely be lots of outstanding men working in Nick’s company. It’d be wonderful if you can find a suitable partner.”

“Got it. Mother, just stop being so naggy. It’s not like I can’t hear you.”

She then walked toward her room sluggishly, after which Mrs. Bu sat on the bed and asked, “Xianxian, I have no idea why, but I still like it better in our hometown. We don’t know anyone here at all, and your father and I have nowhere to go to every day. Why don’t we sell the house and move back to our nation?”

“Is there a difference? The tsunami had killed all of our relatives and friends. The situation would be the same as here even if we move back. I don’t plan to go back there forever,” Bu Xianxian retorted.

Mrs. Bu sighed and said, “Xianxian, you’re a big girl now. You’re the only daughter your father and I have. We hope that you’ll settle down soon and give birth to children of your own. We’ll help you look after your children while you focus on working. This is the normal life that a woman should have.”

“Mother, I know what to do. Didn’t we already agree on this before? I’ll definitely have children of my own, and I’ll work hard to get the man I want.”

Still feeling worried, Mrs. Bu chided, “Xianxian, you should really drop the idea of winning Nick’s heart. Stop harboring any designs on him. I ran into the daughter-in-law of Old Li, the farmer who used to work in Wei Ni Estate, a few days ago. She told me that Ms. An and Nick share a very close relationship and that they’re very sweet to each other. Don’t be too stubborn and obstinate.”

Bu Xianxian retorted agitatedly, “My greatest regret now is not holding a wedding ceremony with Nick back then. Had we done that, An Xiaoning would have never had the chance to reconcile with him.”

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