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«The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses (Web Novel) - Chapter 1157: I Want to Make You Stay (35)

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Chapter 1157: I Want to Make You Stay (35)

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Their circumstances were unfavorable.

Jin Yiheng removed his hand from Long Xiaoxi’s mouth slowly and held her hand instead. He then moved outward slowly while Jin Rongyan held onto Long Xiaoxi’s other hand. The three children then began inching slowly out of the cave.

To their astonishment, the wolf followed them.

When the three children ran away, the wolf took chase. When they stopped, it stopped as well. After repeating the same course of action several times, the three children started to discover that the wolf did not seem to have intentions of harming them.

They felt much less afraid than before.

Jin Yiheng took out a few fruits and threw it at the wolf. The wolf sniffed the fruits a little before devouring them.

Clearly, the fruit was not enough to fill its stomach.

However, Jin Yiheng dared not feed it anymore, for they still needed some food to survive.

Just as they were about to sprint elsewhere, they heard some noises coming from afar.

The noises approached the three children, who soon realized that the bearded man and the scarface had found them.

“The three of them are over there!”

“Hurry and take chase.”

Upon the sight of the two men, the three children panicked and began sprinting away. The wolf followed suit, as if they were members of his pack.

“Don’t run away, kids. We’re here to send you back to reunite with your parents!” the bearded man yelled at the top of his lungs.

Jin Yiheng said to the two children, “Don’t believe him, he’s lying to us. If they catch us, we’ll never be able to escape again.”

“Okay!” they chorused, completely trusting Jin Yiheng.

The two men had no choice but to take chase. However, they were still adults at the end of the day and could run faster than the children.

When the men had almost caught up with them, the deafening sound of a gunshot filled the air.

Frightened out of their senses, the three children’s legs turned into jelly.

“Run any further and I’ll shoot!” he exclaimed.

His warning was indeed effective.

However, when the two men began approaching the children, the wolf broke its silence and began howling at them. It then pounced onto the men, causing the children to be dumbfounded.

The men immediately whipped their guns out and shot the wolf. Having lived on the island for a long time, they were experts at hunting and killing the animals on it.

They were also well aware of the quickest way to hunt and poach.

The two bullets struck the wolf in its gut, causing it to stagger and collapse. Jin Yiheng yelled, “Don’t shoot!”

However, his efforts were futile.

The two men swiftly shot the wolf a few more times and only stopped when it started bleeding incessantly and became motionless.

The three children stood up. Staring at the dead wolf whose eyes were tightly shut, Jin Yiheng began bawling and weeping loudly.

From then on, he understood that humans were sometimes far more terrifying than menacing animals.

Long Xiaoxi and Jin Rongyan burst into tears as well.

The fruits in their clothes dropped onto the ground and began rolling away from them.

“What are you crying for? We’re here to send you guys away from the island. The ship is ready. Follow us,” the bearded man said sternly.

“Can we leave after burying it?”

“What for? We’ll take it back with us and devour it.”

“You’re not allowed to devour it!” Jin Yiheng barked.

“Kid, don’t create unnecessary trouble. Are you leaving or not? Hurry up!” the bearded man hollered, aiming his gun at Jin Yiheng.

The three children began walking away while the bearded man pulled the wolf along using a rope that he had tied around the wolf’s limbs.

They continued walking for a long period of time, and their legs soon began to ache unbearably.

They finally reached the house where the two men resided. Reminded of the corpses and skeletons inside, the three children stood rooted to the ground by the door, not wishing to go in at all.

The two men then dragged the wolf carcass into the yard before taking them to the seaside.

Just like they had mentioned, there was indeed a ship waiting for them there.

When the ship began sailing off, the three children stared at Mingshan Island, which was getting farther and farther away. They were filled with agony and grief.

The children’s parents were already waiting for them in Wei Ni Estate before the plane had landed.

An Xiaoning and Long Tianze could not believe their eyes the moment they saw the children alighting from the car.

They were completely heartbroken.

Tears welled up in Long Tianze’s eyes as he squatted in front of Long Xiaoxi and picked her up in his arms. “Our little baby has lost so much weight,” he remarked.

Long Xiaoxi began bawling and wrapped her arms tightly around her father’s neck. “Daddy, I suffered so much.”

“I know, your mommy has already prepared lots of delicious treats for you. Let’s go home.”

“Okay, okay, Daddy, I’m starving!”

“Alright, we’ll eat once we get home.”

He carried Long Xiaoxi away. An Xiaoning bent forward to hug her sons and said apologetically, “It’s all Daddy and Mommy’s fault for failing to protect you two.”

The children continued weeping, completely incapable of speech.

“Yiheng, what happened to your ankle?”

“I sprained it.”

“I’ll help you apply some ointment after you take a shower later.”

Staring at Xiao Chenyang with tears in her eyes, she said, “It’s been hard on all of you. The dishes have been prepared. Let’s go inside to eat.”

They entered the living room together.

An Xiaoning brought her sons upstairs to take a shower.

When they entered the master bedroom, Jin Qingyan said while smiling, “It’s my little warriors who have just returned from the thugs’ den.”

“Daddy, your sons are already in such a sorry plight yet you can still smile so widely,” Jin Yiheng rebuked in disdain before entering the washroom.

Jin Rongyan followed suit.

An Xiaoning turned on the tap in the bathtub to fill it with water. After adjusting the temperature of the water, she then turned on the faucet and said to the children, “Rinse yourselves here before taking a dip in the bathtub. I’ll go bring your clothes here.”

After she exited the bathroom, the two children removed their clothes, which had become unrecognizable due to the filth.

An Xiaoning headed to the children’s room to retrieve two fresh sets of clothing. As soon as she entered the bathroom, Jin Yiheng frantically placed his hands over his crotch and turned as red as a tomato. “Mommy, please go out after placing the clothes there.”

“Don’t you want me to bathe you guys?”

“I’ve promised Daddy that I won’t let you bathe us again from now on.”

An Xiaoning smiled and said, “Alright, then. There’s a towel here. When you’re done showering, dry yourselves before putting on your clothes.”

“Got it.”

An Xiaoning exited and closed the door after her.

She then said to Jin Qingyan in delight, “Our sons are really grown up now.”

“How so?”


“I’m asking you a question,” he probed.

“Mr. Jin, I don’t wish to answer your question.”

With raised brows, he said, “Look at you, you said that our sons have grown up. Is there anything wrong with me asking you to explain your statement? Why has it become my fault?”

“Dinner is about to begin. Do you want to go downstairs to eat or would you like me to bring the food up?”

“I’ll go downstairs,” he said while sitting up straight.

“Let me help you down, then.”

“Thank you, Milady.”


Xiao Chenyang was cleaning his sword when the two of them arrived downstairs.

“What sword is that?”

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