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«The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses (Web Novel) - Chapter 1156: I Want to Make You Stay (34)

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Chapter 1156: I Want to Make You Stay (34)

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“Talk to your boss and let your brother become an intern at your studio. Let him make it big as an actor in the future, just like you.”

“I’m not going to talk to my boss about it.”

“Erlan, you can’t be that heartless. He’s your biological brother. If you really refuse to help your brother, I’ll let everyone know how unfilial you are!” Mrs. Fang threatened, bent on getting her wishes fulfilled.

Fang Erlan was getting a splitting headache. She said, “How many times must I repeat myself? As an artiste, I have no right to interfere with my employer’s decisions. Besides, my studio is not planning to take in any interns.”

“Why not?”

“Because there isn’t an internship available, or perhaps there could be another reason. How would I know? So stop bringing this up again and just let Brother focus on receiving proper education. If he doesn’t wish to attend school, he should at least pick up a lucrative skill.”

“Where have you moved to? If something major happens to your father and me in the future, we won’t know where to look for you.”

“You can just give me a call if something happens, you don’t have to know where I live,” said Fang Erlan, who knew that she would definitely not get to live in peace once her parents find out her address.

“Why didn’t you answer any of my calls?”

“I’ll answer them from now on. Will that do?”

Upon hearing her words, Mrs. Fang said, “Alright, then. Can I stay behind to accompany you for a few days?”

“That’s not necessary.”

Mrs. Fang was extremely peeved and disgruntled about her cold reply. However, she knew that it was because she had never shared a close relationship with her daughter. “I’ll go back later, then. However, we’re a little cash-strapped lately…”

Fang Erlan took out three thousand dollars from her wallet and handed it to her mother. “Take it.”

After counting the cash, Mrs. Fang said, “Give me another two thousand.”

“That’s all I have in my wallet.”

Mrs. Fang said, “Go ahead and get busy with filming, then. I won’t impose on you any further.”

“Okay. Do you know how to go home? Shall I get my chauffeur to send you to the taxi stand?”

“Yes, that’ll save me some money.”


It began drizzling in the afternoon in Mingshan Island.

The three children had no choice but to leave the tree after retrieving all the food that they can because they had nowhere to seek shelter. After walking for a long while, they finally found a cave.

It was pitch dark inside the cave, and they could not see a thing at all. They dared not enter and instead just hid beside the cave opening while huddling closely together.

When the sky was about to turn dark, the rain began getting heavier and it started to get breezy.

Due to the fact that the island was surrounded by the seas, it was cold and humid on the island, causing the three children to shiver uncontrollably.

When the sky turned completely dark, they instantly got the chills when they heard the howling of some unknown animals from afar.

Jin Yiheng discovered that Long Xiaoxi’s temperature seemed to be burning.

“Rongyan, Xiaoxi seems to be running a fever.”

Jin Rongyan patted Long Xiaoxi’s face and said, “Xiaoxi, wake up.”

Long Xiaoxi murmured assent. When she felt some grass being stuffed into her mouth, she asked, “What’s this?”

“This is a medicinal herb that I discovered when we arrived here in the day. It’s edible. You’re running a fever right now, the herb will help,” he explained.

“It tastes horrible, it’s so bitter.”

“But if you don’t eat it, the fever is going to make you a dimwit. I’ll give you some fruit after you eat the herb. It won’t be bitter that way.”

“Okay,” Long Xiaoxi answered with a frown. She reluctantly chewed the herb in her mouth and swallowed it. She then took a bite out of the fruit, which helped reduce the bitterness in her mouth.

“Yiheng, Rongyan, I feel terrible. I miss Daddy and Mommy. Are there ghosts in here? I’m so scared…” said Long Xiaoxi, who began tearing up again.

“Xiaoxi, we’ll definitely make it home. Brother and I are here, you don’t have to be afraid, Xiaoxi.”

Long Xiaoxi grabbed their arms and nodded, trying to hold her tears back. “Okay.”

Jin Yiheng said softly, “Xiaoxi, go to bed. Everything will be fine by daybreak.”

“Okay, you guys go to bed too.”

Long Xiaoxi’s body was extremely warm due to her fever. Thus, the two freezing children leaned closer toward her to warm themselves up.

Long Xiaoxi soon dozed off while the other two could not fall asleep at all.

They were continuously being bitten by mosquitoes.

How could they possibly fall asleep?

Jin Yiheng had no choice but to use his shirt to fan the mosquitoes away.

A long while later, Long Xiaoxi’s body temperature began to decrease gradually.

“Brother, Xiaoxi’s fever is dissipating.”

“It’s all thanks to the medicinal herbs that you’ve gotten. Otherwise, what would have happened to Xiaoxi…”

“Grandpa used to bring me along when he went out to gather medicinal herbs. He also taught me what the herbs looked like and which illnesses they were used to treat. What I want most is to become a doctor like my grandfather.”

“Okay, you have my support. When we get home, I’ll tell Daddy to buy you lots of medical books. You may read as many as you want.”

“Awesome, thank you, Brother.”

After chatting for a while, Jin Rongyan exclaimed in horror all of a sudden, “Brother!”

“What’s wrong, Rongyan?”

“Something’s moving…”

Jin Yiheng held his breath and listened closely. He began hearing the sounds of footsteps shuffling coming from inside the cave.

The pair of brothers could not tell what was inside at all.

They instinctively plastered themselves against the stone wall, not daring to make a single sound. They could not help but tremble uncontrollably from head to toe.

Unable to contain his terror, Jin Rongyan screamed when the unknown object touched him. “Ah! Brother!”

“What’s wrong?” Jin Yiheng asked worriedly.

“It… touched… me…”

“Don’t move, stop talking.”

“I… I…”


Jin Rongyan dared not utter another word. Fortunately, the object stopped moving.

The two of them stayed wide awake until daybreak.

When the sky began to turn bright slowly, the two children were frightened out of their senses the moment they saw the magnificent figure before them.

It was a huge wolf, which was staring at them with its yellow, luminous eyes, as if it could devour them anytime.

Jin Rongyan teared up uncontrollably. Long Xiaoxi was still sleeping and thus had no idea about what was happening.

He dared not make a single sound.

He would glance at his brother every now and then.

Jin Yiheng was just as petrified.

Long Xiaoxi woke up when the sky turned completely bright.

She thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her when she woke up. Thus, she rubbed her eyes again, only to receive a huge fright.

Seemingly having expected that she would scream in shock, Jin Yiheng hurriedly covered her mouth.

They were initially squatting down. However, Long Xiaoxi instantly thumped herself down onto the ground.

They had learned about the differences in various types of animals during their biology lessons.

Hence, they could differentiate clearly between wolves and dogs.

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