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«The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1196: Earth Element vs. Earth Element

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Chapter 1196: Earth Element vs. Earth Element

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Mister Fantastic’s left hand had already done what it had to do, but his right hand was still stretching forward with unshakeable determination. It finally landed a firm grip on Reef’s chest and pulled hard!

Although Reef’s hands were numb having taken the Hulk’s heavy punch, he also knew the tragic consequences if he were dragged over. There was no way he was going to let himself die like that. With a cry, he grabbed at a nearby pillar of the breakwater. Mister Fantastic may be a powerful legendary hero, but he was not Strength-oriented. It was beyond his ability to drag Reef back with one hand. As a result, the two sides fell into a stalemate.

At that moment, the ground suddenly shook. A weird, twisted giant figure emerged from the darkness a few hundred meters away, its thick arms almost touching the ground. Two bizarre red lights glowed within the wind, rain and tide…

The two-headed cyclops finally appeared in front of everyone in his battle form!!

At the same time, there was a thunder-like explosion in the sky. It was the loud roar of a rock created by Mother Earth traveling at high speed through the air!! Only now did they notice that the cyclops had already made a throw!

‘Wow, Sanzi seems to have contracted a very powerful fighter.’ Sheyan could actually make a battle evaluation at such time. It was the first time he was witnessing the young two-headed cyclops fight.

Although the stone thrown by the cyclops seemed as ordinary as usual, that did not mean it was not lethal. It’s not uncommon for a small bird to cause an airplane thousands of times larger than itself to crash. When an object’s flying speed reached a certain level, it would become a lethal killing weapon.

The stone bullet created by Mother Earth hit Mister Fantastic’s rubber hand. The stone immediately broke and burst with a loud bang. The scattering pieces covered an area of several square metres, creating an area of effect damage like the shrapnels of a grenade.

Mister Fantastic groaned, the pain he suffered apparent on his face. Reef immediately broke away from his grip and successfully escaped. Mister Fantastic retracted his right arm.

But when the two-headed cyclops was about to give the enemies another of his gift, someone emerged from the submarine and rushed in front of the Hulk. He absorbed a large amount of rocks from his feet and became a strong, square-ish rock monster in an instant.

When the man greeted the cyclop’s stone bullet with a huge palm, it felt like he was a big brother welcoming his naughty little brother home. The stone actually dissolved into his rocky skin like ice cream. However, the man was still beaten a few steps back by the tremendous force of the stone.

It appeared that the young cyclops was still a lot weaker than a fully mature cyclops. If it were his mother throwing that stone, the man would have been crushed to a pulp.

“Another legendary figure. What a headache. Ben Grimm, the Thing from Fantastic Four, the earth element user.” Sheyan went to Reef and stood alongside him as he watched the bulky Ben Grimm raise his right leg and stomp hard on the ground.

Boulders instantly rose around Grimm and his allies, forming an oval ring of interlaced fang-like stalactites. It successfully blocked the line of sight from the outside, and of course, the bullets too.

“This is a failure of a fight. An ambush turned into a skirmish. I can only hope it doesn’t turn into a defeat.” Sheyan shook his head helplessly. At that moment, Zi’s slightly angry voice transmitted over from the party communication channel.

“Hey, how long must Mogensha and I wait?”

Sheyan had warned Zi and Brother Black before the fight started that unless he or Reef was in danger, or before they had a good measure of the enemy’s real strength, the two of them, who were relatively weak in terms of survivability, had better keep a low profile. Zi had obviously become impatient after lying low for so long.

Sheyan gestured to Jean at the back to form a mental link between himself, the two remaining vampires and Toad.

“Gentlemen, the number of legendary figures we have to face has increased to three, and we don’t know if there are more remaining hidden. I’d like to ascertain something - when we rained down attacks on them just now, can anyone confirm if any of the attacks have managed to damage the enemy’s submarine?”

A Vampire Count answered, “I can. My blood slave told me with certainty that he gave the submarine a few solid blows just now. The submarine’s lucky not to have sunk.”

Sheyan sighed.

“If that’s the case, the other party no longer has any way out. To be honest, we’re still too weak at the moment, so I suggest that we withdraw. Otherwise, if another one of those Fantastic Four monsters suddenly jump out of the submarine, we can only think of how to escape with our lives.”

“You want us to run away? Impossible!” The two Vampire Counts roared at the same time. “The ‘Corrupted Communion Knife’ is still in the hands of the green-skinned monster! Not to mention that both of us together are stronger than Mister Fantastic. It won’t be too hard to kill him, it’ll just take a little time!”

Sheyan sighed again. “The problem is that Mister Fantastic won’t be stupid enough to run out and fight you by himself. His main role should be to drag us to the Hulk to meet with the Hulk’s giant fists and feet. With his crowd control, Grimm’s earth element in defence, and the Hulk in offence - it’s a perfect iron triangle combination. As you’ve all seen just now, my companion unfortunately also specialises in earth element. It’ll be very difficult for us to find an effective way to deal with Grimm.”

“You seem to have forgotten about me!” Jean interjected with sullen anger.

“That’s because you’re as good as not being here during the fight just now,” Sheyan answered sarcastically.

An angry expression instantly crept onto Jean’s face. “If I hadn’t spent so much mental power exploring your brain before the fight, would I have become powerless just now?! Besides, I didn’t see you doing anything useful in the battle either.”

Sheyan produced a forced smile. “OK, OK, calm down. Now’s not the time to bicker. Tell me then, what can you do in this fight? We’ll discuss our battle strategy after that.”

Jean took a deep breath before she said, “I can make the Hulk and Grimm lose control of their bodies simultaneously for five seconds! However, if they’re attacked during this period, it may shorten the duration.”

“Good.” Sheyan snapped his fingers. “If you can really do that…”

“What do you mean “if I can really do that”! If I said I can do it, I can definitely do it!” Jean almost screamed.

Sheyan then turned to the two Vampire Counts. “Okay, don’t forget our real objective. When she controls the two monsters…take the tritium. Oh, and of course, you’re in charge of the ‘Corrupted Communion Knife’ too?”

The Counts hesitated for a moment before they said there was no problem.

“Next, Mr. Toad, maybe you can try poking the other eye of the Hulk blind? If you can do that, even if he has extraordinary regeneration ability, he’ll still have to remain blind for a week at least.”

Toad claimed in his hoarse voice, “No way, at least a month. It’s my habit to inject venom into the wounds I make. I can do it, but you’ll have to make sure Reef can protect me in time after I make my move.”

“That goes without saying.” Reef patted his shield with pride.

“Next…” Sheyan hesitated for a moment and said, “If any more legendary figures appear, we’ll have to combat them with our remaining strength. If there aren’t any…maybe we can give Mister Fantastic a little surprise?”


But as soon as Sheyan finished his last sentence, out of everyone’s expectations, the enemy suddenly launched a full-scale surprise attack!! The ground suddenly distorted and rotated horribly with Grimm at its core.

Immediately afterwards, Grimm’s fists smashed onto the ground. The rocks that covered his body burst away together with the stalactites surrounding the enemy party. The eruption sent sand and stones flying hundreds of meters towards the surroundings. A strong wind billowed, and the battlefield was instantly covered by a violent sandstorm that had huge rocks the size of tyres crashing about in it!

“Be careful, they’re trying to break out!” yelled Jean who had her eyes closed.

Evidently, the Fantastic Four and the Hulk were well aware that there were no reinforcements coming for them, or, to be exact, their reinforcements were also under heavy attack. Therefore, the deadlock was no doubt extremely unfavourable for them. If the opponent’s reinforcements came instead, their situation would turn even more perilous.

This surprise attack was truly out of the expectations of Sheyan and his group! Grimm’s move had basically sacrificed his own defence in exchange for a terrifying sandstorm-like territory. The sandstorm was perfect in supporting the tank-like Hulk to break out of the encirclement!

At that instant, however, Jean finally put her great power on display. A cool sensation suddenly washed over the mind of everyone present. Although the whole area was covered in sands and rocks and their eyes were unable to open, they suddenly gained a bird’s-eye view of the whole battlefield, making everything visible to them.

When they “saw” the Hulk and Grimm, Jean transmitted a clear message to their brains.

“I’ll perform the psychic interference now. It’ll only last for five seconds!”

Sheyan noticed that Grimm’s original rock armour around his body had scattered and dispersed across the sandstorm area, serving as key connection points for his manipulation of the sandstorm.

Sanzi suddenly said in the party communication channel, “Bro, please try to keep Grimm alive if possible! He has similar powers to the cyclops; his powers are even more mature. It could be very helpful.”

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