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«The Steward Demonic Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 763: A Sect Leader

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Chapter 763: A Sect Leader

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Xie Wuyue glared at Zhuo Fan with hatred. It never occurred to him that in Zhuo Fan’s short five years stay at Demon Scheming Sect, his foundation of centuries would be shaken up and he would be on the brink of being overthrown.

Looking at the Labor Office’s elders wishing he was dragged down from his perch, Xie Wuyue’s anger boiled with no outlet.

No one was on his side. Venerable Shi saw his state and was set on forsaking him. His only hope lay on High Venerable’s support.

So, after giving everyone present one last glare, Xie Wuyue stomped his way into the Main Hall.

“Steward Zhuo, High Venerable can’t be after the leader in this, right? If anything happens to sir, we’ll be left helpless and weak!”

Giving the Main Hall a long look, Venerable Qi spoke, “What if we send twenty experts along. At least this way we can cope with anything.”

Zhuo Fan remained silent and in thought. Venerable Shi saw this and mocked, “Zhuo Fan, you went and started an uprising but you’re too scared to talk with High Venerable? How is a cowardly rat worthy of being Sect Leader?”

“Ha-ha-ha, Venerable Shi, spare me your goading. High Venerable is strong but I’m no pushover. I’m not his match, but not even he can keep me from leaving.”

Grinning, Zhuo Fan chuckled and held Qingcheng’s hand, “Are you scared, now that you’re in danger because of me?”

“What’s so dangerous about seeing an old friend?” Chu Qingcheng raised an eyebrow.

Zhuo Fan laughed, “Ha-ha, you’re my lady indeed, braver than most men. Then let us go see High Venerable. No matter what side he’s on, I’ll always protect you.”

Chu Qingcheng nodded and gave back a radiant smile.

The two went into the Main Hall hand in hand.

“Steward Zhuo, are you really going without help?” Venerable Qi was still unsettled.

Zhuo Fan merely flicked his hand, “Leave it. It won’t make much of a difference, not with High Venerable’s strength. They’ll only get killed. It will actually have the opposite effect, inviting ridicule at the two of us’ bravery, ha-ha-ha…”

Zhuo Fan laughed and then vanished inside the Main Hall.

The crowd praised him for his decisiveness.

[Steward Zhuo and lady Chu are a perfect couple, both of them are so brave.]

High Venerable and Steward Zhuo had been close so far, but who could tell what High Venerable would do now that Demon Scheming Sect’s highest seat was on the line. He might follow the rules and stick with Xie Wuyue…

Venerable Qi and Bai shared a look of worry. Venerable Shi snickered and grinned…


With a resounding noise, the Main Hall’s doors shut tight, holding Zhuo Fan, Xie Wuyue and Chu Qingcheng inside.

Everyone cried, “Steward Zhuo…”

Elder Yuan’s powerful voice echoed out before they did anything, “Impermanence Five, any that dares start anything, they are to be put down!”

“Yes, sir!”

An aged voice came from the air, then the green barrier glowed brighter.

Shaken up, everyone sighed and stood still. They knew inside the Vicissitude Domain they were nothing more than lambs to the slaughter.

Venerable Qi, Bai and Shi, anyone in fact, had no choice but to sit tight and not stir anything up.

But both sides had the same thought.

[High Venerable is as amazing as they say, no less than Xie Wuyue and Zhuo Fan.]

With just the five elders, he had the hundreds of experts tied up and at his whim.

Meanwhile, the couple had just entered the Main Hall and jumped from the banging of the door. They didn’t look back though.

They saw three seats in the Main Hall. Xie Wuyue already took the highest one, with an ashen face and spiteful eyes. When he saw Zhuo Fan, his thirst for blood only grew.

At the side, they saw a shut door as the two walked to the seats. Before they got to take them, Elder Yuan’s voice came from beyond the door, “Zhuo Fan, you too come in first.”

The two nodded and entered the room, leaving Xie Wuyue alone to stew in his anger on his throne. His nails dug so deep in his palm that they left marks.

“Elder Yuan.”

Zhuo Fan saw him sitting cross-legged on a praying mat and the couple cupped their hands.

Elder Yuan smiled and nodded, then he pointed at two mats, “Please, sit.”

Zhuo Fan had no reservation, taking Chu Qingcheng to the mats, “Elder Yuan, why have you called us here?”

“Is this miss your trial of love? Aren’t you going to introduce her?” Glossing over the question, Elder Yuan looked at Chu Qingcheng.

Getting up, Chu Qingcheng spoke with respect as she greeted, “I am Chu Qingcheng, High Venerable.”

“Ha-ha-ha, so you’re Chu Qingcheng!” Elder Yuan’s eyes flashed, sizing her up then nodding. He turned to Zhuo Fan, “With both smarts and looks, Chuchu sure is attractive. Kid, if I was just five centuries young, I’d have underestimated you.”


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Elder Yuan, there are hundreds of experts standing outside, with tens of thousands more waiting restlessly. Can’t you be more serious?”

“Ha-ha-ha, you knew war could spark at any second yet you still brought back an army to revolt?” Elder Yuan mocked.

Zhuo Fan shrugged, “What was I supposed to do? I have to save my hide. You know how petty Xie Wuyue is. And even if he wasn’t, any leader would not overlook such crass transgression. The only choice was for a preemptive strike. No matter what became of the Demon Scheming Sect, as long as the two of us were safe was enough. “

“Humph, a mistake remains a mistake unless you remedy it.” Elder Yuan forced a smile, “So you really don’t care at all about the Demon Scheming Sect. Is it fine to destroy it? You know what will happen if civil war breaks out. The heavy losses afterward won’t be something sacred stones can patch up. Our very foundation will be ruined.”

Zhuo Fan was blunt, “Don’t care.”


That went right to Elder Yuan’s heart, but then he turned to her, “Lady Chu, you’re from a righteous sect. You shouldn’t want total destruction to happen, do you? You know what your man is about to do, can’t you…”

“Don’t care.” Chu Qingcheng shook her head, looking deeply at Zhuo Fan with a smile, “It doesn’t matter what he does as long as he’s safe.”

Shaking all over, Elder Yuan chuckled, “Lass, you’re harming him, driving him further into the abyss. You two best be careful, regardless of being a righteous or demonic cultivator, whoever gets swallowed by the pit of desire will have no chance of waking up. Coming back from such an ordeal is nigh impossible.”

“Don’t care.” The both of them replied, yet they held each other’s hands tighter.

Elder Yuan’s eyes shone, then his face shifted, shouting, “You don’t, but I do care! Demon Scheming Sect is where I shall pass away. Just like Zhuo Fan cares for the Luo clan, the same is for me with the sect. No matter what, I can’t let anything cruel happen to it. So…”

Elder Yuan’s eyes were now sharp as he watched Zhuo Fan.

[Planning an attack, Elder Yuan?]

Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng tensed, planning their own escape. Zhuo Fan’s right eye was already shining golden. He had Shift ready to activate at a moment’s notice.

“Zhuo Fan, don’t blame me for being unreasonable…” Elder Yuan squinted and took out a pitch-black jade.

Zhuo Fan cried out inside. He rushed to pull Chu Qingcheng away from it. He had no clue what it was, but it had to be some deadly demonic treasure.

With High Venerable’s power and the demonic treasure, he must crush Zhuo Fan where he stood. Or if he fled, there was no chance of catching him.

Sweating, Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth, not expecting this old man to break their friendship like this. Taking out a demonic treasure to end him just like that.

However, seeing his panicky look, Elder Yuan looked dumbstruck, “What are you doing?”

“That’s my line, you old coot! What are you taking a demonic treasure out for?” Zhuo Fan shouted, his nerves stretched taut.

Glancing at the jade, Elder Yuan chuckled, “Zhuo Fan, aren’t you always daring? Why so paranoid all of a sudden?”

“This isn’t paranoia, but a matter of strength gap. With your strength, taking out a demonic treasure on top, if I don’t hide, how am I to survive?”

Elder Yuan shook his head, holding the jade out, “Zhuo Fan, look closer. This isn’t a demonic treasure, but the seal of Demon Scheming Sect’s High Venerable. In my capacity as the High Venerable, I shall replace Xie Wuyue with you as the next Sect Leader!”

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