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«The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel) - Chapter 907: Repentance Is Salvation

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Chapter 907: Repentance Is Salvation

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Tok tok tok… every sound of the wooden fish seemed to hit on the Bodhisattva of Joy, making her all tensed up. In front of her, the gray-robed monk’s body had already merged with that of the Deity’s Blessings, and the death of the owner of the Tower of Malevolence was still vivid in her mind!

After putting Liang Jiuzhou into the medicine bag, she brought along Mu Yun Le and got out of the moat of Northern Zhou to prevent Gao Lan’s sudden attack from Changle. In the end, after the conveyance light went past the mountains and returned to the grasslands, the scene changed suddenly. Without reacting, she found herself being pulled into this ruined temple and saw this nemesis!

He’s actually still alive!

The sudden encounter, the fear inside her, and the baffling meeting made her heart pound. The first thought that came up was neither a question nor curiosity, but to escape.

As a Great Guru, she naturally understood that escaping meant showing vulnerability to her enemies, which is akin to suicide. Therefore, it was unavoidable to first have a solemn confrontation before finding an opportunity. However, the strange thing was that he remained indifferent, only hitting the wooden fish while appearing restrained and haggard.

The weird situation made the Bodhisattva of Joy not make any attempt to attack but tried to escape. However, regardless of which form of martial arts or secret skills she used and which direction she fled toward, she returned to the original place and saw the Buddha along with the gray-robed monk Su Meng.

Yes, he was the once prominent Frenzied Blade — Su Meng!

The ten-year rankings were star-studded, currently filled with Great Gurus and Gurus, surpassing those of ancient times. He was high above the current experts and reputed as the martial arts practitioner with the highest potential in near ancient history. Not only might his future accomplishments not be below that of The Heavenly Sword Su Wuming, he might even surpass him.

She had previously exchanged blows with him and was terrified by his Deity’s Blessings that she fled!

As her thoughts flowed, the Bodhisattva of Joy raised her hands and the Joy Web suddenly appeared as a white veil across the sky, gently covering the whole of the entire area ahead.

The Joy Web had just emerged before suddenly breaking into two, each swirling with Yin and Yang energies and knocked together.

Just when they were about to knock each other, one of them turned Yin into Yang and attractive into repulsive force before the two swirls split with tremendous force.

This is the chance! The Joy Web circled around and covered the Bodhisattva of Joy. She turned into light and jumped into the newly-formed gap.

Using an attack as cover and the Heavenly Troops reliance, she broke the eeriness of constantly returning to the original place by force!

Opportunities were hard to come by; she had long ignored Mu Yun Le in order to escape.

Darkness and light alternated before her eyes. When it was bright again, the Bodhisattva of Joy had just started to feel happy before she saw dimness — there was a lamp the size of a pea, a sorrowful Buddha statue, and a gray-robed monk lightly hitting a wooden fish with his eyes half-closed.

Tok tok tok.

The Bodhisattva of Joy’s heart sank gradually. She had actually returned to the original place again, back at this ruined temple filled with lotuses. It was so near but yet so far, and she had done almost all that she could!

This was really weird and really scary!

Even when faced with the Great Asura, the Rakshasa of Bloody Sea, the Devil Masters and Wizard Kings then, she was able to resist them with the help of the Heavenly Troops. But today, she seemed to be driven to the wall and unable to escape from the other party’s clutches!

She had experienced a lot, and her discipline as a Great Guru was definitely not just by looks. In face of danger, she suddenly calmed down and stopped her attempts to escape. She turned her gaze toward the gray-robed monk Meng Qi, only to see his haggard face, looking like a dead man. If not for his unchanged air, she might not had recognized him.

Ten years of sitting alone, facing the oil lamp and the Buddha statue?

After not wielding his blade for ten years, how earth shattering would it be if he struck?

Various doubts came up as the Bodhisattva of Joy stood quietly in the middle of the hall. All set, she asked in a low voice, “What do you want?”

Once she said this, the Bodhisattva of Joy suddenly realized that she had actually become a little weak.

Unable to tell the other party’s situation and details, she felt even more uneasy facing him than the Rakshasa of Bloody Sea!

Which level has he attained? Don’t tell me he has become a deity?

“What do you want?” Mu Yun Le who was at the side opened her pretty eyes wide, looking from left to right. The Bodhisattva of Joy and Master Zhending knew each other, so they came to the temple to meet. But why was there some fear in her words?

Yes, she had heard it right. The Bodhisattva of Joy, eighth on the Terrestrial Rankings and second on the Dark Rankings, showed fear in front of the lonesome monk Master Zhending!

She had seen the Bodhisattva of Joy make repeated attempts but still appeared at the original place, and was feeling confused and puzzled.

Tok tok tok… the sound echoed. The gray-robed monk Meng Qi didn’t open his eyes. Neither did he reply nor strike.

There was silence inside the main hall. The lotuses looked particularly fine after the rain.

However, the Bodhisattva of Joy felt a suffocating and suppressing air. She quickly changed her thoughts, coming up with a new idea after looking at the other party’s dressing. She opened the medicine bag and released some of her energy absorption finds such as the nourishment, medicine residues, snacks, etc, that she always had with her, including the unconscious Liang Jiuzhou.

After doing all these, the Bodhisattva of Joy looked up at Su Meng. He remained how he had been, steadily hitting the wooden fish.

Tok tok tok.

The Bodhisattva of Joy pondered for a while. Holding the web with both hands, she took light steps backward, her throat turning dry and heart pounding fast.

Suddenly, sunlight shone on her face. It was an endless warmth and magnificence.

“I’m out, I’m out of the temple…” the Bodhisattva of Joy was startled, feeling a sense of salvation as though she had come out of a nightmare and gone back to reality.

After the rain freshened the bare mountains, there was a rainbow across the sky, looking like a dream.

It was only until then that the Bodhisattva of Joy realized the pores on her body had slightly gone out of control. Her back was soaked in sweat, and her skin was partially noticeable.

She turned around and prepared to go far away. Suddenly, she turned her head toward the gray-robed monk Meng Qi, doubtful and confused.

“Why didn’t you strike?”

If he had struck, there was little chance of her surviving and escaping!

It wasn’t a rational analysis, but a sudden premonition.

Right, why didn’t he strike… Mu Yun Le was also perplexed. They are content with just seeing each other?

Finally, the Bodhisattva of Joy saw Su Meng turn his head. His lifeless eyes had neither emotions nor hope. Hitting the wooden fish, he didn’t reply but muttered.

“Repentance is salvation.”

The voice, low and indifferent, went into the ears the Bodhisattva of Joy and Mu Yun Le.

Repentance is salvation… the Bodhisattva of Joy frowned and stopped questioning. With the conveyance light rising, she went far away in a hurry.

She didn’t dare to stay on as she was afraid that the Frenzied Blade Su Meng might change his mind. He had never been merciful toward the heterodox!

Seeing the Bodhisattva of Joy leave, Mu Yun Le remained in a daze for a while before realizing that she was freed and saved. She needn’t worry about becoming the next Bodhisattva of Joy!

At this moment, she understood the whole story given her intelligence. She walked to the front of Meng Qi and bowed, “Master, thank you so much for saving me.”

The Bodhisattva of Joy certainly didn’t come to the ruined temple out of her own free will. It must have been Master Zhending who showed benevolence and saved her!

He had the ability to make even the Bodhisattva of Joy fearful of him. He should be calling the shots, but was now living alone in the deserted mountains keeping guard of a ruined temple, a standing Buddha, and a lotus pond. Year after year, his stories must be more astonishing and touching than one could imagine.

Curiosity filled Mu Yun Le. This was a senior master with stories — unusual stories.

Then, she heard Master Zhending let out a soft sigh as he kept the wooden fish and got up slowly. His gray robe was old and tattered. As though talking to himself, he said, “Let’s go.”

It was time to leave. What was meant to be would be…

“Go… go where?” Mu Yun Le asked instinctively.

“The Bodhisattva of Joy has left, and here would never be a peaceful place again,” Meng Qi walked out of the temple.

Mu Yun Le came to a sudden realization. The master was benevolent and didn’t kill the Bodhisattva of Joy. This meant that his place of seclusion had been exposed and was likely to be attacked by other sorcerers in future.

She took a glance at the unconscious Liang Jiuzhou and the rest, “Master, what about them?”

Meng Qi walked forward slowly and didn’t turn back, “They’ll be awake shortly, keep a watch over them.”

Mu Yun Le rolled her eyes and thought to herself, since they would be up shortly, it wouldn’t make any difference whether she watched them or not. She would be better off following the Master to see where he was going. She might get to figure out who he was and what stories he had.

As she looked at Liang Jiuzhou and the rest, she dawdled to the door and asked crisply, “Master, Master, where are you going?”

Meng Qi stepped out of the doorframe. The sunlight was brilliant, as opposed to the dimness in the hall. It was as though he returned from hell to reality.

Where? Right, where am I going?

After ten years of meditation in solitude, how has the world changed?

Inside the ruined temple.

Liang Jiuzhou gradually regained consciousness. He looked around blankly, and saw the sorrowful Buddha statues together with the lotuses.

Why am I back at the ruined temple? Didn’t I encounter the Bodhisattva of Joy… unable to collect himself, he searched his memory.

Did someone save me from hands of the Bodhisattva of Joy?

Who in this world has the ability to save someone from the hands of the Bodhisattva of Joy?

Ruined temple, Master Zhending…

Master Zhending!

Liang Jiuzhou jumped up suddenly, his eyes shining and his body shaking.

It was him?

Could it be him!

The Bodhisattva of Joy fled and landed on the grasslands. Feeling depressed, she didn’t want to see her disciple right away. Looking around, she suddenly discovered an Orifices-Point Activation expert who was travelling around the grasslands.

“Forget about the medicine residues,” through gritted teeth, the Bodhisattva of Joy decided to fly over for Yang absorption activities, so as to soothe her soul.

Just as the thought sprang up, she suddenly heard a cold and low voice, “Repentance is salvation.”

Repentance is salvation… the Bodhisattva of Joy jumped up in shock. She quickly mobilized the lotus platform to protect herself.

Her reaction spread but there was no one around. There was no signs of the gray-robed monk Meng Qi?

The Bodhisattva of Joy frowned, looking pensive. Then, she let down the lotus platform defense as she started to have evil thoughts of energy absorption and harming people.

Once the thoughts came up, the sound of a religious drum suddenly rang in her ears.

“Repentance is salvation.”

The sounds completely eliminated her evil thoughts.

How did this happen… how did he do this… the Bodhisattva of Joy was actually shaking, and she couldn’t help but put up the nine-tiered lotus platform.

At this moment, there was no more sound of, “Repentance is salvation.”

The Bodhisattva of Joy was dumbfounded. This meant that she had to be protected by the nine-tiered lotus leaf platform in order to have evil thoughts.

But how was she going to collect and absorb Yang energy like this?

Su Meng was totally incredible!

Which level had he attained?

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