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«The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel) - Chapter 847: One Man Makes A Sect

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Chapter 847: One Man Makes A Sect

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“How dare you!”

His furious voice echoed in Zhu Yi Pavilion and made Zhao Heng and the Condors realize the situation. They all looked at Meng Qi with a suspicious expression.

Meng Qi, the free and easy recluse with no fixed abode, the man who did not seek power, said he wanted to be chief of detectives?

Meng Qi looked at Cui Yan and Song Shouren and sneered, “Why do I not dare?”

Why did he not dare? Cui Yan’s face turned red as he got hot-headed. Fury burned in his eyes.

How many years had it been? How many years had no one dared to speak like this in front of him! Even a top guru dared not speak like this! Did they think that the Cui Family of Pingjin was a paper tiger?

How dare this junior speak like this! Cui Yan was about to reproach Meng Qi, but he saw his calm eyes and words stuck in his throat.

The man who stood before him was no other than Su Meng!

He could single-handedly kill the peak of the Exterior Realm with a Heavenly Weapon in hand, he was just like a guru!

Though the Cui Family has the peak of the Exterior, a suitable Heavenly Weapon, the Guardian Formation, and the power of quasi-Dharmakaya so they did not fear Dharmakaya, that was under the circumstance of defending. Quasi-Dharmakaya had no gnosis and needed conduction, resulting in poor mobility and a small sphere of influence. Peak of the Exterior plus suitable Heavenly weapon may defeat Su Meng, yet this was not enough to kill him. Which is to say, unless Su Meng lost his mind and attacked Pingjin, otherwise the Cui family alone could not scare him away. Only Cui Qingyu with a Heavenly weapon could make him retreat for the moment.

When one had reached the level of guru, one can make a Sect all by himself or herself with one’s extraordinary power. Despite his background, Su Meng was already a powerhouse close to sitting as equals at the same table with the Cui Family!

Plus, he was acquainted with many. While many evil overmatches held a grudge against him, he was especially close to Mister Lu and Ice Fairy Ye Yuqi of Huamei Heights. He was also a good friend of Jiang Zhiwei, the only disciple of Heavenly Sword Su Wuming. He helped the Sect of Nature to have a foothold in the west and he was deeply appreciated by the Wang Family from Zhou Jun and Pure Yang Sect. He was also the benefactor of Shaolin, Donghai Sword Village and Ruan Family from Lang Ya. Among the three, the last two even announced that Su Meng’s matters were Ruan Family and Sword Maniac He Qi’s matters.

Four Dharmakaya, two Gurus and eight top powerhouses, Su Meng’s social network was formidable enough to make Cui Yan and Song Shouren shudder. All of these powerhouses had high reputation and abundant property. Who would dare to offend him? Who would dare to give him a cold shoulder? Who could withstand the fury and revenge that may result from turning against him?

For this reason, Meng Qi can only be dealt with in a rather peaceful way unless he made vital mistakes by himself.

Those heroes in Jiang Hu who were socially active with a wide acquaintance could be very famous and respected by others even if they were not outstanding in martial arts. No ordinary people dared to offend them and they can resolve conflicts that others could not resolve. What did they rely on? They rely on their social network!

To sum up, they kept a foot hold with their face.

This Su Meng not only had a social network that was far wider than any heroes in Jiang Hu, but also had the combat force of a guru. He was not like those who only relied on their social network so he was even harder to deal with!

Thinking of this, Cui Yan was angrier despite having a headache. This senior who was not worth mentioning a few years ago now dared to confront the Cui Family?

He swallowed what he was about to say and said in a grave tone, “You were late. The government hall had already selected the chief of detectives and made up an imperial edict. Were you planning to stand against the Great Jin Dynasty and all the Families and government office in the Great Jin Dynasty?”

With these words said, he suddenly felt unexplainable sorrow. In order to scare off Su Meng, he was even forced to say the names of all the other top Families as if he was sure that his Cui Family was not enough to make him retreat.

The imperial court had its own laws and standards. The conclusions made through communication of the Families were unquestionable orders. Anyone who dared to revolt was challenging the authority of all the top Families in the Great Jin Dynasty and slapping their faces. Even Su Meng would not be able to bear their thunderbolt strike that followed.

When it was Su Meng who initiatively started a conflict and broke the rules, most of his social networks could only choose to mediate instead of bias for him.

Meng Qi seemed not to care a nut under such threat and remained relaxed, “The orders of the government hall were not absolute truth without any mistakes. Didn’t they often deny orders of themselves in the past?”

“Now with chief Sima of detectives missing and everyone of the Sect of Six-Fans jittering, should not the Condors’ opinions and the other detectives’ opinions be considered when selecting the new chief of detectives?”

“Knowing one’s mistakes and being able to correct them is the greatest virtue. I believe the government hall does not lack wisdom and farsighted seniors and is a place that could correct its own mistakes.”

This arrogant way of criticizing the government hall made Cui Yan and Song Shouren even angrier. They had never heard anyone talk like this and they nearly wanted to cry out, “Seize him!” right on the spot.

But as they were about to speak, the words changed into a cold and depressive, “Su Jinzhang was not a Condor, yet he was conceited enough to talk about chief of detectives. It is time that he should leave.”

The pavilion was immediately silent. The Golden-Stamped Detective who stood guard outside the door clenched and relaxed his fists, but did not dare to move.

Zhao Heng changed back into a calm expression. His hands rested on the armrest and looked at the situation with his back slightly leaned to the back of the chair. Zhao Jingyue and Zhao mingche looked on coldly with a faint smile. Yuan Lihuo, Liu Shengming and Su Yue’s eyes wavered and made no movement. Ke Yuzhang and Lidong looked at the Sliver Hand Condor Ming Bikong as if saying, “You are the chief of detectives so this is your business. If we do something, that wouldn’t earn us the place of the chief of detectives!”

Ming Bikong’s beard quivered. He was contrasting his power to that of Su Meng’s. He was weaker than Hasula and he did not have a Heavenly Weapon. Though logically speaking, Su Meng would not revolt or else it would mean to provoke the government hall and all the Families plus the imperial court of Great Jin Dynasty. Yet no one can be sure of what would happen next as no one forgot about the nickname Su Meng used to bear, Rash Jin Gang. He did so many rash things alone and things would surely become uncontrollable if he started a fight.

He scrupled about Meng Qi’s power and social network.

As Ming Bikong made a decision and was about to take action, Cui Yan suddenly saw Meng Qi smile with his hands behind his back, “This was not my own opinion but the opinion of most of the detectives and the Condors of Sect of Six-Fans. If you two don’t believe my words, you can just ask them.”

He turned to face the eight Condors. His eyes swept pass them one by one. Cui Yan gave them threatening looks, don’t you dare jump out at this moment!

Suddenly, someone stepped up and bowed, “Emperor’s brother and two government officials, I suppose there is no one inthe Sect of Six-Fans that is more suitable than Su Jinzhang to be the chief of detectives right now.”

“You!” Cui Yan pointed to the speaker with his right hand, feeling shocked and furious.

All the people on the spot were surprised. They did not expect this man to step up first. They had thought it must be Su Yue or the two Condors from Zhao Family who would take the lead.

Purple Roc Condor Liu Shengming sweated his forehead under the gaze from Meng Qi, but his voice was not shaking and spoke normally, “Considering the power of eight Condors, no one could match that of Su Jinzhang. As for social status, he has the widest social network and is just the right person to be the chief of detectives. What is more, he had proved himself to possess outstanding means and wisdom through all the things he has done. Despite his insufficient background, he has no other disadvantages. We shouldn’t select the chief of detectives entirely based on background.”

He boasted in such a manner that made Meng Qi slightly ashamed.

He had only threatened him by saying he knew he was an evil demon of the Plain Girl Sect but he was regretful to find out he had secretly offered services to the imperial court only after he banished the evil.

As soon as Liu Shengming finished speaking, the “Vital Condor” Zhao Jingyue who was dressed in a dull-red detective suit stepped up and spoke in a tender and lovely voice that did not match her age, “Now the Sect of Six-Fans was caught up in the feeling of insecurity, we need to find chief Sima of the detectives as soon as possible. Under this extraordinary circumstance, extraordinary things should be done. I vote for Su Jinzhang.”

With Liu Mingsheng at the lead, she could speak in the name of a Condor without worry.

Beside her, Zhao Mingche also followed and agreed with them as if enjoying the pleasantness of taking revenge.

Before Cui Yan and Song Shouren could stop them, Blood Tooth Condor Yuan Lihuo stood out and said in a muffled voice, “I also vote for Su Jinzhang.”

“Me, too,” Golden Eye Condor Su Yue thought about the Ruan Family supporting behind, smiled, and nodded to Meng Qi in a delighted expression.

Before Ke Yuzhang and the others could express their opinions, Meng Qi turned and looked at Cui Yan and Song Shouren, “As you see, this is the opinion of the Sect of Six-Fans. Please reconsider this matter seriously.”

His expression turned solemn, “A serious disaster is coming and the world is going to be chaotic. The Great Jin Dynasty is now without a leader. This is the time we should unite together. Those who only care about their own benefits are too short sighted to cooperate with. If they cause the Families and the Sect of Six-Fans to break apart, it would be as serious as destroying an arm of oneself. The government hall should pay attention to the interests of the whole.”

“Mister Cui, your time has passed. You should learn to compromise and concede!”

Pay attention to the interests of the whole? Shouldn’t you pay attention to the interests of the whole?

The time of Cui Family has passed?

Cui Yan trembled with anger. But as he saw Meng Qi’s frank look, he knew that this man would never sacrifice himself for the interests of the imperial court. Anyhow, he was acquainted with the Sect!

What should he do? Cui Yan quickly considered driving Meng Qi away. All the overmatches of Families in Shen Du were no match for him. Only Zhao Jingshi could do this with the help of the Shen Du formation.

Yet the Zhao Family was surely delighted to see Su Meng making a mess. Unless the other families unite together to threaten him, Zhao Jingshi would put off with excuses.

However, if he really was to threaten the Zhao Family, he would expose the face that he was strong on the outside and cowardly on the inside. The loss outweighs the gain!

At this moment, Meng Qi smiled, “I don’t covet the position of chief of detectives. I only want to take the place for the time being in this chaos to reassure the people. When chief Sima of detectives is found or the situation stabilized, I will step down consciously.”

This period of time would be enough for him to change his title and read all the classified information in the Sect of Six-Fans!

“Take the place for the time being?” This would give us a chance to compete! Ke Yuzhang and Li Dong immediately agreed.

Cui Yan and Song Shouren had been pushed to the limit, but now they found Meng Qi only wanted to take the place temporarily. They at once felt relieved. Seeing the Condors all made no objection, they thought for a long time and said, “The government hall will reconsider this matter.”

Replacing for the time being was acceptable to them.

To compromise and concede was what the officials often do in the government hall.

Zhao Heng pretended that he did not know Meng Qi and prepared to leave. As he brushed past, Meng Qi sent his voice, “Zhao Laowu, that was all I could do to help you. You should use this period of time to exchange merits with the other families and select a new chief of detectives.”

Zhao Heng stepped out of the room with Cui Yan and Song Shouren following behind him.

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