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«The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel) - Chapter 651: Visions over Strength

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Chapter 651: Visions over Strength

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The sword light bore into Meng Qi’s pupils. His pupils were completely filled with the light. The sights inside the mausoleum became surreal like a dream. His body was also lit up by the sword light, his internal organs, veins, and bones were displayed in every detail under the light.

Moreover, the smaller details of his body were also revealed. Meng Qi felt as if his body was split into tiny obscure particles that were unable to block the sword light.

His genuine Qi, Interior, and Dharma Form all became unreal as well. In face of the strong light, Meng Qi had a hunch that all his movements would fail. The sword light would penetrate him mysteriously, ignoring all the principles and rules.

The light was pure, sharp, intense, and full of swordwill. Meng Qi “saw” himself, his Vital Spirit was the only one that remained calm and in control, though it staggered in the storm of the sword light!

Such Seven Strokes of Heaven Interception!

What a “Cutting Tao And Seeking True-self”!

Inside Meng Qi’s Vital Spirit, a golden lotus was springing up. The lotus shone millions of rays to form the color of the Chaos. The rays blocked the ferocious swordwill, easing the pressure on the rules of the current surrounding world. Thus, Meng Qi had the time to think and get a grip on himself so that he could utilize the few remaining weapons!

“It’s no wonder that Heavenly Primogenitor’s ‘First Three Prints’ can compare to those of Heaven Interception and the Buddha!” Such a realization dawned on Meng Qi. “It turns out that ‘the Primeval Golden Lotus’ can also ease the mental pressure the ‘Cutting Tao And Seeking True-self’ laid on me.

“If not so, the Gist of Trueness and I would have been frozen in time. I would have been so slow that I could have only watched the sword light penetrating my mid-brows. That way, I would finally ‘see’ my ‘true self’!

“It’s similar to the “Anatta Sword” that Jiang Zhiwei acquired when she was in the enlightenment period!”

Since he could not utilize his physical or Interior strength, or hook the outside world to trigger the Dharma Form, Meng Qi had to trigger the Vital Spirit’s Gist of Trueness in face of the sword light. Therefore, his Vital Spirit utilized the Law Phenomenon!

Then, the Vital Spirit suddenly expanded and turned to a Giant Golden Buddha who occupied the entire space. The Buddha pointed one hand to the sky, and the other to the ground.

Gaining true self in an illusionary world!

It was the first style of the Buddha’s Palm, “I, the Unique and Righteous”!

When he was in Langya, he used to learn the Primary Instruction of the Buddha’s Palm with Ruan Yushu. His practice yielded progress, and finally, he could almost utilize the first style. At present, only his Vital Spirit remained intact, which corresponded with the “I, the Unique and Righteous”. Meng Qi could barely manage to use the first palm!

Since after the ferocious Demonic Buddha, nothing like this had ever happened.

It was the Buddha versus the Heaven Interception!

The Giant Golden Buddha stood still in the sky. “It” seemed infinite and supreme, and then it opened its mouth, a holy grand sound rang out:

“I’m the only one between heaven and earth.

“In the Heavens and on Earth, I, the Unique and Righteous, am everywhere!”

Outside the mausoleum, Buddhist Monk Silence shivered as if the Buddha was preaching in front of him. And the Buddha’s sound was so thunderous that he failed to properly hear what the Buddha said.

It suddenly turned dark as the blue sky, the white clouds, the mountains, and the rivers seemed to fly into the mausoleum.

The blue sky, the white clouds, the mountains, the rivers, and even the entire illusionary world all flew into the Giant Golden Buddha. Moreover, Meng Qi’s illusionary Interior, Dharma Form, genuine Qi, and body all flew into the Buddha. That way, the Buddha had everything inside him and was extremely concentrated!

In the Heavens and on Earth, I, the Unique and Righteous, am everywhere!

In this way, the sword light appeared trivial in front of Meng Qi’s Big Golden Buddha.

However, the sword light also expanded. The light became purer and sharper as time seemed to stop.

The grand and concentrated sword light and the Giant Golden Buddha clashed!

At that moment, there were boundless lights in the sky. Meng Qi was thrown toward the wall. He hit the wall so hard that his chest was dented and his Interior trembled. A scar crept upon him from his mid-brows to the corner of his mouth.

After millions of years of suppression and the attempts to free himself from it, Zhen Wu’s evil spirit still possessed grandmaster strength and ancient big powers’ vision, knowledge, and experience.

Without the Buddha’s Palm and Law Phenomenon, Meng Qi would have been injured badly or even died under the blow of the sword light. He was lucky to have survived!

The evil spirit’s countenance was cold and eyes serious. He withdrew his left hand and made the Devil-rinsing Flag fly to him faster.

“I can’t let him have the Devil-rinsing Flag!” Meng Qi bore only one thought now.“If Zhen Wu’s evil spirit gets hold of the Devil-rinsing Flag, I’ll have to escape immediately or die here!”

In midst of the thought, he triggered the mark he left on the Devil-rinsing Flag. The little black flag trembled at once, released red haze against Zhen Wu’s evil spirit.

The evil spirit said that he was not afraid of his own weapon, but Meng Qi did not believe him at all. “If that’s the case, why did he distract me first?

“He probably can control the flag to some extent, but I’m the owner!”

From the first moment when Zhen Wu’s evil spirit started reminiscing about the ancient stories, Meng Qi was vigilant. He might have been surprised or puzzled, but he still remained vigilant. He hadn’t yielded to the evil spirit’s distraction. However, the evil spirit’s dabbling with the identity of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms made Meng Qi lose his grip. The evil spirit seized the chance and controlled the flag.

“Hmph.” Zhen Wu’s evil spirit grasped tighter. The black mist rolled and water sloshed, finally, the wavering flag flew toward him. The injured Meng Qi lost ground.

At the same time, Zhen Wu’s evil spirit brandished his sword again. He separated the space surrounding Meng Qi from the remaining space to keep him from reaching for the flag.

Being inferior to Zhen Wu’s evil spirit in strength, movement, and realm, if Meng Qi lost his divine weapon, he could not possibly see himself winning. He would have to return to the outside world empty-handed!

Thus, suddenly, Meng Qi transformed and separated the Vital Spirit from his body. His Vital Spirit managed to escape from the closed space in the last minute!

He took a deep breath. Collecting his will, he expanded his body again. With two heads and four arms, he stood on the ground while touching the sky. He held the long saber with one hand, and a sword with another hand. He was fully prepared for Zhen Wu’s evil spirit’s attack.

He held a thumb-sized bead with the other two hands. The bead bore Chaos, which swirled and formed various images that were enough to illustrate one world.

Meng Qi raised his trembling hands and hurled the bead with his prehistorical powers.

The bead emitted colorful rays. The evil spirit could not help squinting, then, the water stopped sloshing, the black fog stopped swirling, and the Devil-rinsing Flag became frozen in the air. Things that contained water all seemed to be suppressed by a great force, and they could not move a bit at the moment.

It was the Oceanic Dominion Pearl!

As the name suggested, it was a pearl that dominated the water!

It was because of the rudimentary treasure that Meng Qi dared to intrude into the mausoleum alone.

While the Devil-rinsing Flag was suspended in the air, Meng Qi swallowed the Immortality Elixir of East Pole. He quickly recovered from his injuries and regained his strength, and then he strode forward. Instead of scrambling for the flag, Meng Qi directly attacked!

He wielded the sword as if it was the Grand Sun, and brandished the saber as though it was a Chaotic Hole. He let them clash in the middle of the air.


White lights engulfed the mausoleum and destroyed everything except the outer suppression forms.

The scene was like the grand burial of the river of stars!

Zhen Wu’s evil spirit twisted his long sword. The Black-white Taiji image appeared and transformed into a Mystic Turtle and a winged snake that combined to form the image of a tortoise. The tortoise’s shell expanded to cover them. The raging storm, the blistering heat, and the blinding lights were all shut out.

Since the Zhenwu Sect had obtained the “Dao’s Wax and Dao’s Wane” and part of Zhen Wu’s impartation, all their disciples could produce strong defensive movements, not to mention the evil spirit who inherited most of Zhen Wu’s skills and experience.

Meng Qi was ready to draw his sword from the scabbard.

He pressed inward with his right hand, the long saber seemed frozen. But then, everything came to life! The tiger jumped in the forest, and the dragon returned to the sea!


The silence and motion greatly contrasted with each other. Brilliant saber radiance illuminated the mausoleum, even space seemed to be misplaced. “The shell of the tortoise” broke and was about to fall apart!

However, Zhen Wu’s evil spirit remained calm. The shell of the tortoise collapsed and everything around it, even the sustaining rules, all fell apart. It was like the end of the world, the doom of the enlightenment.

Meng Qi’s Big Bang Technique was indeed like creating a new world. He first destroyed, and then managed to balance the Yin and Yang to keep the world running.

The destruction slowed down, the Ying and Yang transformed. Various bladesmanship emerged, trying to stop the destruction with rebirth.

At that moment, a man showed up beside the Devil-rinsing Flag. He wore slick Taoist garb and priest hat, with the silk belt and the grass-woven shoes. He looked just like Meng Qi.

It turned out that Meng Qi had abandoned the Devil-rinsing Flag to attack so that his avatar could retrieve it!

He smiled and stretched his right hand for the flagpole. But suddenly, black gas gushed out of the void and became a giant hand. The hand gently flicked the pole away.

“Zhen Wu’s evil spirit?

“The avatar of Zhen Wu’s evil spirit?”

The black gas took shape of a man just like Zhen Wu’s evil spirit, wearing a crown along with luxurious royal robes and raiments. He then quickly rushed toward the Devil-rinsing Flag.

“It turns out that he also used an avatar to distract me!” Meng Qi realized.

Meng Qi and Zhen Wu’s evil spirit had pulled the same trick!

The two avatars quickly became engaged. Zhen Wu was strong while Meng Qi was smart, none of them gained the upper hand.

“No one is stupider!” Just as the thought crossed his mind, Meng Qi felt a sensation of rebirth raging in the depth of the destruction. A sword light poured, Yin and Yang were divided, and the Five Elements came into being. The world regained its rules, engulfing Meng Qi rapidly, but it was so delicate that it would almost break soon.

Dao’s Wax and Dao’s Wane!

Meng Qi did not dare to stay. He jumped backward with a tumble.

But the sword light followed him. Meng Qi could only throw a punch single-handedly, at that moment, purple haze, golden light, and black-and-white clouds tangled. Meng Qi penetrated all of them to hit the sword body!


Meng Qi was thrown into the air for the second time. Blood gushed out of his mouth, and his body shrank. He could no longer sustain the Law Phenomenon. His arm hung uselessly at his side after utilizing the Tri-gem Wish Fist.

Seizing the opportunity, Zhen Wu’s evil spirit desperately flew to the Devil-rinsing Flag, even ignoring his avatar!

He might lack in strength, but he had the vision which he had used to completely suppress Meng Qi!

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