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«The Sacred Ruins (Web Novel) - Chapter 802 - Land of the Fallen

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Chapter 802: Land of the Fallen

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Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

“What are we going to do now?” asked Ouyang Feng.

“We’re going hunting!” Chu Feng answered in an extremely certain tone.

“You still dare to use the special technique?” Ouyang Feng held restraining fear in his heart. He had corrected his shortcoming of looking through slanted eyes. Now he was fairly serious and didn’t dare to be frivolous in the slightest.

“Can’t you see that I’m injured to this state? What’s more, I’ve already mastered this kind of special technique. So what if I use it a few more times? Shortening lifespan? Waning away? I’ve already taken the divine medicine so I have a whole lifetime more to my lifespan compared to the ordinary person. I’m not afraid.” Chu Feng wasn’t the least bit concerned.

“You took the divine medicine from the Yin Realm. Is it useful?” Ouyang Feng cracked down on him.

He was considered to be a divine beast in the Yin Realm as well. But after he came here, the archer he encountered almost shot him and caused him to explode. What’s more, his soul light almost collapsed in an instant under the loud unison roars of the army.

He was a Yin spirit in this world so the divine beast bloodline was practically useless!

As such, he reckoned that the divine medicines from the Yin Realm were of less value than anticipated.

“Elder Brother-in-Law, you’re throwing your life away. You’ll die by violence not only because your lifespan will be reduced, but also because of the various mishaps!” The silver haired little lolita also cried out. She was staring at him with her large beautiful eyes as she reminded him of this.


In the end, Ying Zhexian flicked her on the forehead as a warning to her that she wasn’t allowed to address Chu Feng as she pleased. As a result of that, Ying Xiaoxiao immediately covered her forehead with her hand as she shouted out in pain.

“This kind of special technique is too strange; there is a major problem from the basis of its nature which might involve the origin of this world’s evolutionary civilisation and result in a great calamity,” said Ying Zhexian.

“There’s no need to worry. I know how far to go and when to stop.” At the end of it all, Chu Feng didn’t believe in heresy at all. He even came out of purgatory alive and turned many rounds on the lower millstone in the Radiant City of Death. He even walked along the path of the Reincarnation Road, so how could he still be afraid of a special technique?

That was especially the case since there was a lower millstone in this world which lead to an unknown place. He felt that there ought to be some ineffable link with that lower millstone in the Radiant City of Death.

The wasteland was very big and wide, but it was merely a part of the surrounding region around Vicious Beast Plateau.

Soon after, they discovered a small troop that still comprised a dozen or more people. This was the other small team out of the fifty cavalrymen Pu Lin had brought along with him.

In order to find Chu Feng, Pu Lun divided fifty experts into three groups to search this region.

There was no suspense in this battle. Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian got rid of three divine archers together in a single blow. For the remaining cavalrymen, he tried using the Yin-Yang Light to deal with them and expelled them with the Soul Bell too. The military success he achieved was astonishing.

Soon after, light rain arose in this area as Chu Feng activated the special technique. Sure enough, he didn’t believe in heresy so he started absorbing Divinity Granules.

His dim soul was gradually bright again very soon. The Divinity Granules restored areas where he was injured and he seemed to be as good as before.

“Yee-haw! As a father, I have to take revenge and wipe out a grudge by killing those Yin spirits!” Ling Weihou was howling in a low tone. Everyone was shocked as his voice shook the entire city.

He was responsible for defending a city on the border of VIcious Beast Plateau. He didn’t have that great of an influence, but he could definitely call the wind and summon the rain on his domain.

After that, teams of cavalrymen riding barbaric birds charged out of the city. They left Vicious Beast Plateau and flew toward the wastelands in the outer districts.

At the same time, portraits of Chu Feng and Ouyang Feng had also been distributed to clearly inform and request a collaborative effort from all parties to arrest them.

WIthin a day, Chu Feng and Ouyang Feng had become wanted criminals and there was a bounty on them across the wastelands and the Vicious Beast Plateau. They had an extremely expensive price over their heads — two pots of divine beast blood.

This was divine blood that had been bestowed upon Ling Weihou, yet he put them forward to arrest the vicious individuals.

Soon after, the whole wasteland shook. For example, a mouse stampede erupted as those purple-golden mice hiding in the seams in the ground were frantically looking for Chu Feng.

A few bird-type evolvers flapped their wings and circled the sky above the vast wasteland as divine light shot out of their eyes.

Large numbers of silver-scaled wolves whistled as they covered a wide expanse. The wasteland shone in a silver-white colour as the silver scales densely covering their bodies shone and reflected off them. This race was also being dispatched as a whole.

Chu Feng and the rest encountered trouble not long after they walked out. A few falcons discovered them which resulted in a great chase.

In the end, they got rid of a few vultures and seized their bodies to deceive everyone. Without a physical body to hide their souls, they were definitely going to pay bitterly for that and might really die if they were discovered.

There was no doubt that such a great movement had spread extremely far. Chu Feng and the rest had successfully cultivated their Yang souls and could occupy the flesh of other living bodies which was sufficient to let them bluff their way out.

But to the others that came from the same world as he did, it was a disaster.

A few people were very unlucky when they came to this region because some people had their eye on them since they were Yin spirits and as such, they were within the scope of being pursued.

This resulted in a group of old monsters being dumbstruck in the Dameng Pure Land’s divine palace hall. That was because these so-called geniuses returned in groups and every single one of them were exterminated. It wasn’t just one or two of them, but rather it was a group and field of them.

Those who escaped to the territories under the control of the Moon Goddess and other deities could avoid such a calamity. If not, those within this range would be attacked.

“This grandson Ling Weihou really is so determined since he’s going so far as to put forth two pots of divine beast blood. Even I want to surrender myself to him because of that. I’ll flee after receiving all the divine beast blood,” muttered Ouyang Feng. He pondered over it wretchedly to see if it was possible.

Afterwards, he found out that the divine beast blood was in Ling Weihou’s hands and he would personally bestow it upon the person who could offer clues. Ouyang Feng didn’t dare to go even if he was going to be beaten to death.

Chu Feng and the rest got rid of a few cavalrymen who were all Ling Weihou’s subordinates along the way. Chu Feng used the special technique many times to absorb the Divinity Granules. Not only did his injuries heal, but the degree of vigour of his soul light was almost comparable to a golden arhat’s.

Ouyang Feng was jealous as he ferociously said, “This grandfather is going to stake it all! What is there to be afraid of? This grandfather is a divine beast and my lifespan far exceeds that of normal lifeforms. It’s equivalent to having a second life, so I’m not afraid of the so-called decrease in lifespan. Motherf**ker! Divine King Ouyang is going to throw caution to the wind to become a golden arhat, breakthrough to the saint realm and all so I can become a heaven illuminator.”

After that, Toad’s soul light started to rise sharply and rapidly along the way because he was very insane to the point of being simply somewhat uncontrollable.

“Be careful. This isn’t simply a problem of decreasing lifespan. It involves being struck by lightning too. Lightning strikes will come to our door every month and we’ll have to suffer through it if we absorb an excessive amount of Divinity Granules,” Chu Feng warned him.

Ouyang Feng felt a cold shudder run down his spine when he heard this. He had seen matters pertinent to that from Pu Lin’s memory.

“Talking about this, there really is a fearsome character in this world. There is a scene in that grandson Pu Lin’s memory saying that a few people continuously suffered the lightning tribulation a month after they came here. They possess terrifying strength.”

Pu Lin’s second elder brother was a ferocious person amongst them. He had absorbed an excessive amount of Divinity Granules in a certain month and ultimately attracted two lightning tribulations. In the end, he passed both tribulations in a row.

“I don’t know how powerful this world’s heavenly tribulation is after all is said and done. If it’s the same as that from our universe, the person who can withstand two successive lightning tribulations is definitely not a simple individual,” said Chu Feng.

“There are three-tribulation powerhouses from what I saw from Pu Lin’s memory. There are even exceptional geniuses who have endured four lightning tribulations. As for those deities, they’re even more excessive since there are records of them withstanding five lightning tribulations when they were in their youths,” said Ouyang Feng.

“Don’t envy others. Come the end of the month, you will be addressed as a three-tribulation powerhouse at the very least too,” said Chu Feng as he patted Ouyang Feng’s shoulder.

“What?! That can’t be, right?!” Ouyang Feng’s complexion immediately changed.

“Do you still think that you absorbed a small amount of divinity matters? Your strength advanced by leaps and bounds. Even if you used the divine beast blood and sacred medicine to wash away a share of karma, your advancement was still too abrupt. Based on soul light alone, you’re almost considered to be an expert at the golden body realm.”

Chu Feng reckoned him and Toad would possibly have to suffer through four lightning tribulations based on those criterions Ouyang Feng mentioned.

“Motherf**ker! This won’t do! The lightning in this world is Yang lightning. It is said that it is so powerful that the physical bodies and souls of the life forms from this world would burn when they were struck. We had just crossed over from being Yin spirits to Yang souls and we don’t even have physical bodies that belong to us. Aren’t we just courting death?!” He was a little anxious.

“What are you afraid of? There are physical bodies everywhere on this wasteland,” said Chu Feng.

But what Ying Zhexian said next set him back. “You didn’t carefully experience that the bodies we occupied are all unstable. Even if we are Yang souls, we can’t occupy a physical body for a long time either. We have to change bodies after an excessively long time.”

Chu Feng quickly started to comprehend as he circulated his breathing technique. After that, he felt somewhat sluggish and was suddenly startled.

His heart trembled with fear and he was somewhat dumbfounded. He still had to overcome a calamity! Could it be that he had to endure the lightning strikes with his soul alone? When he thought about it, he felt vexed and felt a chill run through his hairs and bones.

“Oh no! It really is extremely possible that we’ll have to suffer the lightning calamity four times since we’ve absorbed so many Divinity Granules. We’re even on an equal level with the deities when they were young who experienced the calamities five times as said in the legends!” Chu Feng felt vexed as he paced back and forth.

“Is there any use left for the divine beast blood and sacred medicine?”

“We can still use the sacred medicine to increase our strength, but do you dare use it? The heavenly retribution you attract corresponds with your own strength. We’ll have to face the frightening heavenly tribulation four to five times in a row. Without a physical body, the higher the level of the lightning bolts, the more detrimental it is to us.

“Once we fail in overcoming the calamity, we’ll return to our original universe.” Ouyang Feng was somewhat quiet but was still unwilling to accept it when he heard what Ying Zhexian said as lightly as a feather.

Chu Feng naturally didn’t want to go back.

“Elder Brother-in-Law, I’ll overcome the calamity with you when the time comes. I don’t want to stay in this world in the slightest bit at all. I want to go home and find my mother awfully so.” This triggered a response from the little lolita as she said whilst blinking with her large eyes.

Chu Feng finally entered the Vicious Beast Plateau and even crossed over a large area before arriving at the region under the Moon Goddess’ governance.

It was extremely dangerous on the plateau as some places were towering with ancient trees with vicious beasts roaming about. They were all giant beasts that had abnormally tyrannical strength.

In reality, this was a very vast region. When they pushed their way through to this area, they were not too far away from the so-called calamity in a month’s time.

“Let’s prepare to overcome the calamity!” Chu Feng sighed as he reckoned it was going to be time soon.

They went to the region the Moon Goddess governed this time for her special technique because the atmosphere here was comparatively relaxed and didn’t have strict interrogations.

Besides, the Moon Goddess liked to recruit disciples, so they were really thinking of deceiving her to obtain a deity’s highest inheritance and obtain the ultimate special technique.

At the same time, they wanted to thoroughly understand the lower millstone near the Primal Chaos here.

On this day, that group from Mount Eternal finally entered the foreign domain!

“How warm! I feel like I’m finally alive. My god! This world actually has Yang qi. Even though there isn’t an abundance of it nor was it enough, it’s much better than the Yin Realm!” Young Lady Xi was the first to shout out after they entered the foreign domain. She was considerably touched to the point where she appeared to be weeping.

“Yee-haw, yee-haw! It’s so hot that this Grandfather Donkey is going to die! What is this damned place?” Old Donkey cried out.

The big black yak, Yellow Ox, Zhou Quan, Wu Qifeng, Old Lama and Mastiff King had arrived. Included among them was Yaoyao who headed them as they all stood behind her.

Yaoyao was peerlessly talented. After she came to this world in her soul state, she had a strange expression on her face because she felt an abundance of Yang qi. She activated her Dao Induction breathing technique and she felt entirely free from worry all over.

“This is a little strange,” she said to herself but she held no fear since she was highly skilled and daring too.

“Ah! There’s a stele here. This kind of written language is…” Young Lady Xi’s expression changed and her beautiful face lost its colour and even turned pale as she said, “This kind of written language belongs to some incomparably terrifying evolutionary civilisation. We might have arrived at the legendary Land of the Fallen!”

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