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«The Sacred Ruins (Web Novel) - Chapter 801 - Later Years and The Nature of The World

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Chapter 801: Later Years and The Nature of The World

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Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

Chu Feng glanced at Ouyang Feng and said, “Why is your face so black that you’re about to emit black qi?”

“Can you speak human language!?” Ouyang Feng stretched his swan neck out as he looked at Chu Feng with a darkened face.

“It’s only strange if he’s fair-skinned!” Ying Xiaoxiao grinned.

At this moment, the whole battlefield had gone quiet. Pu Lin and his subordinates had been dealt with. Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian used their indigenious technique for the first time in battle. The might of the attack was so astonishing that it killed all of the so-called divine archers and cavalrymen.

Ouyang Feng definitely did have a black face and he had a slightly unsightly expression.

“What exactly happened?” asked Chu Feng.

Ouyang Feng was in charge of searching Pu Lin’s soul just now and after he did so, his expression darkened.

“It’s definitely bad news relating to us,” said Ying Zhexian. She fell to the ground and abandoned her swan body. She was slim and graceful and had immortal qi around her.

Ling Weihou’s soul light had almost squarely attacked Ying Zhexian and Chu Feng in that battle just now; it was extremely dangerous. They were unable to use their physical bodies anymore as they were all in tatters.

Even their souls had dimmed slightly as the duo sustained rather heavy damage.

After all, there was the aura of a quasi-saint in that wisp of soul light. It was already considered to be a miracle since they were still alive after taking such an attack at their level!

“Smart.” Ouyang Feng glanced at Ying Zhexian and softly sighed.

“We’ve only come in contact with the troops from the Martial God faction ever since we came to this world and obtained their special technique. They’re probably related to one another. Are there any considerably grave consequences to this?” asked Ying Zhexian.

Ouyang Feng had a strange expression on his face. This woman from the Quasi-saint Race really was bright; she had prior awareness to everything.

“There is a considerably grave probelm.” Toad softly sighed. He really wanted to spit out a large expanse of saliva, but he swallowed it back down after giving it a thought because this was soul light and spiritual energy. He didn’t want to waste them.

The silver haired little lolita stared at this movement at his. This made her feel uncomfortable because she was better off seeing him spit his saliva!

“This grandson Pu Lin informed his old bastardly father Ling Weihou of the situation when he was in the midst of pursuing us. That old fellow is considerably terrifying and is extremely protective of his children, too. He has six sons. In those days, a divine archer from the Moon Goddess faction killed his third son on the battlefield. That very same night, he strode across realms and annihilated that troop and even massacred that divine archer’s entire race completely from a baby that was only a few months old to children who were only five or six years old. He threw eight of them to their deaths while they were still alive. His methods are extremely cruel and he’s abnormally violent.”

After that, the experts from the Moon Goddess faction made a move to retaliate against him, yet he had made preparations a long time ago. He informed his supporters beforehand to help him block the disaster and set up an ambush to kill a group of experts once again.

Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian frowned when they heard this. This Ling Weihou was going to seek revenge even for the smallest grievances. Would a man who was so fiercely protective of his children not go insane once he knew that Pu Lin had been killed?

That was especially the case since he was a quasi-saint at the very least. That wisp of soul light from before was extremely terrifying and almost killed Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian. If they didn’t have the Wonderful Seven Treasures Technique, the duo would definitely explode into two balls of blood mist.

Ouyang Feng sighed and said, “Fairy Ying guessed another point right. It has to do with the special technique. This is a motherf*cking… fraud!”

Excluding the lightning strikes that one would attract every month from absorbing an excessive amount of Divinity Granules, the evolvers from this world generally had a very low lifespan. Some of them even had about the same lifespan as a common mortal.

Chu Feng frowned after he heard Ouyang Feng say all of these as he felt that the situation was considerably far from good.

“Be more specific!”

“Based on a few secret reports that have circulated out of the laboratories of a few deities in Vicious Beast Plateau, many people think this has to do with using the special technique excessively to refine the Divinity Granules as well as the Dao Ancestor’s matter.”

Chu Feng inhaled a cold breath. There was such a great calamity to this special technique?

From the start, he understood that there was the emphasis on equilibrium in any world. It was impossible to have a technique that was the pinnacle of defying the natural order of the world yet not pay the price for it. But now, he suddenly learned that his lifespan was going to be decreased which made him feel the severity of the problem.

“The Martial God and the Moon Goddess from Vicious Beast Plateau are conducting research into this from the theoretical perspectives of karma and evolution respectively. Both are very reasonable,” said Ouyang Toad.

If they were to talk about things from the point of view of the theory of karma, the reason their lifespans would decrease was because this kind of special technique was in harmony with the ten heavenly stems. If one were to take the life of living creatures too terribly, they were practically stepping on other people’s corpses to evolve and grow.

As such, there was retribution for everything in the end since the world wouldn’t allow such things to happen. Other than frequently striking them with lightning, everyone would have their life shortened because their killing nature was far too great.

Besides, all of the evolvers were miserable in their later years and they practically didn’t have a good ending. Their divine spirits weren’t excluded as well; they would be faced with miserable circumstances in their declining years.

Someone ineffably went insane and headed toward his own destruction and he even annihilated the tribe he belonged to.

The blood qi of some powerhouses suddenly dried up and they rapidly aged. Cracks appeared throughout their bodies, and they were in such immense pain while they were still alive.

The souls of some people would disintegrate like rotting flesh, and their soul light would decompose. In their later years, they were in an increasingly tragic state day after day. Their soul bodies crumbled as they were subjected to sheer torture.

“The same goes for divine spirits; each one is unluckier than the other. Their successors would even treat those whose strengths weakened as prey and get rid of them as they are by absorbing their Divinity Granules and so forth.”

This was what Ouyang Feng found out through searching Pu Lin’s head. Those who heard what he said felt terrified and felt that there wasn’t a good end for the evolvers from this world in the end; they faced miserable circumstances in their declining years.

“Even deities can’t resolve this problem as their blood qi will dry up and their souls will crumble? They’ll die from being subjected to such torture?” Ying Xiaoxiao was horrified and felt a chill rise through her whole body. If this was the case, then wouldn’t it be better for her to reject the special technique right away and leave things as they were to return to her universe?

“But the special technique is just like a deity-ranked poppy. Which evolver can give up such a thing in order to strengthen themselves?” Ouyang Feng sighed. This was a rare occasion where he got serious. He had seen this from Pu Lin’s soul.

In those days, Ling Weihou’s grandfather was extremely formidable. He was a high ranking war general who commanded countless armies. But in his later years, he was all skin and bones and howled miserably day and night. He didn’t dare to stay alone, but he ultimately faced an incomparably bleak end. First, a fully grown divine beast had accidentally gotten rid of half his body when it massacred everyone in a captured city. After that, a lightning bolt struck right through his head and destroyed ninety percent of his soul light. He finally struggled and was tortured for tens of days between life and death before dying.

His troops had said that everything happened because he had massacred far too much in those days.

There was also the Demon God from olden days who was struck by lightning on the Vicious Beast Plateau every day in his later years. He would lose parts of his body every day and resembled coke. In the end, a successor mounted a sneak attack on him and he exploded while he was still alive. The successor slowly refined him for a hundred days and suffered all kinds of humiliation and torture. That successor stepped on his corpse and ascended to become a god. Only then did the Demon God reach the end of his miserable time across the later years of his life.

That was only because the Demon God had claimed his seat in that manner in those days too.

As such, the evolvers of this world acknowledged the theory of karma very much and believed it was reasonable. Many things would come about as predicted more often than not and there would be retributions.

“Will we end up so tragically since we practice their special techniques too?” Chu Feng didn’t want to reduce his lifespan nor was he willing to wane away so ineffably. Those circumstances was more tragic than mortals dying of old age.

What were people pursuing in becoming evolvers? Wasn’t it to transcend worldliness and be even more unfettered as well as to be free and unconstrained without care or worries? Yet these outcomes practically resembled dangling a sharp sword above their heads and enveloped them beneath its shadow across the entirety of their later years.

The silver haired little lolita widened her eyes and had a nervous expression as she said, “Elder Sister, we’d better go home. Let’s look for our mother! This world lacks any sense of security far too much. I don’t want to be all skins and bones in my later years, much less be tormented by various accidents and end up dying tragically.”

Ying Zhexian was very calm as she spoke to Ouyang Feng, “What you were talking about just now was the theory of karma. There is another theory of evolution.”

“The theory of evolution is even more frightening. It says that the Divinity Granules different life forms possessed had a somewhat repelling attribute. That was especially the case with even higher graded Dao Ancestor matters which repelled even more. Even though it looks as though they fused together to return to a single entity, there would be various reactions between these matters and it would give rise to various discourses after a certain stage. Even a god would loudly scream that there are ghosts out of fright. Don’t think that it is abnormal to find a soul locker from hell demanding their life because he might have really seen some extraordinary item. It might have separated itself from the Divinity Granules and the Dao Ancestor matter before it was constructed and nourished.”

Chu Feng was speechless after he heard this. Gods were afraid of ghosts? But after thinking about it, he felt at ease because the deities of this world had to die in the end.

“Aren’t there other paths of solving this problem?” asked Chu Feng.

Ying Zhexian also looked at Ouyang Feng to gain a deeper understanding. Like Chu Feng, she was similarly unwilling to accept the circumstances.

“There is. There is a kind of theory in the Vicious Beast Plateau that says that if one was sufficiently powerful, they might be able to prevent everything and kill everything. One wouldn’t be afraid of those so-called miserable ending. Naturally, such a person hasn’t appeared until now. Those who didn’t believe in fallacies are all dead. Other than that, all the deities are searching for a path to go to the Primal Chaos. They want to traverse and cross over to other worlds. Different worlds may have different reasonings so they want to reach enlightenment and resolve their own problems.”

“Going to other worlds?” Chu Feng was surprised.

Ouyang Feng searched Pu Lin’s soul and realized that this whole Vicious Beast Plateau seemed to be the center of the world. Once they were out of here, they would be headed towards the Primal Chaos.

“Indeed. The Vicious Beast Plateau is the center in this world. Other than that, there are a few abysses where divine beasts reside in. All that’s left after that is the Primal Chaos. This world isn’t as big as ours. Based on the conjecture of this world’s deities, this is a dilapidated universe.”

This subject was already touching upon the nature of this world. The deities from past dynasties in the Vicious Beast Plateau had come in contact with Yin, and even Yang spirits from foreign domains.

They guessed that this world was possibly bordering a vast Yin Realm world and might not be that far away from a vast Yang Realm too. This was a world in a crevice.

After Ouyang Feng finished talking about these things, Ying Zhexian and Chu Feng were emotionally moved. There was even more to this than what the deities of this world inferred.

“Some deities would come forth and be on their way in past dynasties as they wanted to try to change their own fate. But a few deities died tragically once they entered the Primal Chaos. Those who sent someone off could see this with their own eyes and there were even people who never returned once they left.”

“They tragically died in the Primal Chaos?” Chu Feng was astonished and extremely shocked.

“Yes, that’s right. There’s a path on the border of the Primal Chaos. They didn’t suddenly cross it, but rather they found the footsteps of their predecessors.” Ouyang Feng nodded.

After that, he looked terrified as he said, “That scene is a little plaintive. I feel like they went to hell and not the so-called complete great universe.”

After that, Ouyang Feng revealed the scene he saw in Pu Lin’s soul of the path bordering the Primal Chaos.

That was a lower millstone that was turning slowly. If they wanted to strive across realms, they actually had to throw themselves into the lower millstone and experience what it was like being crushed. Some deities couldn’t endure passing that ordeal and had their soul light crushed to pieces.

Some people were luckier because this lower millstone occasionally didn’t turn and wouldn’t crush those who entered. It was a straight path and there was a light door within the lower millstone.

This was completely up to luck and there was no exception even for deities!

The scene Ouyang Feng exhibited to Chu Feng was rather shocking!

What did he see? That lower millstone was somewhat similar to the lower millstone within the Bright City of Death in purgatory, but it wasn’t as big as that in the City of Death. It was made out of the same material and they had similar functions.

He was certain that there was definitely a path behind this lower millstone. There was a reincarnation path in purgatory, so what path would there be here? Where would it lead to!?

“What do you think?” Chu Feng asked Ying Zhexian after a very long time.

“Let’s immediately get moving and fight to find the most first-rate special technique in this world. Even if we can’t use it, let’s try to obtain it first, too, so that we can leave it for later. At the same time, we’ll research this world and look for items like the sacred medicine that are suitable to us. Naturally, if this world really doesn’t suit us after we thoroughly analyze the matter and we fully understand this world, we’ll end our journey in this world in the shortest span of time within a few days.”

Ying Zhexian was very decisive as she felt that the problem was extremely severe.

“That’s right. What is the final outcome of the person from past dynasties who obtained the fortune within the Dameng Pure Land’s shrine? The so-called dreaming of a hundred years in a single night?” asked Chu Feng.

“This is just the place that makes me tremble in fear.” Ying Zhexian had a grave expression as she said, “Think about it carefully. An accident happened to almost half of those well-known figures from past dynasties and they died across the universe. In those days, everyone thought that someone envied them and injured them in the dark. But from the looks of things now, the way they died somewhat resembles the later years of some powerhouses from this universe.”

Chu Feng almost broke out in cold sweat from being frightened by what she said.

Ying Zhexian explained that there were some well-known figures who weren’t in great conditions in their later years while there were some who walked the deviant path during meditation whereas some were ineffably distress and faced with difficulties which resulted in very tragic deaths.

There were those that could die a natural death in the end, but there really weren’t many of them.

“This is really a fraud! A divine fraud!” Ouyang Feng cried out.

“There’s no time to waste! We have to get moving right away! If the situation gets bad, we’ll beat it right away!” said Ying Zhexian.

They nodded with grave expressions.

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