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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 1274 I Sincerely Doubt That

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Chapter 1274 I Sincerely Doubt That

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“I sincerely doubt that,” Minos commented as he looked at that old figure. “What advantage will I have in that? Vogel will be mine in the future, and I won’t have to bend my knees for anyone. Not to mention that such a thing would bring trouble for me with those four enemy states of the Empire.”

The wives of Minos watched this young man while the other people there looked at Oswald. He then said. “What are you saying? Are you going to become an enemy of the Empire? Don’t be ridiculous!”

“You have to do the right thing. That is, lead the family when I’m no longer around!”

Oswald was not the kind of person who would give much thought to Minos’ problem regarding Maisie since the sect was more important than such nonsense to him. So he saw in his grandson a new leadership for his organization, something he appreciated very much. That was particularly true, considering he did not have much time left to be around.

He was pretty old, so naturally, he did not expect to live much longer.

Then, for Oswald, the most important thing was not that Minos and Maisie had a good mother-son relationship. But that they would take over his responsibilities when he was not around.

Others could undoubtedly lead this sect and even the Coleman family, as this organization had no talent shortage. But he sincerely believed that Minos was the best option, considering what had happened on the Black Plain.

Thus, this old guy wanted to pass his position to his grandson as soon as possible!

Minos laughed and then answered Oswald’s question. “If need, I will be an enemy of the Empire. But first, I will try to keep the peace in my domains.”


Oswald looked at the young man in front of him as Maisie rose from her seat. “Don’t say crazy things. You’re going to be a father now, Minos!”

Ruth then commented. “Don’t worry, Minos is just chitchatting. We have no intention of fighting the Empire.”

“What about the sect? Would you rather lead a state with several organizations that are enemies of ours than do that to your own family?” Oswald questioned.

Minos dryly said. “I will not need to live in Vogel even when I am proclaimed the king. Besides, I will have several advantages in that place that I would not have here…”

“What advantages?” Oswald frowned his eyebrows. “Do you believe they will give you anything? At most, they’ll leave you pointing pencils in the northern region while they rule!”

Minos retorted. “I gave them many advantages, but they accepted I would eventually use that state to benefit the Black Plain. Would the Gray Clouds Sect be willing to do the same?”

“Besides, what has been given, can eventually be taken back… I have a much longer way to go than those people from Vogel.” He smiled, shaking his shoulders, showing his grandfather that he already had a better deal.

“Arrogant fool!”

“They’ll just use you and throw you away when they don’t need you anymore!” Oswald stomped hard on the floor as the tension in that house increased considerably.

“Sect Master, do you think the people in this sect wouldn’t do the same to my husband?” Gloria asked while still sitting in her seat. “I doubt that Minos will be well-received by this sect’s elders. When you depart, they will probably use the excuse that he is from the northern region to contest every difficult order he gives.”

Oswald turned his face to Gloria and saw this woman’s belly. Because of this, he was not irritated by being refuted and smiled at her. “That’s normal, little girl. That’s how high-level powers work. But here he will have support, in Vogel, not.”

Patience nodded in agreement. “Minos, Maisie, and the Coleman family will help you lead the sect. It will be difficult for a while after we leave. Still, eventually, you will gain the confidence necessary to rule as Oswald.”

Minos then looked at his mother and asked. “And why doesn’t she take that position? She must have been prepared for it, right?”

Oswald and Patience looked at Maisie and this beautiful brown-haired woman to her son. “Because you can handle that kind of role better than I and can take the sect to a new level.” She smiled as she said this. “I will at most do what my father has already done. But you can make significant changes.”

That was the truth. Minos was someone from the outside, who had managed to transform the Black Plain single-handedly, yet he had their lineage, and they loved him. So, he was an excellent candidate.

On the other hand, Maisie was raised to follow the rules and standards her family and relatives taught.

And even if she could innovate in some things, such things would be one-offs, nothing that could make this sect go through a level jump in a generation.

But Minos was different. If he used the resources of this sect and had at least 1% of his success on the Black Plain, that would be enough to change everything about the reality of this organization.

Oswald, Maisie, and Patience thought so, so they could not help but agree that their descendant was the most capable of assuming the role of sect master.

Minos understood their point and decided to ask something that popped into his mind. “And what happens to the Imperial family? Will it accept the Gray Clouds Sect having an increase in power with me ruling it? I don’t think so…”

“Not in normal situations, no. But since we’re at war with the Saints Killing Sect and there’s a risk of experts on both sides perishing, it’s possible that the Imperial family won’t do what you think.” Maisie said, also using this information to bring her son closer to them by citing a common enemy.

Oswald agreed. “Changing does not mean we will be dangerous to the Empire’s integrity. As long as a Spiritual Sage is leading Payton, no one will be able to cause that kind of fear you speak of to the imperial family.”

“Hmmm.” Patience nodded. “The level jump we are talking about is not the emergence of Spiritual Sages in our sect…”

When she said that, all the Spiritual Sages there laughed, knowing that such a thing was tricky and none of them expected that Minos would achieve something like that by leading them.

Angelica and Talia were smiling, only more restrained than those experts.

Only Minos and his wives remained serious, knowing his concern was genuine since the chance of that happening was not small if he took over such a sect.

After all, even if the Empire had a little condition to nurture more than one Spiritual Sage, the Black Plain and the Spatial Kingdom had the potential to surpass this sect!

So they could only watch these smiling people and notice how much they underestimated them.

Minos then sighed and tried to change the subject. “Well, I’m not interested in taking over this sect, but this matter of the Saints Killing Sect interests me. Can you tell me more about it?”

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