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«The Return of the God Level Assassin (Web Novel) - Chapter 941: TRAINING (IV)

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Chapter 941: TRAINING (IV)

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BAI ZE lunged forward and attacked Su Yuqi. The latter quickly set up a barrier and jumped away. Because it was just an impromptu barrier, it quickly shattered at the contact with Bai Ze's gauntlet.

"Hey, it's been a long time since we did PvP, right?" Bai Ze said before adding with an evil grin, "My dream of beating you up will finally come true."

"That's a weird dream you have there," Su Yuqi responded in a dry tone. Then, she added sarcastically, "No, it's probably not a dream but a delusion. Since it's never going to happen."

Then she quickly used an AoE skill. It's a skill that could turn whoever was in contact with the ground, within a certain distance, into a stone.

Bai Ze, who knew about Su Yuqi's skill sets, quickly jumped up to one of the nearby trees. His claws elongated and glowed red. Then he slashed it towards Su Yuqi. A claw shaped beam of red light rushed towards the other.

But as if Su Yuqi had already predicted that would happen, she countered it with an attack skill. The two skills clashed causing a huge explosion.

Su Yuqi was able to quickly surround her body with her magic, which was another one of her skills. This one was much stronger than the barrier she used earlier. It could withstand any kinds of attack. Well, most attacks, that is. But the problem was, it used a lot of MP. Which wasn't really a problem since she could just drink a potion or something.

The explosion did not affect her. She remained standing from where she was, totally unscathed. She knew that Bai Ze would try to attack her again, so she didn't let her guard down.

What she was expecting was an attack from behind or from above. So, that's where she focused all her attention. This train of thought turned out to be her undoing. Because she was attacked from a place she least expected.

She felt something grabbing her ankle from below. Before she could react, the thing that grabbed her was already dragging her. It just so happened that this occurred after her mana armor skill had lost its effect. So, she was easily pulled without her being able to fight back.

She felt her body floating from the feet up after being dragged. That's why when the smoke from the explosion subsided, she found herself hanging upside down from a tree branch.

Before she could get angry or even use another skill, she saw a sharp object flying towards her. It was directly aimed at her heart. But even though the dagger was already too close to her, she still managed to deflect it using wind magic.

She then looked up and saw that her ankle was tied by a golden rope which was tied to a tree branch. She tried to cut it with another wing magic attack but it didn't work at all.

Su Yuqi's brows furrowed. This rope was definitely not just an ordinary rope. It must have been an enchanted object or something.

As she was thinking that, it suddenly occurred to her that no one was attacking her anymore. She quickly looked around and found that Bai Ze was no longer there.

"That guy…"…"!"

It's not hard to understand that the other must be rushing towards their basecamp now. Bai Ze must have done these series of attacks to let her be stuck here for a few minutes.

It was safe to say that in their fight just now, Bai Ze won.

Meanwhile, on the other side, two cuties were fighting against each other - gnome who constantly pulled the trigger of his two guns and a young kitsune who easily dodged the bullets being fired at him.

"Master's brother should learn how to shoot. You haven't hit Eclipse since earlier. Are you sure you actually know how to use a gun?"

Eclipse voiced echoed amidst the endless gunshot.

"Hey, why are you not responding? Are you deaf?"

Luo Jin gritted his teeth in annoyance. This fox had been yapping constantly since earlier. Because of the other's non-stop talking, it's hard for him to concentrate. He wanted to use [Meteor] or [Hailstorm] just to quickly get over this. But he resisted the urge to do so.

Both skills have long cool down. Once he used it here, he might not be able to use it again for the rest of the day. That would be fine and all but this was only their first training match. Wouldn't it be a waste to use it immediately?

And as he was debating whether he should do it or not, Eclipse suddenly appeared in front of him.

"It's bad to think about other things while you're fighting Eclipse," he said as if greatly offended.

"Who said I was thinking of other things?"

When the other's claws was about to reach him, a bullet that Luo Jin had fired earlier went straight to Eclipse. It's just that, the moment it hit the fox, the other suddenly vanished as if he was just a mirage. Which led to Luo Jin dodging his own bullet.

Before he could understand what was going on, small black flames suddenly surrounded him. They looked like will-o-wisp. Outside this ring of fire stood the annoying fox.

"If Master's brother tried to go out of this ring of fire, these cuties will attack you. If you want to get out of here, you can try your best. Or… you can just wait until my skill disappeared on its own."

After giving him a playful smile, the fox disappeared.

Luo Jin blinked. He couldn't believe that Eclipse really just up and disappeared like that. But seeing as how no one was no longer attacking him, he had to admit that the other really just left.

He let out a dry laugh. "Sh*t."

And now, both Bai Ze and Eclipse were heading in the same direction.

The enemy base camp.

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