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«The Return of the God Level Assassin (Web Novel) - Chapter 940: TRAINING (III)

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Chapter 940: TRAINING (III)

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CLOUDS appeared on the sides of Shen Ji Yun's feet. After that, he flew up into the sky. It's one of the skills unique to his race. Just like how dragons, whether Western or Eastern, could also fly on their own. He was not in the habit of using it though.

One reason was because he preferred to fight head on using his raw strength and power. He didn't like going around in circles. Second, unlike dragons or phoenixes, his humanoid form couldn't retain the flight skill for long. He could only flew for a certain limit of time.

Of course, it would be different in his beast form. He could fly for miles in that. But he hated fighting in that form. It's so cumbersome, his movements were not so flexible and he couldn't do any skills related to the sword.

Anyway, he scanned the surrounding to look for the enemy team's crystal. The trees in the forest were too tall and too lush for them to see the enemy camp base with their naked eye. And with the setting in place, the total area of the forest had now become much bigger compared to the area of the floor they reserved.

That's why Shen Ji Yun flew up like this. Because they couldn't start the attack if they didn't know the location of the enemy team.

It didn't take long for him to find what he's looking for. There was only one problem though. Or rather two.

He could see two red crystals. One was at the 10 o'clock direction from where he was and the other was on the 2 o'clock direction. He knew that one of them was a fake. The question was, which one?

It's hard to distinguish since both looked exactly the same. Not to mention, both were also unguarded. There was no member of the opposite team around either of the two.

If not for the situation, he would now show his admiration for the quick thinking of the enemy team. Then, he suddenly realized something.

If the other team made effort to make a fake crystal, that meant that they somewhat expected that he would fly like this to look for their location. If that was the case, then they would surely have been waiting for him to appear so they could know the location of their team's crystal.

He almost cursed inwardly with that realization. But nothing would change even if he did, so he just quickly flew down before more damage could be made.

"Where is their base camp located?" Su Yuqi quickly asked.

"We've been had," Shen Ji Yun said with a sigh before telling his team mates what just happened.

"Luo Yan is definitely the one who thought of that tactic," Su Yuqi said.

Although Luo Jin had the same opinion, this was hardly the time to be amazed with it. "So, what should we do now?"

"Don't worry, it's not yet hopeless for us," Su Yuqi said.

She took out her staff and used an AoE skill. Her staff glowed and lights gathered before scattering in different direction. Then, suddenly, they heard different rumbling sounds from all around.

Luo Jin looked around, startled. He then saw different kinds of contraption suddenly appearing around the area where their team's crystal was. If he wasn't mistaken, these were the traps that they were supposed to activate so their base camp could have an additional defense.

He thought that they needed to manually activate it. He didn't expect that attacking it with an AoE skill could also work.

"Quick thinking," Shen Ji Yun said. He then started giving instructions to his teammates. "Dusk, stay here and protect the crystal. Yuqi will attack the crystal on the 10 o'clock direction while Luo Jin will go to the 2 o'clock direction. I will follow the two of you from above and will immediately give support to whoever had attacked the real crystal."

Since there were two crystals, they couldn't gamble and just choose one. What if what they chose was the fake one? Then, it would be too late to go to the other. Maybe by that time, the other team had already attacked their base camp. So, the best thing to do was to divide manpower and quickly determine which one was real and which one was fake.

With him following from above, he could quickly give support to whichever one attacked the real crystal. It seemed that Su Yuqi and Luo Jin also understood what he was trying to do and both nodded without complaining. Dusk, who had a languid expression as if he couldn't care less if they won or not, also nodded.

"Then, let's go," Shen Ji Yun said.

All three of them moved at the same time. Su Yuqi went to left while Luo Jin went to right. He, on the other hand, flew up again. Going through the forest, all three noticed that the traps of the other team had also been activated.

[Stop and attack from where you are.]

Shen Ji Yun sent that message when he saw that the other two were already at a distance where they could directly attack the crystal. This way, they didn't have to go through the traps surrounding the enemy base camp.

The game system made it easy for players participating in Arcadia Cup to send messages to their teammates. Because one of the most important thing in these games was communication.

Both Su Yuqi and Luo Jin stopped the moment the message appeared in front of them. Su Yuqi's staff appeared in her hand while Luo Jin pulled both of his guns. They were both readying themselves to use an AoE skill attack when they were both interrupted at the same time.

Two figures jumped from above the tree where the two were standing.

Bai Ze tried to snatched Su Yuqi's staff while Eclipse jumped on Luo Jin's head, making the other lose his balance and fall.

"Hey, how about a one on one fight, Su Yuqi," Bai Ze said with an annoying smile.

On the other side, Eclipse said as he giggled, "Let's play, Master's brother."

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