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«The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 792: Video Clarification

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Chapter 792: Video Clarification

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

This post seemed like a big slap in the face for onlookers!

Xia Xibei saved the life of Simu owners’ young son, so Simu let her endorse them in order to thank her!

Xia Xibei and Zhuo Yu were photographed together just as she was having dinner with their family of three!

At this time, Qi Yuntian happened to go to the bathroom, so she wasn’t photographed.

They were in the same frame, but they didn’t act close at all!

She was not a mistress!

[Is it really a coincidence? How come I don’t really believe it?

[Oh, if you don’t believe it, you can get out! It’s so clear, and you still continue to smear her. You must have a mean heart! That’s why you think everything is so dirty!]

[Sister Bei saved the child early in the month. Then she was almost shooting on set the entire time and had no time to go out. After shooting the ad, she had dinner with them. That’s totally normal! How would she have time to hook up with this kind of schedule?]

[Who knows? Maybe they wanted to hook up?]

[Oh, as expected, it’s a Luo Xinkai fan! Your idol has his feet in so many boats, so why don’t you go insult him instead of our Sister Bei?]

[I’m just curious as to why Luo Xinkai had his contract cancelled. What’s the connection with Xia Xibei there?]

This comment got a lot of likes.

However, it was not long before that question was answered.

Cui Tong posted a video.

[Oh, let’s open our eyes and see how things really are!]

Everyone knew that Cui Tong and Xia Xibei had a good relationship. She hadn’t spoken before but now she did, so it must have something to do with Xia Xibei!

The netizens were stunned when they clicked on it.

In the video, Xia Xibei and Luo Xinkai were standing face to face, dressed as they were previously reported.

However, their conversation surprised all the netizens.

The previous revelation said that Xia Xibei had seduced Luo Xinkai.

But the content of this video completely overturned their previous perception!

The phrases “everyone is an adult” and “I’m not an adult yet” made everyone’s expressions very complicated.

It was obvious that Luo Xinkai was flirting with her!

Damn! That was disgusting!

Cui Tong posted again, [That night, I was Beibei’s bedmate! (Anger) Where did that random person come from?! Get lost!]

Cui Tong had always been quite arrogant, with a spoiled temperament. She’d also fight people at the drop of a hat occasionally.

However, no one could have imagined a situation like this.

This video also managed to explain why Luo Xinkai was replaced!

[Xia Xibei saved the Simu owners’ baby and is the savior of their family! Now she’s being harassed by Luo Xinkai, so naturally they can’t stand it. It’s understandable for Luo Xinkai to be replaced!]

[Damn, this industry is really too messy and chaotic!]

[Thank you Sister Tong for your testimony and support!]

[Thank you Sister Tong for your testimony and support!]

[Thank you Sister Tong for your testimony and support!]

Cui Tong’s blog had a bunch of grateful comments under it.

As for Xia Xibei, she didn’t say anything. She just retweeted all these posts with a like.

Through these posts, everyone quickly sorted out the matter.

The main story was that Luo Xinkai wanted to flirt with Xia Xibei, was rejected, became upset, and then spread rumors that she was a mistress!

What everyone didn’t expect was that Luo Xinkai himself was the nasty one!

Immediately, the netizens were outraged!

This kind of scum was too disgusting!


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