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«The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 696: Rumors at the Company

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Chapter 696: Rumors at the Company

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Today happened to be a weekend, but SY didn’t have a holiday. After all, they didn’t have normal time off.

Among the trainees, everyone was there except for Xia Xibei and Xia Qinghan.

Xia Qinghan had advanced, so naturally, she had to continue to participate in the recording of “The Strongest Female Group.”

However, this also became a popular joke in the company.

When Xia Qinghan advanced the first time and Xia Xibei was eliminated, they thought it was strange.

Xia Qinghan was really good, but she was still not as good as Xia Xibei!

In the end, she advanced, but Xia Xibei was eliminated? This was too bizarre!

It was impossible that Xia Xibei had stage fright.

Xia Xibei usually didn’t spend much time in the company, but every time she was in class, it was like a solo show!

Every teacher praised her!

Xia Qinghan’s performance was actually not bad, but against Xia Xibei’s perfect performance, she didn’t stand out much.

How come Xia Qinghan was stronger than Xia Xibei when the venue changed?

This doubt was answered in the second show.

It was not that Xia Qinghan was powerful, but because she had support!

Thinking about this matter, everyone had much to gossip about.

If Xia Xibei had not made such a show, everyone would still be envious of Xia Qinghan and could attribute the incident to good luck.

Once the live stream came out, however, everyone laughed with a cold smile.

Xia Xibei only watched it once and was able to copy the dance and move perfectly and beautifully. Could Xia Qinghan do that?!

In this situation, there were quite a few sayings circulating in the company.

The reason why Xia Xibei made a mistake was that she had been set up by Fan Yueying!

Fan Yueying usually performed well, so why would she make mistakes? There must have been something wrong!

Others said that Xia Qinghan and Yan Junhong had a relationship, and that was why Yan Junhong helped her so much.

There were too many of these sayings, and when they spread around, they all became completely different.

Although they were not paparazzi, their imaginations were not inferior to that of paparazzi.

Besides, there was evidence!

The proof was Xia Xibei’s performance, of course!

Xia Xibei had shown her strength in dance, which simply did not allow others to dispute and doubt!

She was such an unbelievable person that no one else could imitate her.

Moreover, Xia Xibei was more powerful than Xia Qinghan in all areas!

The more outstanding Xia Xibei was, the more Xia Qinghan was talked about.

Even though Bai Meixue backed her up in the company, the rumors could not be suppressed.

Bai Meixue also dared not push too hard. After all, she was also sheepish.

Therefore, Xia Qinghan’s situation in the company these days was not very comfortable.

If she wasn’t busy with the recording of “The Strongest Female Group” and the preparation of her new drama, not needing to come to the company so often, she would have been driven mad by everyone’s gossiping.

Today, Xia Qinghan came to the company as usual.

When she arrived at the company, Xiaoshi and Nini were kissing up to her as usual, which finally made her feel better.

What cheered her even more was that Qiao Haoming also came to the company!

Qiao Haoming came over to see her as soon as he was on vacation, and this thing instantly brightened up her mood.

Moreover, Qiao Haoming looked more handsome than the company’s artists, and was also richer and more powerful than them, giving her a lot of bragging rights!

Even if she brought Qiao Haoming to make an appearance at the company, she was not worried that word would get out.

However, her mood was soon affected once again…

Xia Xibei was back!


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